Eden Hazard close to Real Madrid move – Report

Eden Hazard close to Real Madrid move after Chelsea signed Christian Pulisic – according to the bookies.

Eden Hazard close to Real Madrid move - Report lailasnews 3
Eden Hazard close to Real Madrid move – Report

The Blues sealed a £58million deal for Pulisic to kick off the January transfer window with a bang – but the forward has been immediately loaned back to Borussia Dortmund for the remainder of the season.

He will join Chelsea on a full-time basis in the summer, and that has cast doubt over the future of Hazard.

The Belgian has already been strongly linked with a move away from Stamford Bridge after a blistering first half of the season.

He has hit 12 goals in 23 appearances in all competitions, helping the Blues to fourth in the Premier League ahead of their clash against Southampton this evening.


  1. It’s very glaring that hazard really want to leave chelsea for real Madrid. Chelsea will miss him greatly

  2. If Pulisic will be a threat to his career at Chelsea, a move will be his best option to avoid redundancy.

  3. That’s good for Hazard. I have always said that if Hazard want to win Ballon d’or he should leave chelsea

  4. I don’t think that Hazard should leave Chelsea but there is no need because the choice has been done.

  5. Hazard has helped Chelsea in so many matches.Even if he wants to leave,let it be during the summer

  6. Money money money, all I see Hazard making in real Madrid. Safe journey Chelsea you have to look for a good replacement or else you will kicked out before the league starts

  7. Hazard is without a doubt a brilliant player,and if he leaves Chelsea,they are really going to feel his absence.

  8. Well with money nothing will stop him from leaving Chelsea he’s a quality player and need quality team like real Madrid

  9. That is interesting and a good deal for Corp, selling him will generate large fund for them for other activities in the transfer market.

  10. Hazard is a good player and should remain in my beloved club am not sure pulisic is a good replacement o

  11. He’s a great player.. He’ll make a huge impact there.. They need someone wit a Ronaldo mentality

  12. Hazard is a world class Player but havent played upto the level he suppose to play to.. I believe with his supposed move to real madrid he will get to that level

  13. Hazard is a very good player. Am not surprised if he is being bargained on transfer, but I think he should still stay a while in Chelsea.

  14. Harzard should just spend like a year in Chelsea and retire there is not point moving to another club. His ageing and I feel its time to do something else,

  15. Hazard has helped Chelsea in so many matches.Even if he wants to leave,let it be during the summer

  16. This is a rumour, Hazard and Pulisic are different players with different talent. I hope Hazard stays with Chelsea FC throughout his playing career.

  17. If hazard should leave Chelsea that means their pont on d table will be 11 cos he is one of thief star player

  18. Chelsea can testify to the fact that this is his last period with them and once he leaves Chelsea is doom

  19. Any decision they take should be for the best .they are good players..i wish them all the best

  20. Nooooo…hazard can’t leave chelsea
    If that happens eh,na doom for the club o
    Anyway anything good for him

  21. We are going to miss him if he eventually leaves but we will ever remain indebted to hazard. He has helped Chelsea a lot.

  22. This is fake and it is impossible Chelsea can not let hazard leave this January beside they have loan out christian pulisic till end of the season

  23. Real Madrid bring the money and Hazard Heden is yours.. So sad Hazard will be leaving the EPL, am not even bothered about him leaving Chelsea but his talents will be missed in the EPL..

  24. He should go to RealMadrid, that side will suit him beter . may be he will be able to boost the glory of Madrid back since Ronaldo left

  25. Eden Hazard is a great player
    He’s going to play excellently in either of the clubs
    Wish him well

  26. Pulisic is a good player but he can’t replace hazard.. Eden is one of the best player in the world…tho am not a Chelsea fan…but hazard is far more better than pulisic

  27. If harzard leaves. It will benefit order english club. His career will be boosted i n spain. Gud luck 2 him

  28. Hazard has been in Chelsea for so long that we don’t want to loss him, let’s keep Hazard at all cost

  29. Pulisic is a good player but I don’t think he can fill into the shoes of Eden hazard, I wish hazard the best in his proposed dream move to Madrid

  30. I am really a strong novice, so the guy can do what he so wishes, no one can tell him how to live his life.

  31. That’s a good sign to Chelsea, hazard is a good player and has indeed played well for Chelsea. I wish he could stay for some more seasons but I wish him well if he leaves the blues

  32. If they should sell him off from Chelsea am sorry they made a big mistake because he will just be a replacement for ronaldo while chelsea will be suffering for it

  33. I think Eden Hazard should leave Chelsea for Madrid as soon as possible bcos that is where he achieve everything he has ever wanted.

  34. Eden Hazard is a great player
    He’s going to play excellently in either of the clubs
    Wish him well

  35. Chelsea will definitely find it difficult to get back to normal if they eventually sell this guy to Madrid. Best of luck hazard

  36. That will be so good to Madrid team.madrid FC needs a very good player to build up their team bck

  37. He has paid his dues in Chelsea it’s time to move on if he wish to fulfill his potentials he has to play with the best in the world.#Eden10

  38. This guy is good, he’s so much helped Chelsea as a playmaker.
    He has the chance and right to try his abilities and prowess playing for another side.

