Drunk BRT driver flees after knocking down naval officer’s wife

A Bus Rapid Transit, BRT driver who was reportedly drunk while on the wheel has knocked down a naval officer’s wife, Bilikisu Adedoyin, at Irawo bus stop, Ajegunle, Ikorodu Road, Lagos State.

Drunk BRT driver flees after knocking down naval officer’s wife lailasnews
Drunk BRT driver flees after knocking down naval officer’s wife

According to Punch Metro, the 43-year-old Adedoyin, who was on her way home before she was knocked down by the BRT bus with number plate EKY 160 XR, was taken to the emergency unit of the Ikorodu General Hospital, after allegedly being denied care by two private hospitals.

One of the commuters in the bus, Paul Chinedu, who said attempts to caution the driver, who was alleged to be drunk, proved abortive, added that the concerned authorities should caution the drivers of BRT buses in order to prevent the reoccurrence of such accidents.

He said,

“I was one of the passengers on the bus; I had been complaining about the driver’s speed and the fact that he was drunk, but he did not listen. When he spoke to me, I perceived the strong smell of alcohol from his breath. Suddenly, another bus emerged and the woman (Adedoyin) was on the road; the driver could not control the speed of the bus and that was how he knocked down the woman.

“The most annoying part was that when he jumped down from the bus to see what had happened, he took the next available motorcycle and ran away. Those in charge of the BRT buses need to caution their drivers to reduce their speed while driving on the BRT lanes, and to watch the way they live, because the driver was drunk and that was why this accident happened.”

Another commuter, Jeffry Nneji, said the driver was not focused, because he was multitasking while taking the passengers to their various destinations.

The 22-year-old said:

“Everybody was in shock because of this accident. To be honest, the driver was driving at more than the regulated speed for BRT buses. I boarded the bus at Agric and while on the way, we observed that the driver was scratching the pavement from the outset. He was also multitasking; he was using his headphones and playing music while driving. We cautioned him before this accident happened, but he was not bothered.

“In an attempt to avoid knocking the woman down, he drove into the other lane but another BRT bus was close by and it was too late for him to control the bus, because the speed was much and he hit the woman. Immediately, he jumped out of the bus to see the victim and he just disappeared.”

An eyewitness, Obi Benson, who had wanted to board a vehicle at the bus stop, said he beckoned on other people to come and rescue the woman when she was bleeding profusely on the floor.

Adedoyin’s husband, Adebowale, who said he became worried when his wife’s telephone line was unreachable, added that he was informed of the accident by a family friend.

The naval officer said:

“Her number was not going through when I called her around 9:15pm, so my thought was that she had a flat battery. But I became worried when I later tried her line and it still didn’t go through. It was a family friend who called to inform me that she was involved in an accident and had been transferred to the Ikorodu General Hospital. When I got there, I saw that she sustained injuries on her head, hands and legs.

“When I asked for the age of the driver, the representative of the company, who came to visit the victim, told me he was about 22-year-old. I was surprised that someone that young drove the bus. But the accident has happened, and my wife’s life is more precious to me and I thank God that she can now open her eyes.

“Although, we are still watching her, I was told that she would need a brain scan, which will cost about N40,000, I have spent over N43,000 on her medical bills at the hospital, but the management of the company has assured me that they will take care of the expenses.”

The Chief Security Officer, Primero Transport Services Limited, Cletus Okodolor, said the management was paying attention to Adedoyin’s recuperation at the Ikorodu General Hospital.

He stated:

“I cannot say yes or no to the issue of the driver being drunk, because the police, who have him in their custody, did not tell me that. What normally happens is that whenever there is an accident, there is this fear that they (drivers) will be attacked by the angry mob.

“We have always told our drivers that in the case of any accident, they should go to the nearest police station, and if any of our depots happens to be close, they should go there so that we can sort it out and afterwards submit our vehicle to the police.

“The driver is new with us and it was out of fear that he ran away. It was when we contacted the police that they came to take the bus to the station and took the driver into custody. I can’t also deny the issue of speed, because I don’t know the level of speed he was maintaining as of the time the accident happened.

But we always warn them against exceeding 45 kilometres per hour. Even, during my training, I always told them that there were areas that you were not allowed the 45 kilometres per hour.

“We are paying the lady attention at the Ikorodu General Hospital and I am already speaking with the husband, who confirmed to me that his wife had been responding to treatment. So, the due process is being followed on this matter; in our usual way, we don’t always want to talk about who is at fault, because we don’t compromise life. I have sent my boys there and they said she is responding to treatment.”

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Chike Oti, who confirmed the accident to our correspondent, said the driver ran to the police station to report the accident.

“The woman involved in that accident with the BRT bus is recuperating in the hospital. However, the driver did not run away, he ran to the police station and reported himself. He is currently in detention and investigation is ongoing,” Oti stated.


  1. Reckless driving is one of the function of alcohol. Drivers should stop this barbaric habit.dont drink and drive an don’t drive and drink.

