Ebonyi is not part of Biafra – Gov David Umahi

Ebonyi state Governor, Engr. David Umahi, on Sunday said Ebonyi is not part of Biafra.

According to him, his state was not part of the states that formed the “Sovereign States of Biafra,” which had been proclaimed by the Indigenous People of Biafra, the Punch reports.

Ebonyi is not part of Biafra - Gov David Umahi lailasnews 2
Ebonyi is not part of Biafra – Gov David Umahi

Umahi, who also serves as Chairman of the South EastGovernors’ Forum, however, said some of the agitations of IPOB members were genuine, except that the approach used in actualising their objectives were bad.

Umahi also raised the alarm of an alleged threat of kidnap on the five governors of the zone by the group and added that the fresh threat was received via text messages, sent to his wife.

He spoke on Sunday at the Nkwegu Military Cantonment in Abakaliki, the state capital, during the inauguration of Operation Python Dance (Egwu Eke) phase III, by the Nigerian Army.

He said,

“The GOC, you are coming at a time we had our brothers and sisters of IPOB sending text messages that, there will be no elections and insulting the leaders, particularly the South-East governors.

Just few days back, they sent text message to my wife that the five governors of the South-East would be kidnapped and that their security would be overpowered and that after ransoms were paid, they would kill them and kill themselves.

“That is laughable; although as a leader in the zone, I must say that some of their complaints are genuine; but the approach is very bad. That is why the leaders of south-east are not in support of their approach.”

“So, we are not against them, but their approach. And as the Chief Security of the state, I do not welcome them; Ebonyi state is not part of Biafra, we are a sovereign state, and we don’t want to be colonised again, as we are a state demanding better treatment in the affairs of our nation.”


  1. I really love wat this man had already said, and i think it was the best way to answer does people’s requests for the state

  2. Well, the Governor is right because everything in Nigeria is done based on personal interest. If Biafra exist as a nation for instance, Umahi’s immediate interest will not be covered.

  3. that’s what is expected of all the leaders and elders and chiefs in the East. thank you. thank you, gov Umahi.

  4. I know this news will not go down well with the ipob youths but i think the governor should thread with caution so that peace will prevail

  5. He is contradicting himself. Imo is a igbo state and if he supports clams by biafra he might as well just say his part of them. They have no issues in this nation they are just creating issues that dont exist

  6. Well spoken I think your people also have a say in this case where they want to belong. What you said was right to avoid argument or disagreement.

  7. Politicians are only looking for what will favour them not the masses. Whether you are part of Ibop or not u are still in Igbo land.

  8. just like u will change his country and make it a better place put more effort and changed the development of this country I like that good work

  9. What is it about this Biafra of a thing. What do they really want….freedom or justice? Why is the Governor of Ebonyi State just coming out to declare that his own State is out of it.

  10. nice one. cos the intention in there but the methods followed was bad and he is not in support. vividly he supports IPOB but dont support their operations

  11. The position of the state governor is good. Going by the claims that IPOB sent text message to his wife that they are going to kidnap, collect ransom and kill the five Eastern governors is a serious threats. Such approach by IPOB is really bad and that is where the governor stands.

  12. The threat Though, will this Biafra issue ever b resolved, Nigeria with so many lose end to frustrate the civilians

  13. All this Biafra of a thing,,,you people are trying to scatter the peace of this great country,,,, may God save us

  14. This is an intelligent speech. Ebonyi decided right o. cos going out of Nigeria will only cause sufferness to them.

  15. Well said that they are sovereign state and don’t need to be colonized again. He’s clear enough with his ststement

  16. The governor is very matured here and I love what he said… You have to be civil and mature in all your dealings I know the people making such treats can’t succeed

  17. If his claims about Ebonyi state not being a part of Biafra is true, then there shouldn’t be any fuss about it

  18. A good leader will always say the truth , no matter how heavy it does or doesn’t . If Ebonyi doesn’t belong to Biafra then where does Ebonyi belong to ? . In my thought, I think the Ebonyi people are not in support of Biafra movement

  19. This is good to hear,like Jesus he doesn’t hate them or their motives but he hates the mode of approach, he is truly a very sensible man.

  20. Why is the Governor of Ebonyi State just coming out to declare this, I know when it comes to time of elections like this, alot of politicians will be making some decorations in order to gain favor from the public.

  21. This needs urgent attention by the federal govt.there ought to be a tight securities for those they promised to kidnapped

  22. Ebony is among the Igbo States
    So don’t say they are not part of Biafra
    Well Biafrans should stop all the bad threats

  23. That’s very good and thoughtful of you thank you for stating clearly that ebonyi is not part of Biafra I dont know what this Biafra’s and losing for and their leader is hiding somewhere

  24. Hmm the state is still in d eastern part no matter what u say they are still Igbo…Good words From you Governor.

  25. That’s a nice words put together by the Gov just be extra careful so you don’t fall in to the hands of evil

  26. being governor dosnt give power to disown your land, you alone can not cave out Ebonyi from biafra land, so if you don’t know ask from your elders

  27. If ebonyi is not part of ipob then what part does it belong to. Anyway they should stop the threat and face their business

  28. Just wish all Igbos will be able to reason this line. Nothing wrong about IPOB agitation, but the methods employed has ever been the problem.

