Ebuka shows his hairdressing side with daughter’s hair (video)

Ebuka has a hairdressing side, and the media personality channeled it all on his daughter’s hair and yes we’ve got the video.

Ebuka shows his hairdressing side with daughter's hair lailasnews

Here is the video of Ebuka showing his hairdressing side with his daughter’s hair below;

Few months ago, we reported that Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is really having an amazing time being a Dad, and he couldn’t help but notice new changes in his daughter. According to Ebuka, his daughter Jeweluchi has been on trips with his real name after noticing everyone calls him Ebuka not ‘Daddy’. He wrote on Twitter;

My daughter has been using me to catch trips since she found out my real name is not daddy. Yesterday I heard “Ebuka stop”


  1. He is really having amazing time being a dad, sincerely speaking he is one in town. How many men can do their daughters hair? Bros I like your way keep it up.

  2. I love the video. Father – daughter’s relationship. Funny, she calls out by your real name… But you’ve got to stop it soon lest she masters it the more she hears people call you Ebuka

  3. Awwwww! So your lil girl / daughteris calling you Ebuka now? Hahahah…with time she will understand.. n
    Pretty princess…fathers can love their daughters ohhhhh!

  4. This is the kind of love and relationship that I want to share with my daughter.. I love this. God help me.

  5. Some parents sees it as disrespecful when their children address them by their real name, but it seems like ebuka is enjoying it

  6. Wow see Dad-daughter relationship so loving, I wish all dads can be this loving to their daughters and sons keep it up man hes feeling himself ooo

  7. The best thing that can happen to a guy is to become a dad, that’s what Ebuka is exhibiting daddy and child relationship.

  8. First daughters bound easily with their father more than their mother maybe because mothers are jealous of their husband’s closeness to daughters.
    He should keep it up

  9. Wow that’s a good one oooo
    Nice ooo
    She will not need to go to the salon to do her hair
    When she has a father like this
    Less expenses

  10. Aww this awesome, father and daughter things, he’s really having time being dad, sincerely, how many men can do this? Enjoy yourself with daughter great dad.

  11. It’s a beautiful thing to have time for your children or child. Ever bit of it is wonderful and loving, I like his way

  12. hmmmmmmmm its not too bad shall because both of them are father and daughter provided the father should not go extra mile

  13. The relationship between the daddy and daughter is very strong ,. children are funny she heard people calling her dad Ebuka and she was wondering where he got the name .

  14. Is not a bad thing knowing her dad’s real name, he still remain the dad which she know of cos…Lol his act of fatherhood is so cute.

  15. Daddy’s little Princess…much love to them..hope I’ll be like that someday to my daughter or daughters

  16. It fun been a dad looking at a little one knowing his yours my husband myst learn how to make hair too so we can post our own video online

  17. If she calls you by your name and you accept it, then she’s lucky to have you as a dad because not every parents take that.

  18. Very funny, children are like that,later they will learn to differentiate, ebuka you should perfect your hairdressing skills, because is continuous

  19. This is one of the ways to bond a strong love between father and daughter. Keep it up man. A good father and daughter relationship is the best any father can enjoy trust me.

  20. Hahahahahahaahaha. I can understand that part where ur daughter knows ur real name and decides to use it sometime. Can be very funny to hear.

  21. Father always love their daughter so much than the son,also father always give them what ever she want.

  22. Spending time with parent either dad or mom is always a great joy of heart for theur child or children and she called him ebuka because she does not know the different.

  23. That’s so sweet of him to his lovely daughter, he is such a caring and kind hearted father for making his daughter hair

  24. Hilarious.. That’s something we expect from our 21St century generation kids. Cute combo though.. Daddy and daughter

  25. I like the way he’s taking it cool with her. How many dad can boast of ever loosing their wife’s hair talk more of plaiting their daughters hair

  26. Beautiful father and daughter relationship. Please caution her to call u daddy and not your real name, we are in Nigeria not US

  27. He is such a lovely daddy some men don’t have time for their kids not to talk of checking their hair.. nice one

  28. What a happy moment with father and daughter, its always good to make out time for you and your kids no matter how busy you are, I think that’s what ebuka is trying to show us

  29. What a funny daughter to discover that her father name is not daddy but Ebuka.
    Anyway! Ebuka and daughter looking lovely with the hair.
    Happy family..

  30. That’s so sweet of you for having time you are such a caring and kind hearted father for making his daughter hair

  31. That’s so sweet, father and daughter moment, children will never seize to amuse me “”his name is ebuka not daddy

  32. It is a good thing for a parent especially the male folk to love and bound their daughter. That’s a good one.

  33. Good to be a lovely father, I feel the relationship between daughter and father, she can never forget each moment.

  34. Quite a good relationship. Father and daughter. It’s good that she knows her father’s name. Let the relationship continue like that.

  35. Wow, how lovely. There is nothing like having a father that love you and does not consider it weakness to show it.

  36. Daughter and daddy relationship. Is very sweet to be a daddy and daddy’s knows how to make their daughters happy, and this daddy Ebuka is showing his own by making his daughter’s hair.

  37. what a lovely father. Father and daughter love is the highest love ever. pls you people should continue with that love

  38. Future goals. Make your children your friends and it will be well with you. Well done Ebuka, at least it’s not only your Agbada at Banky’s wedding we’ll be talking about.

  39. Wonderful! Your smart baby girl wey Sabi she Father’s name. You are doing great job Ebuka. Your daughter will be so proud of you as her father

  40. Wow you are indeed a very caring husband….please tell your daughter your name is daddy oo not ebuka..lolzz

  41. I envy some of the children of nowadays, because they’re born digital. They don’t experience what we the children of the 90’s have experience. Lucky you girl for having a father that loves and care for you

  42. Dad relationship with daughter so loving,
    I wish all dads can be this loving to their daughters and sons keep it up ,that’s a good idea

  43. This is funny and sweet Ebuka and daughters playing like kid hope others will learn from him not been too busy for your kid

  44. Lol. Of course she has to know your real name but teach her she has to call you daddy as you are her daddy and not just Ebuka to her.

  45. Amazing daddy, caring daddy, children calling there father by name is common in abroad so I don’t think is something wrong it.

  46. I like the fact that he has time to bond with his family and child. most celebrities fail in the family part and child raising

  47. This is the kind of love and relationship that I want to share with my daughter.. I love this. God help me. Are u serious…children’s of 21st centuary they are very smart wow.

  48. I really love this. He’s a good and such can be so loving. I wish i can make hair so i can always help my daughter and my babe make their hair too. I can really acheive it.

  49. This is a good father. Nice work man. Having a bond with your kids is very important, father-daughter bond. Kids need it alot

  50. Nice one Ebuka.. I love men that care so much for their family.. Most of our men today can’t do this, they believe things like this are for women only.. Keep it up bro

  51. loving father, i am now beginning to see why most ladies are attached to their dad to when you compare the attachment to their mum.

  52. Daddy turns ebuka
    Kinda funny
    I give the man respect
    Very caring dad and understanding
    How I wish the world could turn out to be a good place and parent should be this close to their children no matter the situation or place of work

  53. Nice family God will always keep you people whole in jesus name Social media will not separate your family by the grace of God

  54. Father and daughter love sometimes is so sweet, most daughters are so attached to their dad. Nice one keep it up

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