  2. Thank God for the life of the woman. However, is this how well the BRT management respond to issues, or is it because the victim here is the wife of a naval officer?

  3. I am wondering where the driver will run to that he will not be caught. Besides running will only magnify the problem

  4. Bus drivers in this Lagos State need psychiatric evaluation, the way they act on the highway is terrible.

  5. What a terrible incident, can you imagine drunk and driving. God be praised for saving the woman’s life.

  6. Sorry about this such giving are bound to happen especially during this festive period everyone have to be really careful

  7. Glory be to God for the life of the woman and i’m wondering why some will just be daft to the extent of doing what is not and even at the wrong time

  8. Some drivers are very reckless. I don’t know if they can’t drive without taking alcohol. May God grant the woman quick recovery.

  9. Thanks to God that the woman did not die. The driver being on speed, driving above the required speed limit is reckless. Though he did very well by reporting to the police. He should be cautioned.

  10. The Driver is really funny where is he running to and why running away. Drivers should stop this barbaric habit of drink and drive an don’t drive and drink.

  11. I thought the BRT drivers where trained and selected. What’s the difference between that kinda man with a molue driver before. What a pity for the woman

  12. This is sad…..The wife and her family will be celebrating Christmas in hospital…may God heal her ….Thank God she survive it….

  13. Generally, commercial drivers in Lagos State are bunch of animals for are careless. I hope the right authority will fish the foolish BRT driver out to face the law.

  14. This is too bad. Drivers are not meant to be drinking before driving. He is also a stubborn driver because he didn’t listen to the warnings and pleas of the passengers. Transportation companies should screen their drivers very well before they take off. I pray she recovers.

  15. Drunk driving! Some Nigerian Drivers are inhumane and careless about their lives and that of their passengers

  16. May God grant her life safely……since the incident happened because the driver has got drunk. That Stupid guy should be jail for his crime

  17. Driving while being drunk is very wrong and people in most cases flee once they knock someone down. She will be fine again with time

  18. Indiscipline is the problem of a lot of people. Driving why drunk and he knows that the law frowns at that.

  19. May God grant her quick recovery, also to our drivers,please do away from drinking and driving,also avoid over speeding most especially this period of the year

  20. The driver ran just to keep his life safe from angry mob that might attact him , drinking and driving is a crime and it has cost anothe person’s life

  21. Jesus, after when they arrest people that are drinking in the car they will say that they are not drunk na, simple instructions they cant obey, imagine what it has caused

  22. Good thing, he went to the station all by himself without waiting for summons or the crowd to deal with him. May God grant the victim speedy and an event free recovery. This is a warning to all road users especially this season, to take extra caution out there.

  23. Oh Lord please a how Marcy and restore her fully and for this drivers once they enter stirring is like some nuts falls out of their brain and they hardly listen to d warnings of their passengers

  24. These drivers are sometime the causes of road accident, how can he take the stirrin when he knows he is drunk, he needs to be punished so that such nonsense doesn’t repeat itself

  25. Hmmm,all these company buses should always warn their drivers about drinking and driving is very dangerous and especially when u are on speed. Thank God she is alive

  26. Drinking while driving very bad. But I pray the woman survive, frsc should be serious about this offense.

  27. Somethings are not just right why indulge in it, he should be arrested and made to pay for his evil deed

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  32. Thank God this guy didn’t you his own indecent act to destroy your family, May God give her quick recovery. The guy should be sacked immediately and be punished to serve as deterrent to other drivers who drunk while on wheel

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  34. The driver is very lucky that he ran away, they would have dealt with him seriously but thank God that the woman didn’t lost her life in the incident

  35. First of all i thank god that he does not kill dat woman, but when dey caught the man he must be jail for what he has done

  36. People will not get sense, especially BRT’s drivers. For the woman to be allegedly being denied care by two private hospital that mean the case is critical. May God grant unto her quick recovery

  37. Drivers should not drive once they are drunk or too tired to avoid avoidable accident on the road

  38. This is very bad, and it also against the law. “Don’t drink while driving” is very important to all people too, May God save her

  39. Too bad and heartless to knock someone and ran away when the person is even alive and needed help

  40. I wish her speedy recovery so that she can enjoy her Xmas and I pray there will be no further complications.

  41. For the woman to be allegedly being denied care by two private hospital that mean the case is critical. this Lagos State need psychiatric evaluation,

  42. A speed limit device should be installed in the brt buses and they have to sue the company for putting someone this young without monitoring him well.

  43. Reckless driving, he should be arrested . he couldn’t even stop to help the woman at least to shoe remorse of his offence.

  44. It isn’t like he knew it was a NAVAL OFFICER’S WIFE before he ran, people run to avoid jungle justice

  45. He will be so easy to find ,since he is a BRT BUS driver,thwy should mind the kind of people they employ as drivers in BRT BUSES.

  46. Hmm it’s bad and wrong for him to drive under the influence of alcohol secondly the fear of the unknown must have made him to act that way

  47. Hurting or killing others due to reckless driving is punishable by law and they should trace him and fine him for such and even ban him from driving again.

