Lady claims she has been eating plastic rice for 2 months, narrates how she detected

A young woman has cried out on Facebook after she discovered that the rice she has been eating for the past two months is actually a plastic rice.

The lady identified as Haykaymeny John, upon discovering that the rice is fake, took to social media to warn Nigerians against such rice and she also revealed why it took her so long to detect the rice was fake.

I have been eating plastic rice for 2 months - Lady cries out lailasnews

She said she made the discovery when she decided to parboil some of it ahead of when she will return from Church to complete the cooking. When she returned from Church, she noticed that the texture of the rice felt like rubber.

She carried out a few test on it and came to the conclusion that it is indeed plastic rice after she discovered that it was just like a rubber.She is so happy to be alive after months of consuming the poison.


Friends, I’m here again oh. I just realized this evening that close to 2 months, I have been eating plastic rice. Since today was the last day for our fasting n prayer, when I got back from my usual bizness, I decided to parboil the rice, that when I get back from church, I will come n prepare jollof rice. On getting back from church, I made the stew n when it’s time for me to pour the rice I used my hands n noticed that it was like rubber. I decided to practicalise what I used to see online, only for me to see that it was bouncing so hard ���
Sometimes we don’t see the unseen battles and miracles God fight for us. The testimony of being alive is a great one.
Since regulatory bodies ain’t doing their duties, please friends let’s be careful n watch what we eat because we are what we eat


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