  29. Lets our consience believe on one nigeria
    Lets concerntrate on building our great nation and stop this biafra of a tin

  30. Umanyi is not the owner of Ebonyi state so he cannot decide for them, they have chiefs, community leaders, he is only a governor elected to govern the state for 8 years, let him not use the state for politics

  31. Mr governor has said his own, Ebonyi is not part of Biafra,are his people in support, without one voice nothing is happening in Nigeria. Biafra or no Biafra,

  32. If he is saying ebonyi state is not part of biafra that means he did not support what ipob are agitating for

  33. The igbo land are known as biafrains, he just need to fortify the state with enough security personnel.

  34. he is just talking as the man in power but I don’t think that the people of Ebonyi will say the same as his.

  35. This is the reason why existence of Biafra would be a difficult task..there is no unity among them

  36. If the people of Ebonyi state decides to join Biafra, only him cannot stop them.This Nigeria is not been fair to the igbos hence the need for biafra.But because people like him don’t feel the sufferings the masses are feeling, it doesn’t matter to him.That doesn’t mean we want another war

  37. Saying facts without pushing to make things happen I only c it as deceive to we the common citizens.

  38. Whatever, personally, I don’t believe in Biafra. Just imagine a scenario where the south east stay on their own ,do they have food?do they live in harmony?. I support Umahi ,if they want Biafra ,THEY ARE ON THEIR OWN.

  39. Everyone is allow to make a choice, if your state is not a Biafra as you said so be it, maybe when time comes it will be.

  40. If he says they are not part of Biafra I support him because I believe in one Nigeria one nation we must not be divided, so it’s better as he excluded his state

  41. I don’t think the government (governor) alone should be deciding for all the people, the people of the state should decide where they belong.

  42. Like you said, Mr Governor what they agitating for is genuine but the approach is bad. Is left for the south leaders to come together and help them design a good manner of approach, so they can get what they want and peace to return to this our great nation again.

  43. That’s my governor speaking
    What we want is peace
    Let them come together and make things to happen

  44. Well spoken sir, we pray you won’t deny it later because this country is teaching us lesson every day.

  45. you are right sir, the way they are going about the biafra thing is wrong, why the treats on your wifes phone? They should do their thing and leave the people that are not interested.

  46. May God save us in this country,Ebony is among the igbo state so don’t say they are not part of Biafra besides him is just saying this because of this year election

  47. Aside from the stand down by Ebonyi govt on IPoB, MANY Igbos alike are not in support of Biafra. So let’s just stand as one

  48. Good one. The so-called Biafra is nothing. It is not recognized. Those people are just fooling themselves.

  49. The rate at which the are carrying and going about this Biafra is alarming. So daring an everybody must not be Biafra especially when it involves killing people. It is good as Ebony governor and his people are not involved. You belong to things that are good and favourable not things that involve killing and wasting people’s lives

  50. Out of the whole regions that made up this country, is only the Igbo’s that want to separate from the country as if they can stand alone. A region that has no unification and always greedy in everything.

  51. Hmm this is shocking to hear, who said that, who did he mean by that is abony state not part of igbo state that constitute biafra

  52. Keep calm his Excellency you will be safe by God grace,and those matters need a table sit to settle them .

  53. Biafra or no biafra, all we want is peace. Whatever the leaders can do to promote peace, they should do it

  54. Eboyin a sobering state that don’t want to be colonize again is not part of Biafra, what we want is fair deal from the center.

  55. That could be true in the shell of political claims and in other to safe his head from the agitations raised by the Biafrans

  56. The governor is right in his opinion. You may have a good good agenda but your approach is wrong, so who will support them in their agitations?

  57. And also let me quickly add there too that Akwa Ibom is also not under Biafra…so people of Biafra be warn… Lol

  58. He is right to exempt his state from the Biafra issue and the military should provide adequate security for the threat from Biafra.

  59. Yea…violence can literally not solve all problems…I think the Eastern should gather their people to address them in order to shun violence

  60. Governor Umahi has said it all, his state is not part of Biafra because they are not in support of their agitations.

  61. I understand this Man,he has a good heart,he supports their motives but doesn’t support achieving it the wrong

  62. God bless you Mr Governor for your brain, but don’t overlook their threat, secure your families with maximum security

  63. There is no truth in those words as it’s just to grace the occasion
    He’s only saying Ebonyi is not part of Biafra because its yet to come and he’s in office in Nigeria
    Saying Ebonyi is not part of the states that formed Biafra is rubbish talks

  64. The leaders of this zone need to come together and tackle this threat as this threat should not be taken slightly

  65. You have said it all Mr. Governor, let the Biafra boys stop the threat, how could they be saying they will kidnap a whole governor? Its absurd

  66. The way they are going about this thing is not the right way. They don’t have the right to stop election.

  67. The whole biafra thing is not clear, thing there is political under tune to it. God help us

  68. Nice word from you…buh somehow this biafra people r kinda wicked ooo y would they say they want to stop the election

  69. I think Ebonyi is part of igbo, and these people are the one fighting to separate, election is around the corner, please people be wise

  70. Session to me like a wise thing to say. Although the IPOB members may now see him as an enemy also. Hope all this Biafra things would calm down soon enough

  71. he does not represent the people, so umahi does not have the right to soeak for the people, only referendum will determine

  72. You’re very correct! You’re a good leader to start with, what you said is the truth and nothing but the truth.some if their agitations are right but their approach is not just right.

