Drug peddlers including Nigerian man and two women, arrested in India

Four drug peddlers including a Nigerian man and two women, have been arrested in India by the Jalandhar rural police who seized a 2-kg heroin hidden in a teddy bear and juice tetra pack.

Drug peddlers including Nigerian man and two women, arrested in India lailasnews

The four drug peddlers including a Nigerian national, two Mizoram women and their Delhi based accomplice, have been identified Nigerian man Ohas Ugo (20) Presently resident of Nawada near Uttam Nagar, Delhi, Amir Ali (30) of Street No. 16, Krishnapuri, Tilak Nagar Delhi, Maphiue (40) of Tuthangi, and  Aizawal Chauthatgpuii (30) of Chaltlang Bethel Colony Aizawal in Mizoram.

Drug peddlers including Nigerian man and two women, arrested in India lailasnews 1

Speaking at a Press Conference, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Jalandhar (Rural) Mr Navjot Singh Mahal disclosed that the suspects were by 6:30 PM in one Swift car bearing registration number (PB-01-N-0240) which was being driven very fast.

“On being quizzed, the occupants revealed their identities and cops frisked them and checked other items carried out by them”, he said and added Chauthatgpuii was carrying a purple coloured Teddy Bear on her lap while Ohas was carrying a plastic bag upon his thighs containing one tetra pack of Tropicana Orange Juice and one box of Nestle A+ Slim.

Chuauthatgpuii who is hairdresser who works with Isabel wife of Ohas Ugo, revealed that she used to buy and supply heroin from the Nigerian National who came to India on business visa about three years back and already an FIR No. 20 dated 21-12-2017 u/s 21 NDPS Act. A 14 Foreigners Act was registered by STF, and a case under sections 21/29-61-85 of NDPS Act was registered in Maqsudan police station and a thorough probe is being carried out in this case.


  1. Drug peddling seems to be the order of the day. There are other legal means of hustling than than to peddle drugs.

  2. What is wrong with this Nigeria people going to other people country to disgrace them selves and the image of Nigeria justice should be shown to them

  3. What is a 20 year old doing with drugs is that the only business in the country I just pray you don’t rot in jail

  4. Roting in jail is what they want if not you live your country to another country to disgrace your self over there is the drugs the only business there

  5. Why drug peddling,are there no legal business in that country?Why are Few Nigerians outside spoiling our reputation,It well

  6. Nigerians are damaging our reputation badly over there. They now see all of us as criminals.

  7. Naija, is this how you want to represent us? mm

    Well isn’t not their fault, its the rate of unemployment in nigeria that causes you to leave the country to search for greener pasture

  8. Why is it that Nigerians out there will not find legal work to do instead they will be pushing hard drugs

  9. Nigerians will always be present at every badness. Even in India, they carry out there drug businesses. Too bad for them,lets see what happens next

  10. When drug dealers are being caught a Nigerian man or woman must be there. Like it’s an ancestral curse. May God help us

  11. Why are you people creating bad records for this nation in the international world.it is not good atall.

  12. I don’t know why some of these guys are always trying to tarnish the image of Nigeria. let them face the penalty appropriately.

  13. I dont blame them,i blam our stupid Nigerian government for making this country a living hell for the citizens.

  14. This is what makes other countries dissatisfies in our own nation as other peoples error reads for everyone

  15. Why are people asking questions like” why are Nigerians disgracing us in foreign countries” if the country and government is good would they go out to do drugs. Some us that is condemning them now are thesame people that will sing their praises if they had succeeded.

