Drug gang busted in Ikoyi prison

Members of a three-man drug syndicate, were, on Sunday morning, arrested for attempting to sell marijuana to inmates of the Ikoyi Prison in Lagos.

Drug gang busted in Ikoyi prison laialsnews

The suspects are: 22-year-old Ikuomola Abolade, who was arrested when he was trying to escape; Sodeeq Yunusa, an inmate, who is standing trial for alleged robbery; and the third unidentified person, who escaped.

A 10-year-old boy, who is part of the Intelligence and Monitoring Committee comprising selected officials of the prison, their wives, the drug unit and the police, had seen them throwing some packages into the Ikoyi Prisons facility.

He then quickly alerted the other members of the team. Abolade was, subsequently, arrested, while his colleague escaped. Yunusa, on the other hand, was caught on the CCTV recently installed in the prison.

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A source told The Nation:

“But before the boy’s father could come out of their house, the suspects ran away and boarded a tricycle heading for Obalende.”

It was learnt that the boy’s father alerted his colleagues and together they chased the suspects in their vehicle and caught them at Obalende. Abolade was arrested in a commercial bus, but his colleague escaped.

The prison’s Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) was said to have captured Yunusa, the inmate, as he attempted to “catch the thrown parcels”.

It was gathered that when the parcels thrown into the prison facility were cut open, they contained Indian hemp with the street value of over N150,000.


  1. Wonders shall never end, even in jail, the guy is still invloved in evil acts, will He ever change?

  2. Dat is too bad for both of them, and they must face the jugment commtee for doing such kind of things

  3. The country needs a total clampdown on drug abuse. I hope they would not bribe their way through.

  4. How come they managed to do that inside the prison. Their age even too small to do that.

  5. This is serious. What do people even gain in taking hard drugs which they know will not do them any good. Please lets deceit from this.
    The law should handle this judiciously

  6. This is Nigeria. The prison security should be tighten up. Such things shouldn’t be happening in the prison environment

  7. More installation of CCTV cameras is needed then, cutting the inmates from their groups in the outside world is also necessary.

  8. Haaaaaa, he will go and join them their. Inside prison still looking for drugs, may God help u. I pray that the yenusa guy will be caught in no time

  9. Nigeria youth with drug such a young boy trying to sell Marijuana to the Prisoner. That’s too bad.

  10. for such a young boy to be involve in such a business that means there is trouble in the country security agent please be careful

  11. I’m still saying as a result of the high unemployment rate in the country, youth are misled into joining illegal means of survival

  12. why people self…taking drugs to them in cells that means when they are out they will continue will drugs till they give up one day, thank God they were caught

  13. Hmmmm he’s playing smart imagine the packaging of the goods. Unfortunately, nemesis has cut up with you, now you will be put to justice….. Say No to Drugs

  14. Bad business!!! Imagine selling drugs to inmates He is also to young. He ought to been in school and studying not selling drugs. Now he too is going to be an inmate.

  15. CCTV should be installed in all Nigerian prisons and Police station and close be carried out to eliminate crime in our Prisons

  16. You are in the prison and yet still commuting another crime this are people our govt should inject them because they can never repent from their evil act.

  17. Ad a country, there should be awareness on drugs for our youth, to enable them to know the side effects of taken it. The boy is too young for the act, may God help us as a country. Thanks to the improvement for putting CCTV it really served a purpose.

  18. Double wahala for dead body,u are awaiting trial nd fall another victim to drug abuse,my brother u are completely finished.
    As for the supplier,u will smell ur own rod in prison.

  19. Am not sure the 10 years old boy is member of Monitoring group, maybe his father was meant, an underage boy can not be exposed to crime at that tender age, meanwhile that CCTV installed is functioning is a plus ➕ for current IG.

  20. Thank God they were caught, how could young boys like this commit this kind of offence especially in the prison.

  21. How did that happened where are the prison security how did they get in with those drug good that they were cut

  22. that’s bad for a young guy like him, I hope other youths will learn from this guy’s mistake, because he has already destroyed his future with this being his past

  23. Wow this is so bad at that age. I hope they do the needful thing on this issue and that boy should go to juvenile school.

