Drone delivers couple’s ring on wedding day

A couple’s ring on wedding day has been delivered by a mini drone.

The young couple, Augustine Adams and Beatrice Bruwatte amazed the audience at the ceremony when they decided to receive their wedding rings at the altar via a “drone delivery service”.

Drone delivers couple's ring on wedding day lailasnews 4
Drone delivers couple’s ring on wedding day

The wedding happened on Sunday at the Lion of Judah Cathedral of the Lighthouse Chapel International in Cape Coast, Ghana.

The creative couple had their rings flown over from the back of the auditorium, over the heads of the congregation to the front where the best man picked it up and presented it to the couple.

The congregants obviously ‘wowed’ by the move cheered and clapped along as the drone was piloted to the front.


  1. lol all for show, but its really nice to do something interesting during your wedding its just a day anyway

  2. So beautiful! I can imagine how excited his wife will be and the shock on everyone’s face. So sweet. Congratulations to them and may their marriage be blessed

  3. That was really a wowed moment… Simply amazing.. Couple could arrange for mini drone just to deliver their wedding ring, but this administration can’t get drones to fight the Boko Harams.. Congratulations my people.. Bless union

  4. its really nice to do something interesting during your wedding its just a day anyway, congratulations to them and wishing them a happy married life.

  5. Wow, that’s a mark in history, it’s so lovely and beautiful, such a creative couple, big congratulations to them

  6. That was very innovative of the couple, it must have set a nice pace for others to copy, I trust people out there

  7. People care becoming more technically imagine a drone brought their wedding ring in the church that is a good development and I hope people will learn that nothing is in possible

  8. Waoh! This is amazing. The bride will be so happy about the drone delivering their wedding rings.

  9. Creativity everywhere…. Everyone wanna do something real different from others… Well congratulations on the new couples you have really surprised everyone.

  10. This is great news indeed, mini drone what a surprise, well money is not their problem I wish you blessing, joy and happiness on your wedding.

  11. Wow, congratulation to both of them i pray that almight god we bless there union with abundant twins

  12. So wonderful, congratulation to both of them i pray that Almighty God will bless there union with abundant success and beautiful children’s

  13. Thats so sweet, congratulations to you and please try and make your marriage work is not by drone bringing your wedding ring.

  14. Lovely….this creativity! HML to them…very soon drone will deliver babies to them.hahahahahah…

  15. Wow, this is wonderful and so special. Congratulations, may God bless your Union
    and as many who came to witness and support your wedding.

  16. This is romantic, lovely , wonderful, amazing. Congrats to them , I wish you guys a happy married life

  17. Wow this is superb have never seen nor come across such congratulations you you both more blessing in your union

  18. This is so amazing and surprising,what a nice concept, congratulations to you both, Happy married life

  19. Wow nice one.I love what the drone did it was so romantic congrats to this cute couples happy married life.

  20. Very soon there will be no need for best man and chief brides maid since drone has take the place of little groom. Its amazing

  21. Good for them and thier family, its good to do nice things but its does not make the marriage better than others

  22. Whaoooo… This is superb…. I have never heard of this before…. I wish them happy married life

  23. This us amazing for them,drone flying, well great,hope they have a happy marriage, this is good news

  24. wow i love this the way tech are now taking good effect in the society, congratulation to the newly wed couples

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