  16. This drug trafficking business for Nigeria is becoming something else. must you be disgracing your country every day please look for a business and grow it your self they want already made money they don’t want to struggle and make it

  17. Why some people always bring shame to this country, apart from drugs business,no other business to do? Let people stop disgracing this country

  18. Nigerian’s should learn to do other responsible business na, so many Nigerian outside the country are arrested for drug trafficking, only God can help them out o, hope this Nigerian doesn’t get a life imprisonment

  19. Nigerians in the diaspora should please for Christ sake stop embarrassing our integrity as a nation.

  20. You went out of your country to do hard BUsinness and you are now caught.you must also be judge according to there law

  21. This drug traffickers go our there to disgrace this country. They should be killed immediately they are found guilty of the offense

  22. This is a bad name this man has brought for our country. Leaving his own country to go do drugs in another mans land. Well justice must be served to prevent others from following same bad path

  23. They go out of the country to give us bad reputation meanwhile, there are legitimate ways of making money here.

  24. Kai, Nigeria man in India what is he finding in that poor country I think he will be kill because they don’t tolerate nonsense

  25. Every body in needs money in Nigeria therefore they go about doing all sorts of illegal deals even women involving themselves in such business, too bad

  26. They should stop disgracing our country. Instead of someone to hustle and be somebody he will say no and chose illegal things

  27. All in the name of money,people engaged is dirty act and never think about the consequences

  28. Why can’t some people work with there own hand and wait earnestly for the reward rather than look for fast method. This will serve as example to people who are not contended with whatever they possess

  29. People are looking for ways to survive but this is not the best hustle
    It is against the law of the land putting it implications in focus

  30. Drug peddling is an illegal trade that attracts death penalty in some parts of Asian countries, and i don’t understand why Nigerians are always involved in that illegal business.. Its not nice at all

  31. There’s no two ways about it, what ever you sow, that you’ll reap. Everyday they say is for the thief, and one day is for the owner of the house. Your sins will always find you out. Let them face the consequences of their actions.

  32. Blaming any bad deed of some Nigerian’s on the current state of our economy is not an excuse. Many Nigerians are working tooth and nail to earn legit money, why not blaming it on the economy?

  33. Most of Nigerian youths normally take so much risk to make it there because of love of money and lack of understanding.

  34. Hmm nawa ooo for this peoplw some nigerians go to other country to disgrace our selves with this drug business

  35. Oh my God, not anymore, why will Nigerian citizens go out of the country just to bring disgrace and bad names to the country ?
    They should be highly dealt with in accordance with their law

  36. with this Nigeria people going to other people country to disgrace them selves and the image of Nigeria justice should be shown to them


  37. I don’t know why Nigerian endanger their self in all this dirty act.. I pray they get out safely

  38. When will Nigerians start behaving themselves when they go outside the country. Instead of people to work hard and make money, they will prefer to be dealing on illegal drugs. This is the end of the road for them because they got what they deserve.

  39. Despite all the airport checks he still beats security, I guess his drug selling days are over, india is a corrupt country too if he finds a way ti getout of this he should seriously thank GOD and stop the business.

  40. Imagine this small boy of 20 years, started hustling this hard. This is all fault of our govt, because assuming there is good work in this country that boy wouldnt have done that shit.

  41. What is all these things? Why are Nigerians given us bad names? Imagine a 20 year old boy already carrying drugs. Jail you have new inmates

  42. So they did not see another business to do other than distracting this dear country. Let them enjoy what they sow

  43. How come all these drugs traffickers are given Nigerians bad names even in other countries may they be severely punished for their crimes.

  44. You see. Luck finally ran out on them and they were finally arrested.People just travel all the way to india to get involved in drug deals . They deserve their arrest

  45. Why do pole disgrace Nigeria Abroad??
    Can’t they just b equally b successful if they do something legit?

  46. Why do Nigerians go out and keep disgracing this country
    They should not say that there is no better thing to use their lives and do in India

  47. Don’t know why this Nigerian go outside the country and be participating in evil act , disgracing and spoiling the name of the country, if they didn’t grant them Vissa in the first place it will be another story, this people needs sense I swear.

  48. Good for them, our people just want to get rich by all means, they dont care about the consequences. They should be made to face the law

  49. No market for India only spiritual powers . Indians are mostly in African and European country. why any Nigerian citizen wont be there if not drugs

  50. Since they are all guity of hard drugs, they must face the full wrath of the law for their offence.

  51. This is one crime the Indian police don’t joke with, it can cause them death by hanging. I doubt if our brother Ugo will come out from it.

  52. Hmmm again and again Nigerians and quick money again I thought I saw something about this stuffs just right now.. What again am I seeing now.