  24. For every road has an end and this is the end of the road for Yunusa and Co. They most face the law.

  25. Sadly, we don’t have juvenile court and prison here in Nigeria. Let him wait for trial till his grown because this one will really be a bad influence on other kids and the society at large if allowed to remain unrehabilitated

  26. These guyz.Na death dey hungry them.They can’t even pity their poor life.Well.they will get more punishment

  27. This is why Indonesia kills drug peddlers because they know the damage it does and also the fact that they will never change. These guys and those that buy the drugs in the prison should be severely dealt with!

  28. Hahahaha… Nawao.. Even inside prison, he’s still committing crime.. Yunusa I doubt if there’s any repentance again in you.. Enjoy more years there..

  29. Hmmmm, the things our youths get themselves involved with these days is a cause for serious concern. All in a bid to make money

  30. Despite in prison, he still didn’t feel sober but rather indulge himself in taking Indian hemp and now his term will be increased

  31. So while inside a prison and serving a sentence that guy is still committing crimes. Kudos to those unit and all those involved in catching them.

  32. Haaaaaa, he will go and join them their. Inside prison still looking for drugs, may God help u. I pray that the yenusa guy will be caught in no time

  33. Crime every where even inside prisons he has no mind to change pls police should persecute those involved

  34. The monitoring team especially the small boy. The members of the drug gang caught should be properly interrogated so as to fish out all the members out for prosecution

  35. Things that happened when no attention is given by the government on empowerment, but still doesn’t push him to do that as small as he is

  36. There are people who are unrepentant of their crime. Does it mean that those people buying the drugs does not see the need to turn a new leaf

  37. What is Nigeria turning to for christ sake, these guusare too young for these things they are into

  38. Prisons were mend to be rehabilitation center but in Nigeria is not so. Your case becomes worst when find yourself in Nigeria prison.

  39. They should be imprisoned.. More inmates to the prison.. They should confess their other accomplices

  40. That a nice strategy the monitoring committee took …but I think they need to dig deep because this operation seems to me as there is a inside man

  41. People sell Indian hemp to the extent they hustle to sell to people in prison… Where and what will crime not make some people commit.. Criminal minded people everywhere

  42. Nawa o even in jail. This is funny but thank God they were caught.I hope other youths will learn from this guy’s mistake

  43. Government should just try to tighten the security more in our prisons and also screen the warders because without insider such a thing will never happen

  44. This monitoring committee group has done well. Thank God they were caught. They must face the consequences.

  45. This young man is too Small for all this acts… Even in jail, God help us in this kind of generation!!!

  46. That is too bad. Some re in prison, instead trying repent from their previous action they’re even selling maeihljiana in the prison.

  47. It was only surprising since for the last handful of years we’ve only seen her next to Diddy. We know the couple ended things a few months back, but we didn’t know the singer had found a new love already.

  48. This is a serious matter ,while in prison and still committing crimes? This equals to double punishment

  49. Even in the prision they are still pedalling drugs their cup is filled up. The guy supplying it to them he is just young and now prison awaits him. Thank God they were caught and a big hands up for the installations of the CCTV cameras.

  50. What a dare! Going to sell drugs in the prison when you know that you will land there if caught. And even in prison for a crime , you still have the guts to keep perpetrating others.
    Kudos anyway to the 10year old boy who is part of the intelligence committee and to other members. Keep the flag flying high.

  51. Still committing crimes while in prison thank God they were caught since they can’t stay away from trouble

  52. Such a young man of 22 already involving himself in illegal acts. I don’t know why people so much like quick money instead of working hard to make money. The suspects should be punished accordingly so that they can serve as a lesson to others.

  53. The prison is supposed to be a corrective centre but the reverse is the case. People com out worse off than they were.

