EFCC arraign 24 yahoo boys in Ibadan

24 yahoo boys said to be students of Olabisi Onabanjo University and the National Open University of Nigeria, have been paraded by the EFCC in Ibadan over alleged cyber crimes.

EFCC arraign 24 yahoo boys in Ibadan lailasnews

It was gathered that 10 of the arrested cyber crime suspects identified as Agboola Taiwo, Adetayo Tade Ademiluyi, Rabiu Daniel, Sokoya Oluwaseyi, Fredrick Shaibu, Oshikoya Gbolahan, Adegbola Kazeem Aina, Ademosun Opeyemi, Tosin Awobona and Babarinde Jacob were arraigned on Monday, 10th December, 2018 before Hon. Justice Ibrahim Watilat of the Federal High Court, sitting in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The remaining 14 identified as Adeleke Oluwamayowa, Banjo Femi, Towolawi Olanrewaju, Tijani Babatunde, Sarafadeen Abibullahi, Adebowale Abimbola, Osunkoya Korede, Mufutau Yusuf Akorede,  Salisu Ajibola, Olamikan Oluwasiji, Oduwole Gbenga, Damilare Adelaja, Bakare Azeez Adebola and Edward Ayodeji  were arraigned on Tuesday 11th December, 2018 before Hon. Justice M. S. Abubakar of the Federal High Court 1 sitting in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The 24 yahoo boys who were arraigned in court on charges bordering on obtaining money by false pretences, impersonation and possession of fraudulent documents, all pleaded not guilty to the charges preferred against them.

One of the counts against one of the accused persons reads: “That you, Rabiu Daniel (a.K.a. Agent Howard Hall) on 23rd June, 2018 at Abeokuta within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court with intent to defraud, knowingly had in your possession documents containing false pretences to wit: an e-mail address, howardhall900@gmail.com wherein you  represented yourself as; Agent Howard Hall, working for the Government/Facebook Compensation Bonus and Poverty Eradication, and other false pretences, thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 6, and punishable under Section 1 (3) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act 2006”.

Protesters resist SARS officials from arresting alleged yahoo boys in Warri (video)


  1. Young guy’s of nowadays only want guick money . please try and make good money and not collecting the ones made by others

  2. The way these yahoo people are operating in this country is not good for the image of this country in any way. Foreigners hardly believe us now.

  3. Blame this on government of this country infact I blame them less their only trying to make ends meat, after all the police will still release them to the public

  4. We are talking about congested prisons in Nigeria and these 24 young men want add to the number already alarming. Stay away from crime and live a healthy life.

  5. These fraudsters are tarnishing the image of innocent Nigerians, they must all pay for their crimes, they should stop defrauding people and get themselves any legitimate business to do

  6. We can’t blame this young Nigerians, if job are readily available, why we they do such, if possible if our system allows work and study, dey will not engage in such act. Govt pls temper justice with mercy. Kudos to EFCC

  7. Good for them they should be sentence to life in prison.they are the ones using our girls for rituals.EFCC

  8. Good for them they should be sentence to life in prison.they are the ones using our girls for rituals.EFCC are doin well

  9. Yahoo boys, hmm
    I beg they should be released ooo
    Provided that there is no job in the country from government to them.
    This Yahoo issue, government need to intervene by creating job for the unemployed

  10. Yahoo boys every were, now they are not ready to do good job now all they want is whom to take alway there own money

  11. Good job by the EFCC but looking at things from the other side they are doing what is best to them cos getting job this days are very hard

  12. Government shuld also provide good jobs for the youth..they are just helping themselves in a bad way

  13. The way these yahoo people are operating in this country is not good for the image of this country in any way. Foreigners hardly believe us now.

  14. This is bad ……They have to face the law so that it will serve as a lesson to others that have the same mind with them

  15. I kwn what these guys are doing is not good but I think if efcc will focus more on our politian we will hav a better country

  16. Have they first been verified as true fraudsters?, if yes, then they should face the full weight of the law.

  17. Very good, that’s how the police will keep nabbing them to the nearest minimal. They have turned a menace in the country.

  18. Kudos to efcc for the great job dey have done, I hope what dey have done to does guys we be inform of lession to other people’s that nomally engage them self in yahoo

  19. Welldone EFCC. …this is a good one. ..i hope they are put in jail…these yahoo boys are really duping people of their hard earned money

  20. Yahoo yahoo boys at least for you people is the end of the road they should be sentenced and not granted bail of any sort y the leniency? Good job EFCC

  21. I was hoping to read across the Millions thise boys have defrauded from persons but I find none. Compare to our politicians stealing our country money.