  53. so many Nigerian outside the country are arrested for drug trafficking, only God can help them out o, hope this Nigerian doesn’t get a life imprisonment

  54. Drug trafficking is a huge crime and they will definitely be punished. What’s all this with Nigerians involving in drug business

  55. Nigeria is a country full of so many people and in that you come across some bad elements, but why drug?

  56. Those people won’t stop embarrassing Nigeria, they are tarnishing our image, the two Nigerian need to be dealt with

  57. Nigerian’s are just disgracing there country every where thorough punishment should be given to them

  58. It’s like India is now a drug trafficking hub for Nigerians. The death sentence for drug trafficking has led them away from Indonesia and Malaysia. I stand with#honest living.

  59. When will the nigeria stop been associated with bad news like this these are news that brings that a country’s name. He will face the law accordingly

  60. Our youths and drug, let them face justice over there. Nigerians should please and please stop embarassing this country, is so sad and pathetic.

  61. My country people stay at your nation if their is no any reason to go abroad, this is so disgracing now spoiling Nigeria name.

  62. Why would we Nigerians like painting the country bad, they should be punished and eventually depot them

  63. Nigeria always have a Trace of bad activity…..hmmmmmmm Nigeria self the best option right now is to sell the country according to amaechi

  64. Don’t like it when Nigerians are mentioned in bad situations abroad. It’s so wrong. We have our own problems already to put our lives at risk out there.

  65. That is how they go about trashing Nigeria’s image what nonsense useless people with no shame

  66. Imagine going into drugs might be good but the outcome and even in nigeria were by telling people not to go into illegal business but Our leaders are full of corruption…

  67. Why do people go into drugs and other forms of illigal bussines, repent and leave better lives

  68. That is too bad for them, even white people’s also know that nigeria people’s are bad very very shamefull for them

  69. Some people can disgrace Nigeria,see now, all of them should go and face the punishment that will be given to them.

  70. Disgrace in the highest order, when will Nigerians will be know with goods news and this is b caused because of high unemployment in our country. Youths we need to think right in whatever we engage ourselves.

  71. All because of the love of money. Nigerian will go to other countries to cause problem. Why dont we hear news about other countries coming here to cause problems, because they mind their business

  72. Well, the quest to make money actually led to this drug dealt acts. Now, they’ve been arrested.

  73. Why are some Nigerians disgracing the name of this country. That’s why you go abroad and they see you as a scammer or untrustworthy

  74. you live your country to another country to disgrace your self over drugs? they should punish them very well .

  75. The question should be what is wrong with Nigerian government for not a good environment and infrastructure for people to easily access the economy, but that is not excuse for going into illegal business there other legit business he can do.

  76. Let them be judged according to their law because I wonder why people will be doing something they know that is against the law

  77. This is turning into a national disgrace for all Nigerians . Fg should make public awareness against drug trafficking for incoming generations to warn they about it

  78. Seriously I don’t know what’s wrong with Nigerians with drug trafficking especially in India, Nigerians are only tarnishing the image of innocent Nigerians home and abroad.. Am sure they will properly face the law

  79. Like seriously again. Why are we so bent on bring some to ourselves and country…both men and women. Please forgive those planing to travel and join this league do have a rethink. Please punish them accordingly

  80. I see no reason why you would leave your country to another country to do illegal business serves you right


  82. May the good Lord deliver us from these unpatriotic citizens who try to draw our national name into mud

  83. Nigeria has been tagged one of the most corrupt country in the world. We corrupt home and abroad, may God help us.

  84. What do you expect when PMB called them lazy youths? Well it serves them right. May God see them through their case.

  85. In every ten thousand crime Nigerians will be ten million why .imagine the age difference, anyways let justice prevail

  86. My fellow citizens of Nigeria, doing the right thing always can be possible → it’s called *self-control*

  87. This is how Nigerians spoil the name of their country in other countries. They should just be deported instead of jail.

  88. Good name is better than riches. The earlier people know this the better the country will be. God bless Nigeria

  89. Oh my God, not again please, God help our country, give us better people that will bring pride to the nation.

  90. Our Nigerians citizens traveling abroad are bringing shames and problem to our country.indiaan government should prosecute them

  91. At what point will our people living outside the shores of these country learn to work for a living doing decent jobs that will not continue to sully our name?

