Eddie Murphy takes Christmas family photo with his 10 kids

Eddie Murphy took a awesome Christmas family photo with his 10 kids, and he looked like a proud papa right in the center of it.

Eddie Murphy takes Christmas family photo with his 10 kids lailasnews

The comedian was encircled by his 10 children Tuesday in a holiday family photo that included his fiancee, Paige Butcher, along with her mother and his mom, Lillian. The pic was shared on Instagram by his eldest daughter, Bria.

Eddie’s smiling while holding his daughter he shares with Paige, Izzy Oona, while Paige introduces their newborn son, Max Charles, to the world. The boy was born November 30.

Murphy’s other kids in the pic include his oldest son, Eric, whom he shares with Paulette McNeely, his son, Christian, whom he shares with Tamara Hood, his daughters, Bella Zahra, Zola Ivy, Shayne Audra and Bria and son Miles Mitchell … he shares those 5 with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy.

And rounding it out, front and center, is his daughter, Angel Iris, whom he shares with Mel B.

See photo below;

Eddie Murphy takes Christmas family photo with his 10 kids lailasnews 1


  1. Now this is a man who has taken the commandment of God to replenish the earth literally. Merry Christmas to you and yours Eddie.

  2. Wow what a nice looking family I like the way you celebrate you Christmas holiday happy new year in advance

  3. Hmmm, i thought that its only in Africa that they have dozens of children. They should just give them one local gvt, beautiful family though.

  4. merry Christmas in arrears, what a happy family. I love this man known as Eddie Murphy, his way of life so amazes me

  5. Men 10 kids? This guy na boss.. Never knew you had it in you.. My childhood favorite black comedian.. That’s the spirit of “Coming to America”

  6. I so much love this comedian. It’s good to take family pictures at times. I’m glad that all the children were included in the picture. Congrats Murphy, you have got a wonderful family.

  7. am really happy to see that he has time for all his kids, that much i wonder how he manages with the baby mamas

  8. Beautiful family plus my best black american actor. Luv you eddie. Buh how come they are 10 eewwww solomon grinding

  9. Wow, what a big family. Such a beautiful and loving family photo. Not really easy to keep them all happy and in unity if not for grace of God and love of the father Murphy to all his children equally irrespective from different mother’s. Happy Christmas to Murphy family.

  10. Thank God you are from US, at least the government is taking care of the kids. If it’s Nigeria, you would have sold some of those kids for money, or better still, used some for money rituals. Eddy Murphy! You go still born more of.

  11. I say merry Xmas to Eddie and his very large family. He is very strong oo.Ten children from five women? Eddie get liver oo.lolzz.

  12. This is a very good example to every family, it is a good way of celebrating the season because is all about love.

  13. Eddie nuclear family is just like an extended family. Anyway, he family xmas picture is dopethis is a nice one.

  14. Eddie Murphy only you 10 children with different women.. African blood sure runs in you.. Merry Christmas to you and your big family

  15. What a family, ten children from five different women. This man is something else, if it’s a woman now, people will be abusing her.

  16. Nice man…this man got a preety big and beautiful home…10kids? I wonder if he had that with one woman…….he’s my favourite american celebrity

  17. Nice one ,many children from different mothers yet till brought them together happy ,nice family picture.

  18. There are some mistakes that turns to blessing, who are you to tell Jim not to celebrate, you are not his Hod. Wonderful family i must say.

  19. Wow, such a beautiful family, nice photo, wish you all the best of the season, Merry Christmas and happy New Year in advance

  20. Happy new year in advance to you sir you have an awesome family……….. Thank God you were able to celebrate the Christmas with them

  21. Now this is a man who has taken the commandment of God to replenish the earth literally. Merry Christmas to you and yours Eddie.

  22. That’s a large family Eddie. I must confess I was shocked when I saw the headline 10kids. I can imagine how proud you must be. All the best man

  23. This s good news,oh my God,Ten kids,this man sabi the work o,soft work,this generations will remember his name,this is good news

  24. Merry Christmas Eddie, soon you will be granted right to your own autonomous community, your family is quite a number

  25. This American actor made my childhood worth the while. I’m so happy for your family well being. Merry Christmas to you Eddie

  26. Wow! This is beautiful. Like his smile, he’s smiling like a proud and a fulfilled daddy. This is a happy family. Congratulations to you Mr Eddie Murphy

  27. The most famous and humorous Eddie Murphy and his large family. He has the cash to cater for this large family. I wish you all Merry Christmas.

  28. Wow! This is great and lovely, what a wonderful and happy family, Merry Christmas, I like your smiling faces, evidence of good living keep it up.

  29. 10 kids with present situation of the country? Well God will continue to provide for you so as to take care of the family

  30. That is the joy of Christmas, when everyone will come together eat and drink, enjoy together, take pictures with family and friends, it is great.

  31. Lol!!! I love that man..I won’t forget ” coming to America ” that film really made me laff lyk mad…happy Christmas to them

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