  22. Instead of them to go and go and look for something that will be be beneficial for them and to the society, they should from ,their arrest,instead of defrauding people of their hard earned money

  23. Good…let them face the law to receive their punishment for the crime they have committed, they want to have money without working.

  24. Job well-done this is good for them. But please make sure they’re actually the ones you’re looking for

  25. Everyday is for the thief,one day is for the owner of the house.Severe punishment should be given to them

  26. This should be stopped in our community cos it is affecting education as the youth feel the can just make it through this yahoo there by leaving school just to concentrate on this an unknown Godly act

  27. Nice job…the Goverment should try and create job for the youth…this is getting out of hand..yahoo boys here and there ….OMG!

  28. They should be investigated
    And if they culpable, let them the section of the constitution that contradicts such act

  29. Yahoo boys are rampant all over d country….. Youth has refuse to be creative…. And find excuses to join yahoo and also blame d government for not providing job opportunity for them. Good job EFCC, pack them all.

  30. They want to be rich at all cost. They want to do little and live large, they should be punished without mercy.

  31. Using your wisdom is great and grace from God but using foolishly is disgrace and has great inflict both to you and the society….

  32. That serves them right, lazy people. I think they sentence for frausters by law should be greatly increased. If that is done they will think twice before attempting to go into it should Incase they are caught

  33. Am not promoting crime in any way at all but yahoo is the only thing keeping the country out of evolution.. if not with the way things are right now,Every one will have brought out gun and cutlass

  34. Efcc will leave politicians looting our country’s money and be going after yahoo boys,what a pity!

  35. The act is not good at all but if its done without the involvment of human bloods and parts then i see no readon why they should be arrested…

  36. These serves them right, they want quick money and money they didn’t really worked for. Am very much surprised that students that should be serious with their studies will be involved in Yahoo Yahoo. This is shameful. They should be jailed and that ends their career in school.

  37. Think the government should be more interested in building industries and creating more job opportunities for those boy and stop hunting them

  38. this country is full of yahoo guys, few of the youth don’t do yahoo. all the best sha, take care of them as you jail them. I know the EFCC will do it, go arrest more please

  39. nice work done by EFCC more grace to them because its not easy if it were to be other force they would have collected money from them and leave them

  40. Plz dey should leave our yhaoo boyz alone to make dere money,since d government is not interested to provide job for dem.

  41. EFCC keep up with the good work. Well done, thank God some of the yahoo boys have been caught and will face the law.

  42. All this yahoo boys they keep arresting them they increase in number what is the world and our youth turning into they should prosecute them at once

  43. How are they sure they are Yahoo boys cause me I don’t trust nigeria police n dou how youth might be lazy but let government too provide enough job n d ones available dey should stop doing we we let d masses enjoy too

  44. Good actions by arraigning them
    With strong deterrents attached to cyber crime
    It’ll lessen it’s prevalence in the society
    And help youths become more useful

  45. The menace is geting too much, G-boy up and down. Good one, my GF can now rest from this small small boiz. lolz

  46. This Yahoo Of A Thing Increases By The Day, May Be Because There’s No Job And That’s Not Even An Excuse To Commit Crime.

  47. That’s the order of the day, everybody wants to be rich and it seem as if that’s the only business that can take them to where they want to be. There’s no shortcut to success, either way you’ll have to pay for the consequences. You just pray for the grace at least to be in good shape to reap the dividends of your works.

  48. The increasing rate of cyber crime is an evidence of a failed system (government). Parents pls lets guide our children from their tender ages so that they won’t grow up to fall victim of failed society

  49. Very good . I’m glad the security personnels in this country are,doing something about,yahoo boys. But, abeg o do not catch innocent people

  50. Good work to the EFCC but arresting them does not stop the remaining ones it will be a lesson to the others.

  51. The rate of fraudulent practice in this country by our youths has tarnished our image before foreigners. They should be punished accordingly.

  52. The rate of fraudulent practice in this country by our youths has tarnished our image before foreigners. They should be punished accordingly.

  53. There are still a lot of them out there.
    For these ones that have been caught, it should serve as a lesson to others

  54. Yahoo boys sha
    Their time has come to an end.. Thank God for EFCC for their good works
    They should face the consequences

  55. Thank God for exposing them, lazy Nigeria youth , they don’t want to work all they need is quick money

  56. If there was employment in Nigeria most of these guys will not be here because it’s condition that make crayfish bend

  57. EFFC re really up and doing. I loves these guys for their good work. Keep it up. Those yahoo guys should be punished if guilty.