  92. There are many ways of making money crime free, I wonder why people are looking for quick money. ..

  93. Must Nigerians be involved in all manner of misconduct? What’s happening to our morals and values?

  94. Dis is a great disgrace to dem selves and the country… Inside f country dey are bad, outside the country dey are worst…. Thank God dey were caught…. Oh God help Nigerians

  95. I seriously don’t know why Nigerian base outside the country like disgracing our country. They should severely punished.

  96. I wonder why we Nigerians keep disgracing our selves… they should face the law on Crime they have committed

  97. It amazes me to hear this. Despite the punishment people are still deeply involved in drug. Very sad indeed, that Nigerians are mention in this crime.

  98. It’s better authority jail them there. These guys commit all sort of evil with Nigerian passport and thereby disgrace Nigeria as a country and making life hard for the innocent one traveling with the same passport. To jail with them

  99. This is just getting to much, this people just want to tarnish Nigeria reputation with the crime they commit they should be punished.

  100. Why were Nigeria men and women involve their selves in drugs peddling hmm God help oooo, can they engage in business there are many things the can do to earn a living not this way

  101. Is drug dealing business the only way to make in life?Its now becoming rampant in the world right now.

  102. Good to the police of Indian some Nigerian with the taste of quick money will be disgracing the country where ever they are.. He should be allowed to face the law

  103. This are people who are just destroying Nigeria reputation, and this will serve as a lesson for others.

  104. Hunger and the level of poverty in this country has turned us to several other things just to make all ends meet.

  105. Nigerians
    Must yu ppl always goan disgrace yur country? Why cant yu just get a decent job… always after quick money

  106. All these Nigerian individuals that decide to go tarnish the image and name of our dear country should be severely punished

  107. Can you imagine a 20years old boy involving himself in drug peddling . They don’t have home training, see how he goes and disgrace Nigeria now.

  108. they should be made to face justice. they are just spoiling Nigerian’s name in the name of get rich quick

  109. Why most Nigerians be involved in every nagative act. The keep painting and soiling our image. God help us.

  110. Thats so disgracing…after getting out of this Nigeria ..then its drug that is next..

  111. All this type of people will never stop bringing shame to Nigeria. You should be purnished for making we Nigerian a subject of mockery.

  112. People re just so desperate to make quick money and the government is not even helping out matters here

  113. People re just so desperate to make quick money and the government is not even helping out matters here. No jobs and those that re working re losing their job on daily basis

  114. People are engaging themselves in all kind of mess
    Just to make money
    Okay oooo go and face your punishment

  115. Must Nigerians be included in any of these actions… Some Nigerians just go out to disgrace the country!!!

  116. What a disgrace. I wonder why our people prefers to bring shame upon themselves and upon our country.

  117. These people are abusing our country, there is need for proper investigation before allowing any travelers

  118. See another nice catch by the Indian police e. I swear these guys are doing better than our police here that can be bribed over anything. Good work Indian police.

  119. Hmmm Nigerians why. Must we disgrace our selves anywhere we go?
    This is not making sense at all .
    Can’t we just at least label this country a good name

  120. Every body in needs money in Nigeria therefore they go about doing all sorts of illegal deals even women involving themselves in such business

  121. This is disgrace to our country’s name. I don’t understand why they can’t protect the name of our country. They will face the punishment.

  122. They are shameless people… They need to be severely punished…so it can serve as an example to other potential deviants.

  123. It’s so obvious that Nigerians outside has decided to make money by any means necessary and by so doing tarnishing the image of the country

  124. Bad economy and bad government have really cause a big damage to Nigeria.
    I will never blame the drug dealers.

  125. Must Nigerians be mentioned in every bad things can’t they leave a crime free life what is this? So shameful and annoying

  126. That is a lesson to those Nigerians that belief they cannot make it except they traveled out not knowing what those in foreign countries are doing. So Shameful

  127. Normally, if we look at the situation of our country here, it is the condition that led them to partakes in such business, if things are well with us here, we will be fine with no crime case.

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