  73. How are we sure this man is saying the truth
    Who knows he might be saying it for saying sake or to achieve his own objective

  74. Well, ebony should tell us where they stand. MIT when biafra is actualised, they will come and stand with them.

  75. The man is actually saying the truth, instead of agitating for better governance, the IPOB are after segregation or creation of their own sovereign state. They are just after their own interests and want something they can be using against any President that rule in Nigeria.

  76. Lol see clear betrayal.. Ebonyi governor is a funny traitor.. But i t thought every state in the East is part of biafra

  77. There is no state belonging to Biafra for now so long as she has not gained independence. The eastern states belong to Nigeria.

  78. What he said was wise…Biafra should stop all this their mumbo jumbo…the governor showed a good leader quality

  79. Gov Umahi to an extent is right. No leader would want to endanger the lives of it’s citizens

  80. This is not our concerns,,,, as far as i know we should be one Nigerian.
    We only want Nigeria to be better and stop all this biafra of a thing.

  81. Ebony State cannot be seating on the fence…. the must be belonging some where…. ?
    Lols not Biafra not Nigeria, now where?

  82. That’s very good as he said that speech out because some people will be thinking that the state is among Biafra .

  83. Are they now arguing about which state belong to or not in Biafra. May God help us in this country

  84. Why sending threatening letter to the governors wife? Is this how you will get the Indigenous state of biafra? They should have a rethink.. not fair at all.

  85. That’s a good one from my intelligent governor. This Biafra thing is nonsense. IPOB members are just fighting for something they cannot get. IPOB members will end up causing war in this country. Ebonyi is not and can never be part of Biafra. IPOB members are agitating for what is good but the way they are going about it is bad.

  86. Politics is all about personal interest. He is said it may be for 2019 election. The end shall justify the means. Though Nigeria must not break

  87. I really love the way the governor of Ebonyi State responded to those requesting the state as part of Biafra

  88. Your head they there Mr governor…. Let them continue with there baifra….I hope they should come back to beg.

  89. You’re right sir,
    Biafra’s approach is very rude and I don’t like that..
    I can never denied them.
    I came from the land of the risen sun.
    Biafra is my land.
    But as long as Ebony state is part of the east is a biafran land.
    Na talk am!!

  90. All these.Biafra people should go rest joor. What good have they done to their own States and now they want t to claim Ebony state. Hahahaha. Stand firm Govornor!

  91. You have spoken well sir!!! Indeed but then what sort of treat is that kidnapping ransom and killkin. That’s bad I must say

  92. The governor decision was made because of the approach o ipob but he should thread with caution so that peace will prevail.

  93. Good point from the Governor. IPOB jeopardizes the peace and progress of the south ease state. They should be eradicated.

  94. It is time to stop this brafia of a thing and see how they work together to better the country as one people

  95. I believe the position of the state governor is good. Going by the claims that IPOB sent text message to his wife that they are going to kidnap, collect ransom and kill the five Eastern governors is a serious threats.

  96. That’s a Patriot’s speech. That is what well meaning easterners should tell their children.

  97. Umahi whether you like it or not, the five eastern states are part of biafra if ever it’s achieved.

  98. My question to the governs is, what are they using the security vote given to their state for? Do they know how many ppl have been kidnapped already?

  99. He is speaking politically that eboni is not part of buhari and he should not speak for the people

  100. The igbos are their own enemies,imagine this governor saying Ebonyi isn’t part of Biafra,so where those Ebonyi belong,Mr governor I beg to disagree with you on this,you said the way they are going abt the Biafra thing Is so alarming,yes that’s right and I don’t like the way they are going abt it too but all igbos are biafran

  101. I am really confused about this whole thing(biafra) let us come together in unity, peace and love to make this country Nigeria to a better place to be..

  102. Actually, IPOB has a genuine reason for demanding for their referendum but the manner at which they go about it is very very wrong. Aside from that, the governor is not doing well for its citizens. I’ve heard news where the governor slash down the salary of its workers, that is very bad

  103. That’s not for the governor to decide..
    The people of the state has the final say…

    Continue your good work governor

  104. I don’t want to say anything on this but on a second thought, I stand with you to say that you are right. The approach to this agitation is bad if not worse. We can do more than this.

  105. Sincerely the approach to this Biafra is very bad. We need the right approach for a peaceful coexistence. Thumbs up to my Governor Dave Umahi

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