Dr. Olusesan drags Lucky Igbinedion daughter, Osasu and her family on Twitter

Dr. Olusesan has dragged Osasu Igbinedion, the daughter of ex-governor of Edo state, Lucky Igbinedion on twitter for a comment she made on Nigeria.

Osasu Igbinedion who made a post questioning Nigeria as a democratic nation was blasted by Dr. Olusesan who stated that every member of the Igbinedion family that served in Nigeria’s democracy, stole. He also accused her of stealing funds as well.

Dr. Olusesan drags Lucky Igbinedion’s daughter, Osasu and her family on Twitter

Her post read;

My taxi driver from Columbia asked me “Is Nigeria a democratic nation”? I paused to think; are we?

A nation where fundamental human rights such as free speech is trampled on, government critics arrested in gestapo manner & court orders disobeyed.

Are we really?

Dr. Olusesan however took to his page to make a long list of accusations against Osasu’s father Luky Igbinedion and herself. He wrote;

Not a single member of the Igbinedion family that served in Nigeria’s democracy did so without been indicted of stealing. If Nigeria isn’t a democracy, Osasu, your dad, an exconvict would have been tied to a stake at the bar beach and shot publicly like a common thief that he is.

This is not to talk of the fact that this lady,
cornered Millions of Naira of PDP’s campaign funds to produce campaign materials in 2007, but ran away to the US without doing the job. Its thunder that will fire you and that your Columbian driver. What a hell!! 😤


He later stated that the date mentioned was incorrect as he meant 2014/2015, after a follower challenged that she was Osasu was still little in 2007.

She has now threatened to sue him. She wrote;

I’d like to thank @MBuhari and @elrufai for setting the precedent. I’ll be taking @DrOlusesan to court for defamation/blatantly lying against me. Fortunately for him I wouldn’t have DSS pick him up and throw away the keys because I’m a democrat. I’ll follow due process. @segalink Osasu has now threaten to sue him.


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  1. Iam very sure you have a vague understanding of what democracy, free speech, human rights and the rule of law actually mean.Your father and his likes brought Nigeria to its current condition. But I do not blame you as much. I blame the culture that elected a hustler, a tout, a corrupt and ruthless criminal as a governor!!. Now the daughter that benefitted from her father’s fleeching of Nigeria has the nerve of opening her stupid mouth about Nigeria.So much for our beloved country when criminals and ex cons are treated as “big” men!!. How I wish we were back in the Buhary/Idiagbon era, your father would have been six feet under for criminality and stealing. Your presence in the USA could only have been facilitated by fraud, your visa, passport, etc , in the name of “big” man’s daughter. For Nigeria to move forward, Buhary has to put on some nerve of steel and a general’s gown to drain the swamp,old and new, of all Nigeria lootocrats who shout human rights, freedom of speech and democracy when they are cornered in their thievery. If you are a law abiding citizen, follow the rule of law with zero tolerance for corruption, refuse to accept corrupt benefits for being the son, daughter, uncle, wife,cousins,etc, of the so -called “BIG” men, Nigeria is freeier and more democratic in the real sense than anywhere in the world and I live in the USA. Nigeria where a thief like your father walks around free and still respected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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