  54. There’s got to be some connection with some prison warden.
    Still clamoring for drugs while in prison is a sign of addiction or comfort.
    And that guy should simply report the others and go join them in the prison.

  55. It is well. Thank God they have been caught and the one that escaped will soon be caught I believe so. I only pity Yunusa because he is awaiting trial and yet he is still went ahead to get himself involved in a drug case. It is well

  56. Our government careless about the welfare of the youth,in other to fight poverty they involve in drug

  57. Due to unemployment that crime is on a high increase, he is too young to be involved in drugs.but he needs to be punished so as to serve as lesson to others

  58. Hmmmm… See wahala.. So people in the prison are still looking for marijuana to smoke again..
    This is serious oo…
    This is really double wahala

  59. Look at what sharp sharp money has done to our youth
    No one wants to hustle and get mone
    Nawaaa ooooo God have mercy

  60. Hmm this is Really serious oo all because of Money, but what is nigeria turning into Our government should do something about it

  61. Government should consider youth in employment in other to eradicate this issue of drug trafficking

  62. Unrepentant inmates still trying to be involved in a criminal offence of smoking marijuana. This shows that this might not even be the first time the have attempted this. The criminal investigation department should pull force together to found the escaped criminal.

  63. Dont do drugs either trafficking or consuming dont do drugs they wont listen….they should face the law no mercy

  64. Even in jail people still pedal drugs. Does he want them to attach extra years to his sentence? The point of jail time is to rehabilitate and not to go there and learn more vices

  65. So young. Youth of this days don’t know what they are doing to themselves. I give accolades to the security officials for apprehending them

  66. Wonders shall never end, even in jail, the guy is still invloved in evil acts, may God have mercy on him.

  67. Thank God for technology, it makes everything easy, the govt should try to install CCTV in every part of the country,

  68. Can you imagine, even in the cell they still purchase India Herm’s…thank God they have arrested them.

  69. This is good news,I hope they are jailed for doing drugs,illegal things are not good,our youths of today should learn

  70. This one na double wahalah for dead body , the law will take it’s course and aportion it punishment.

  71. I personally think the members of the drug syndicate should be called out and punished severely to serve as a deterrent to others

  72. Now life will give them test so that if there leave the prison Yard there will learn some leason.

  73. Why commit more crimes when you are already in the prison, how much will he sell those weeds. And as for those risking their lives doing business with a prisoner is so dangerous and I pity for them

  74. Just imagine a young age like that involving in such business, this is very bad, he should be sanction for that

  75. I feel sad to hear of young and vibrant youth involving in drugs rather than using that time in something productive.

  76. Shame on the boy’s parents . No matter how young he is , trail awaits him until he is fit enough to face the consequences

  77. Haaa.this small boy.who should have lured him into this.this country ehen.they should go more in investigations

  78. They need to be delt with according to the laws we are trying to stop drugs and they are making matters worse.

  79. This also shows that it’s not their first time of selling in that prison. They were just unlucky, so please stop telling us about the so called CCtv camera.

  80. Even inside jail people still run things. Wonders shall never end. There should be an enlightenment program concerning our young ones and money.

  81. Too bad to go into drup dealing. See what they had course themselves.
    Nice that the the prison CCTV was able to captured

  82. Lack of good parental upbringing and bad peer group influence and also poverty that is why such things are happening in our society today

  83. Tough luck for the inmate awaiting trial, meanwhile it is not the kind of thing that gives me joy, I wish to hear that Boko Haram members are accomprehended

  84. Drug is very common among our youths nowadays, the rate at which our youths take drugs is alarming, tramadol drug is even very common among our youths now. Anyway our government should stop the selling of these drugs, if these people didn’t get the drugs to buy anywhere, I think they will stop taking it

  85. Nice one technology is really helping us thus making the work very easy to catch the suspected criminals….

  86. What do people even gain in taking hard drugs which they know will not do them any good. Please lets deceit from this.
    The law should handle this judiciously

  87. They are in prison, they want to sell Indian hemp in prison, since they have been caught they should not be release again.