  58. Is anyone seeing what I am noticing, is the EFCC telling us that only yorubas are into yahoo in Ibadan cos every name in the listed name is a yoruba name…

  59. Money speaks..more guys are still going into yahoo business everyday..government please create jobs….very important

  60. I hope the EFCC carried out proper investigations before arresting these boys. In our country it is not unusual for innocents to be jailed alongside the guilty.

  61. For me oo, I believe only lazy boys go into yahoo…as a youths I don’t see the reason why we shouldn’t work for what we want geniunely..whats the gain in going into fraud and taking peoples lives..more will be caught

  62. The way these yahoo people are operating in this country is not good for the image of this country in any way. Foreigners hardly believe us now.

  63. This is becoming too much, they want to drive the latest car, live in a luxurious house at the expense of other people’s sweat

  64. Thank God they were caught. This is how they keep duping people and giving this nation a bad name and face to the world. The next thing they will enter ritual level

  65. EFCC are doing a great job though but government should provide jobs and employ our youths so that these fraudulent activities will stop.

  66. Some of the youths don’t want to work hard to earn a living instead they prefer an easy way to make money…good work EFCC

  67. This is good.. but the main issue is for the government to create job .so that these people can have an alternative job..As for the students that are involved in this fraud, They should be expel.

  68. 24? Wonderful job by the EFCC. Let EFCC continue with this, It will reduce the number of Yahoo Yahoo in our nation.
    They should face the consequence by the law.

  69. Laziness leads to these things. Most you g Nigerians want easy money without labor. Change your ways guys. Work.

  70. Laziness leads to these things. Most you g Nigerians want easy money without labor. Change your ways guys. Go and work.

  71. Na unemployment cause am guys wants to make money in an easy way thats why they engage themselves in such illegal act

  72. In this crazy country we live in, most people who aren’t into the business its because they don’t know how…the way forward is creating jobs not parading them as criminals

  73. EFCC well-done but are u sure they are d real yahoo boys ?d real n d Yahoo plus are out there o but make sure u find those one too

  74. Nice job EFCC. ..this yahoo of a thing is much just frauding people up and down. .let them face their punishment so that others will learnt lesson. .

  75. Good job well done by EFCC and hope more of this action be taking to fight against fraud and evil. This yahoo boys keep giving the country bad image and is getting out of hand. Let the fight continues.

  76. I know the guys will soon be freed out of the mess they are, there is no job in this country and this make fraud rampant

  77. Young people are looking for the fastest means to make money without going through the process..this is the end result.

  78. EFCC are really doing their work, kudos to you all for this,but let it not be that those boys are innocent ooo,I rest my case

  79. The situation calls for concern when undergraduate students have now joined the much chestised illegal money making

  80. To me I have a different view of what everyone here says because most people who go into it are damn frustrated come to think about it …..as for my own case I struggled to go to a polytechnic for my National diploma I graduated to the joy of everyone ….just ordinary IT placement I wasn’t offered …I got to a place for interview and with the hope that I will be called only for me to find out 2weeks later that one of the bosses younger sister has been put in the post. I cried bitterly and felt like a laslzy person before going to school I own a fashion shop already now I went to sch nothing more I have search everywhere VI,IKEJA,,IKOYi all they tell me is I need a good connection tell me what am i gonna do since my father has no connection to put me in any big office like those rich me do to their kids,,,they don’t want the poor to survive.. So as for this guys case theres a lot of thingss to work on …Employees Employees should be woeked on and not do jobs for family issues pls help the needy we are dying in pain help us …..09057463582 that’s my digit and my course of a study is Mass communication a

  81. That a great step but not only arrest should be done. They should not cut free and use them as a example for others, EFCC well done.

  82. The act of fraudulent against our follow Africa,I don’t like but if it against oyibo people please court set the free,they are bringing back one of the things oyibo people robbed our forefathers

  83. That’s very good, cause wat this boys re doing to people is really offset, they should be jailed for fraud

  84. Quick money is what led them to this fraudulent act, they should face the consequences and Government should grant them amnesty later and empower them

  85. Please this EFCC guys should focus on some things else, because they know the situation of the country..

  86. This Yahoo thing has become rampant,may God have mercy on us in Nigeria.Government should provide enough job for us so that people will not be thinking of illegitimate ways to make money

  87. I believe this case should be properly investigated before you punish innocent student. Well-done EFCC, keep up the good job.

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