Ebony Life TV reacts after host Andre Blaze is accused of rape

Few days ago, Nigerian media personality, Andre Blaze who is one of the hosts of Men’s Corner on Ebony Life TV, was accused of rape by a woman identified as Olutimehin Adegbeye. According to the lady, Andre Blaze raped her in Lagos when she was only 16 years old and also sexually assaulted her 2 years ago.

Ebony Life TV reacts after host Andre Blaze is accused of rape lailasnews

Olutimehin Adegbeye wrote on Twitter;

Andre Blaze Henshaw sexually assaulted me two years ago. The BBC (unwittingly) interviewed both of us for a recent program about (toxic/evolving) masculinity and its impacts. I informed the BBC about the assault and asked them to delete/edit that program. They refused.

The BBC has assured me that they are very sorry about the distress they unwittingly caused, and also that they will not be doing anything to mitigate it. Andre Blaze Henshaw, as far as I know, continues to deny that he assaulted me despite there being witnesses of the assault.

It is hypocritical and callous to expect survivors of sexual violence to navigate their trauma AND do the work to eliminate sexual violence alone and unsupported. As long as powerful people & institutions do nothing in the face of allegations, abuse will continue with impunity.

I am disappointed but not surprised by the BBC’s actions, in much the same way that I expect to be disappointed but not surprised by the responses I will receive to my words. But I am not afraid. I am not alone. And I am certainly not powerless. #MeToo indeed.

Ebony Life TV reacts after host Andre Blaze is accused of rape lailasnews 1

Andre Blaze, the widely speculated voice of Big Brother in the 2018 edition of the reality show, however defended himself, saying the allegation against him is not what he is known for by people close to him. His tweets read;

“I’m issuing a brief statement in light of the allegations made against my person. The things being said about me, those that know me can attest are not the actions of the person they know as a friend, son, brother and father.

“I will address the matter in full using the appropriate channels. I would like to sincerely thank those who support and believe in me.”

Ebony Life TV reacts after host Andre Blaze is accused of rape lailasnews 2

However in a new statement released Monday, May 14, 2018, Ebony Life CEO Mo Abudu disclosed an investigation will be launched to determine “whether there is any merit to these claims”, which will also be made public.

Allegations against Andre Blaze

Lagos, May 14 – EbonyLife TV has been made aware in the last few days of allegations against Andre Blaze Henshaw, one of the hosts of its programme, Men’s Corner. Mr. Henshaw has refuted the allegations on social media.

Mo Abudu, CEO of EbonyLife TV, stated, “I am very concerned about these allegations and I am determined to find out the truth. Naturally, we do not condone sexual assault against or unwanted advances towards women, therefore we are investigating whether there is any merit to these claims. We will issue a further statement as soon as we have more information.”


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