  39. This is the beginning of Chelsea’s end because another name for Chelsea is Hazard. Well, I hope to see them rise again as this move is really going to impact on them negatively

  40. I don’t think that news is more than rumor, eden himself said he will wait until end of this current season before he makes his decision known.

  41. Hazard is a good player who can feet in any team if he want to join Real Madrid good luck for him

  42. It will be a big mistake if Hazard leaves. The board should have a rethink about his leaving

  43. harzard should not live Chelsea.chelsea will just suffer because harzard is one of their best player

  44. We all know he wont leave but only make such statement to allow the board sign goods players

  45. Chelsea would still remain chelsea if he stays or not. It not a one man team. It afford other players opportunity to show case themselves.

  46. Well the future of hazard is no longer in Chelsea, a move to real Madrid will make the belgain man more relax and have a successful season at spain

  47. Wish him and every other players both known/famous and unknown/not famous the very best in their football career this year and beyond

  48. I think Eden Hazard is one of the anchors of Chelsea and moving will have great effect on Chelsea club.

  49. It’s a pity that hazard will leave Chelsea to join another team. this might be a great loss on Chelsea’s part ooo

  50. That’s the best for him if he can make it for his better future because I also want European best player for him in future.

  51. Hazard is really a good player leaving Chelsea might be a boom to his career but I still Chelsea to keep him

  52. Hazard should go ahead he is a good player
    He will also perform over there
    No doubt about that
    I wish him goodluck

  53. Chelsea will really miss him when he is gone.. Infact his impact will be felt for sure. He is a good player and I don’t see it as a good idea for Chelsea.

  54. He has hit 12 goals in 23 appearances in all competitions, helping the Blues to fourth in the Premier League ahead of their clash against Southampton this evening.

  55. Hazard is the backbone of Chelsea and by leaving, Chelsea will be in doom.
    My opinion Though

  56. Na wa ooooo. It is well. So that’s how football is, you are taken serious depending on your performance. So what is going to happen to Hazard now since Chelsea signed Christian Pulisic.

  57. let him go… He can’t replace Ronaldo… If he knows what’s good for him, he remains where he is

  58. If the guy wants to leave he should go let’s know the team we have left. What’s all this self, he is acting like a king.

  59. Eden Hazard is one of the best players we have in the English premier league..
    He his good..
    If Real Madrid signs him I know he will perform well

  60. Great news for Real Madrid and bad news for Chelsea. I’ve said it that the only thing near a CR7 is Hazard, now Real are working my advice.

  61. Would they get someone to replace him if he lives. Hazard is a good player and they will need someone to replace him

  62. A move to real Madrid is a good thing he his a god footballer I just pity chelsea in advance they should revisit it before selling him off to Madrid all the best Eden

  63. If Hazard leaves Chelsea, the team still moves on and for Hazard he tries to check for a better place

  64. Chelsea can still keep Hazard with the new player now, Hazard is a very good player that one can’t toy with. Time will tell anyway

  65. Some people say there would be doom for Chelsea,for me I don’t believe it, because one door closes another door open

  66. I watch Hazard once in a blue moon he is good but seriously am not a football die hard fan its optional to me….Hazard more wins and blessings

  67. I first of think If chelsea did not have a better alternative then they should let harzard stay but i later realise the move may challenge others in the club to buckle up

  68. Eden Hazard’s career this season,will so much make a good sense,Madrid has always been having a very good squad

  69. hazard is an amazing player. the football field Marshal and a very big asset for Chelsea. the club should hold onto him for now for their own good.

  70. This is painful… Loosing a key player like hazard.. I hope Chelsea finds another key player like him.

  71. Congratulation to chealse club and there fans i know dey dont want him to go before, because he really try allot for them

  72. Hazard I love your games, you play great and now you’re leaving that Chelsea of a club, am loving you even more!

  73. This is good news,Chelsea has signed another player,but if this player is a threat of eden hazard career,he will move to real Madrid,it is a very wise decision that hazard take,I hope he goes to a better than. And become a better player,this is good news

  74. The club management know better and the reasons they want to sign another player to replace Hazard. It might be a blessing for Hazard

  75. Hazard is one of Chelsea’s key player. Leaving would weaken the team. Just an intuition.

  76. I strongly believe Chelsea got Pulisiç to replace Hazard. That’s the deal. Hazard definitely would leave. We wish him well.

  77. Chelsea shouldn’t be in a rush to trade off Hazard, he is still very useful to them, anyway hazard has his own ambition too, if he eventually goes to Madrid, he will still do well

  78. This doesn’t signify that hazard will leave, we just need someone that will fortify the team

  79. This will be a big set back for the club to lose their best player. Such a talented player that has really made Chelsea stronger and him leaving for real Madrid club will be a big shock to the Chelsea club. They should try to convince him to stay with any means. Such a big asset to any club he plays for. On pulisic, he’s a good talented player and a good addition to Chelsea club. He’s made a name for himself at Dortmund club and one of the best players they will be loosing there. Good business by Chelsea club.

  80. Hazard is a very talented player,he will be missed greatly in premiership, wish you success in your next adventure in life

  81. that is actually a very big move and dicission I pray he makes it in Real Madrid cause it will not be easy for him.

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