  88. Nice one, kudos to the monitoring team for the arrest but how did they get inside the prison? They must be charged to court and prosecuted

  89. Some times people think that one has four lives and that they will never be caught , but its not so, I commend those who put in effort for the arrest

  90. All this young folks should please find better business to do,you have great future ahead of you.They should be punished accordingly under the law

  91. Hmmmm things are happening everyday even 10years old boy is even involved in drugs? Hmmmm justice should take it place.

  92. Great work by the security agents.. may they be prosecuted and the third suspect that escape should be found.

  93. Complement to Nigerian police on the CCTV footage.as for the boys they are going to be dealt with seriously

  94. I think that kid should be rewarded. If not for him only God knows how long that act will continue in that prison.

  95. This criminal activity could not have been perpetrated without the involvement of the prison wardens and should be investigated.

  96. Only in naija you hear this kind of things…when a nation fails to do the right things then doom is at hand,they should better take that kid to the best school for more

  97. their sentence will be prolong from the look of things…they are not scared to smoke such a smelling stuff in jail…those guy hav guts…things are happening oh.

  98. I applaud the ten year old boy. These people want to further complicate the lives of those who are spending time in jail and whose future is full is uncertainties.

  99. This boy is too young to have been involved in such crimes…….he should be thoroughly investigated since they must be someone he is working for

  100. Even someone in prison that should be looking for a way to be set free is still getting involved in drugs, that means he is not interested in changing his bad ways. It is a pity.

  101. This is serious oh, even in jail is like he has not been dealt with seriously, because if he his been dealt with, he would have been silent.

  102. These people want to further complicate the lives of those who are spending time in jail and whose future is full is uncertainties.

  103. This act will have been going on for a long time before they are been caught, the prison need a tight security

  104. Suits them right, that’s what happens to those that make wrong decisions. They should face the consequences of their actions.

  105. that is good for them. they should stay there in prison because that is where they belong.

  106. Wonder shall Neva end..
    Even an inmate? God save your children.. They should be charge to court immediately

  107. What are this children turning too??? May God please grant us a good children, and change the bad ones for good

  108. wow this is Impressive…Nigeria’s security agencies are really taken their jobs seriously That’s great but involving a 10 year old boy is not the best ideal

  109. People that are meant to be praying for their own release and even engaging in more criminal activities. Will they ever learn?..its really painful how they include underage children in their dirty deals.

  110. Nice one. They should also be taken to the hospital for mental checkup because it’s online insane people that engage in drug abuse and it’s shady deals.

  111. A prison that’s meant to rehabilitate inmates are making them hard headed. Committing crime upon the one already apprehended for. The young boy is vibrant and alert.

  112. Are u kidding. Hemp worth 150k. See business inside prison. Well hope the culprits serve their punishment. Maybe even join the people they sell to in prison too

  113. Mennn Nigeria prison have improve, CCTV, wooow. The rate at which small boys are looking quick money is so alarming. Thank God he was caught

  114. And others security man post there will also be aware that he usually come there to sell marijuana to them.
    so do your investigation well

  115. Small boys into drugs? This is strange and very surprising to me. These boys don’t have parents or what?

  116. This is too bad, what did they gain in drug business.
    I pray they change before its too late

  117. Does he no what CCTV means, his not wise at all, he did not mind too look round before any action, selling drugs too people who are in pain. Very serious.

  118. Even in the prison these ones are still trying to sell drugs…..the level of corruption in this country is immeasurable

  119. He is in prison and still have drug with him but how come he got the drugs are they allowed to go out to buy it and if not then ask the warders where he go the drugs

  120. I know with the help of the arrested made , others on the run will be arrested and be made to face the music.

  121. Mysterious things are happening in Nigeria, for small boys to be involved in drugs. These boys need to be kept in prison and drilled sanity into their brain.

  122. Even in prison they are still committing more crimes. What is really happening in this country

  123. Nice work by the unit, drug abuse is on the increase, youths now see drug abuse as a way of life which is bad

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