Ed Sheeran breaks record for most money made in one year by a musician

Ed Sheeran has broken an all time record for most money made in one year by a musician, as he earned £342.4 million in 2018.

Ed Sheeran breaks record for most money made in one year by a musician lailasnews

The 27-year-old performer raked in an utterly eye-watering £342.4 million in 2018, beating the likes of Taylor Swift, Jay-Z and even Beyonce – who, alongside the ‘Shape of You’ singer, featured in the top five.

His Divide tour has earned him more than any other performer in the last 30 years – for which he sold an amazing 4,860,482 tickets across 53 cities and 94 shows.

He wasn’t alone at the top though, his celebrity friend, Taylor Swift came in second place hauling in £244 million.

Though the 29-year-old ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ singer released her sixth studio album Reputation in 2017, the world stadium tour was pretty much a sell-out.

In the third spot was Jay-Z and Beyonce shared the third spot taking in £201m – but there was a degree of controversy when rumours circulated the couple failed to sell out their joint tour and gave tickets away for free.

Also on the top ten list of highest earners of 2018 was Pink!, Bruno Mars, The Eagles, Justin Timberlake, Roger Waters, and The Rolling Stones.


  1. Mr perfect you did well and congratulations for the hard work and also been focused God will continue to multiply. You amen

  2. Wow….congrats …my favourite music of his is “perfect” ..is really good to know that his kind of music get to earn more than the hip pops and all that..more grace to him and wise invest

  3. His styl of music is something else, i so love his musics. Congratulations on your record breaking. More success.

  4. A big congratulation to you ed-sheeran for the great job you have done in dis 2018, looking forward to make more than that in next year

  5. I hope Ed Sheeran will keep his head cool and employ a good manager or investment broker that will him invest the money properly and wisely.

  6. I really loved his music.. It calms you when you’re down.. He’s just so talented. Am waiting to see what he’ll release next year

  7. Wow! Ed Sheeran is really a source of encouragement to young stars. For me l thing this urge success is all about his style of music and dedication. Congrats for your success.

  8. These musicians are really making money o! Who can help to train my voice, I just have to wask an album next year

  9. Congratulations to Ed Sheeran for earning £342.4 million in 2018 beating every other person hands down. I wish him well.

  10. All these new arts are showing is that the future is now and they are cooking into the industry well packed. Imagine him and Taylor swift beat Jayz and Beyonce to it

  11. Am not surprise at all.. his music is wow… am so happy for him and I pray he grows daily.. more wins to you… congratulations

  12. Bravo, not all that went to the market first comes home first. I say a big congratulations to him

  13. Congratulations to the guy.. His songs are cool and entertaining.. I wish him more achievement and more money into his account..

  14. The rich have really gotten richer this year. Well done people on tour hardworking, enjoy your earnibgs. More exploits to be made in 2019.

  15. Congratulations to you Ed Sheeran on your success. Your music’s are really lovely. Many more success i wish you

  16. Wow this is wonderful .he is swimming in money.I pray he invests it well so that he will no go bankrupt in years to come

  17. Congratulations Ed Sheeran… I love your songs especially your ways of putting on lyrics together. It’s very incredible that Ed gonna beat Jay -Z of all people… Never you underestimate some one.

  18. Am happy for him, he deserves it, his songs are just amazing, they all have meaning and for me I think he is the best, he may not have the best look but his voice is a killer, keep on shinning end sheeran.

  19. Just 27 and this guy has already achieve this feat. I wonder how 30 would be because the Perfect master is not looking at stopping any time soon.

  20. Congratulations to my r n b master of all time, ed sheeran its no surprise to me at all considering his talents.

  21. He’s just so gifted
    Ed’s song are just too good
    In love with most of his tracks
    Sweet collection and use if words
    Keep up the good work
    Always a fan

  22. That’s what hard work can do, congrats to him, keep the flag flying and don’t forget, to whom much is given, much is also expected.

  23. A good and smashing record, congratulations to him for a good job well done, congratulations to all the others on the list, am going up

  24. A big congratulations to Ed Sheeran for earning £342.4 million in 2018, beating every other person. This is very brilliant of him.

  25. Wow, this dude keeps breaking records all the time. The life story of this young man is so inspiring and motivating. This man ones slept on the streets singing and begging for food and shelter but look at him today, so rich and blessed. In life never lose hope and keep fighting for your dreams. Congrats to him for this great achievement.

  26. That’s a good thing..congratulations on your milestone. Its not just Beyonse, Drake and the likes that should be making the money allow

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