  48. Drink and drive is very bad and this is what its always resulted to

    The police in charge should make a thoroughly investigation on the driver and if he found guilty he should be face the music of the law

  49. I don’t the problem of many of them, once they found there self in that bus, they will be driving as if something wrong with them.

  50. This is bad he his not supposed to drink alcohol when is driving an today is Xmas lord help us ooo

  51. simple instruction people cannot take look at what ignorance has done…

  52. This is very bad, the BRT management should put it in their rules that anybody that wanted to work with them must not drink alcohol.
    Wish the woman quick recovery

  53. That driver should be apprehended and dealt with. Strict measures should be introduced in Nigeria’s road user’s policies to checkmate these anomalies that has become part and parcel of the system that has continually destroyed how things are run here.

  54. May the Lord restore her health. And the BRT management need to warn their drivers sternly in order for them to be cautious of their passengers and other road users

  55. I think more training ,retraining and sensitization are required for all BRT drivers to reduce accidents that may be caused by human errors. Wish the victim quick recovery .

  56. Thank God she didn’t die. Wishing her speedy recovery. Hope the reckless driver is caught and made to face the law.

  57. Thank God he didn’t kill this lady with his own reckless act. There should be more screening to reduce all this act of irresponsibility

  58. Drunk and driving is a crime under the law . I wonder what would be his excuse . He should be tracked and dealt with

  59. Drunk BRT driver this is outrageous. Why are we putting other people into danger bcoz of your self interest he should be found and arrested

  60. According to the passenger, he must have been drunk, secondly he ran away leaving the victim,I don’t think he feared been lynch ,but wanted to leave without trace……he should be fined ,for reckless driving

  61. Don’t drink and drive nor drive while drinking, but the society won’t hear.
    The man should better pray for survival.

  62. Thank God she is responding to treatment. This will teach the young driver a lesson that you don’t drink and drive.

  63. Well said Mr. Cletus Okodolor. I pray the woman gets well on her feet again. These BRT drivers should be given serious Chinese warning because life cannot be bought from the market

  64. If you are drinking and you must drive, please drive alone and on a lonely rode.. You mustn’t kill person because of your foolishness

  65. Driver should be careful more especially in this season and i pray that the balm of gilead will perfect her recovery in Jesus name.

  66. This season drivers has to be veru careful so as to avoid accident and loss of lives. I just pray tjis driver respond to treatment fast.

  67. That’s very bad ooo
    What kind of rubbish is that
    He will surely the caught..
    Wife of a navy officer… Big problem

  68. I pray that God will save the victim but BRT should caution all their drivers. Is very bad for driver to be drunk because not only to risk their lives but the lives of the passengers.

  69. I hope they caution their drivers so that this kind of incident will not happen again.thanks God the woman did not die and responding to treatment

  70. This is the reason why they always warn to drink while driving. Thank God she didn’t die. I pray she will get well soon.

  71. Well its good the driver went to the station himself. But why drink and drive in the first place almost causing someone else to lose her life because of ur drunk self.

  72. May God grant her quick recovery, our drivers should please do away from drinking and driving try to avoid over speeding most especially this period of the year

  73. The driver should be sacked and made to face prosecution. this will deter other from doing the same thing.

  74. He is lucky she is not dead. Why would someone drivers get drunk knowing very well they will use the stirring? Thank God she’s responding to treatment.

  75. Oga naval forget about the the expensive n thank God for your wife life…I wish her a quick recovering.

  76. Thank God she’s responding to treatment.. BRT should caution and have trained drivers, over speed is bad, and driving requires concentration..

  77. Thank God for the woman that she didn’t die the driver know if he waited, they might wanted to beat him

  78. It doesn’t seem to me that the driver was drunk
    The accident was clearly borne out of mistake
    As no matter how careful we are
    Something’s go out of control sometimes
    If he was drunk
    He wouldn’t go to the station

  79. She will bounce back well in Jesus name and as for the driver, he will definitely pay for what he brought upon himself.

  80. Just imagine how he could have wasted this woman’s life, because he was drunk, this small boys should not be allowed or employed to drive, he hasn’t seen life, he doesn’t know what life is all about, he just left teen age, he has not gotten a full grip of what life is

  81. The expenses is nothing ooo. All what we must pray for is that Hod should please I’m his mercy should spare the life of your wife.

  82. some of these drivers are careless..if he is careful driver,he would never drunk. .so why is he running away while He has seen the result Of being drunk and driving

  83. All this reckless driver those people must pass driving license driving skills before giving them a bus to drive.

  84. He can’t run to anywhere, he must be apprehended, he should be taught a lesson, he must know that if he should drive he should not drink.

  85. This isn’t a good story at a season of joy because is Christmas. Drivers ought to be extra careful this time around in order to avoid accident because life has no duplicate. Now him the driver will have to remain in detention. I pray the lady respond to treatment and recovers fast.

  86. This is sad…..The wife and her family will be celebrating Christmas in hospital…may God heal her ….Thank God she survive it….The driver must be apprehended

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