Drama as Nigerian author “steals” NYT bestseller book cover (Photos)

Authors have been put on blast for stealing each other’s book cover.

Author of New York Times bestseller, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Ramit Sethi called out another author, Ikenna Ronald Nzimora for the cover of his book, “I will teach you business” as it has same fonts and style of writing.

Drama as authors steal each other's book cover (Photos)

Ronald made a post on his social media page with a picture of his book;

#IWillTeachYouBusiness #Coming October.2019 My goal is to give away 100,000 copies for free.

Ramit Sethi saw the cover of his book as it looked very similar to his Bestselling book and responded;

Hey Ronald I really like your book cover

In defense, Ronald decided to prove that there were so many authors who had done the same so his is not knew. He shared a number of pictures of similar book covers to prove his point. See tweets below.

Heck, here are cover designs of many best selling books on Amazon that are similar. Does anyone saying I “stole” know more than Amazon about book and their covers? Especially as they have their own book publishing company?

Look at these cover designs taken from book Amazon, LOL.

And considering that we had other designs we were considering makes all of this allegations even more ridiculous.

Here are the other three we have. Plus the designer is at work making more designs, so we may most likely even ends up with something we haven’t even seen yet 👇🏿


He went on;

Another plan we were considering was to do a poll by posting the different cover designs by this weekend, and ask folks to choose which cover the liked best. We did this for my first book and title. And we also did it for my second book and it’s title too. I mean, come on!

I am someone who vociferously champions the protection of intellectual rights here. We are even working on a bill that’ll be initiated in the House of Reps designed to help strengthen copyright laws in Nigeria. So to even think I’d go against what I preach is utterly ridiculous.

According to Ronald, he is thankful because this has given his book world recognition he wouldn’t have gotten without the book cover drama. He wrote;

Thanks to everyone who brought my book to the World’s attention for free. We are getting requests for the book from different countries. I could not have done it without you yesterday. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿


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