Dr Chris Osita Godson: The Theology of Entrepreneurship

The Theology of Entrepreneurship by Dr Chris Osita Godson, an accomplished entrepreneur, business developer/promoter, motivational speaker and author is a blockbuster coming soon.

Dr Chris Osita Godson the theology of entrepreneurship lailasnews

It is an all-revealing book that proves that entrepreneurship is a way of life. It is a function of value creation and not just only about making money or acquiring wealth.

In fact, humankind, as proven in this book, is made for entrepreneurship to create values.

Hence, the book dwells on how best to do business most successfully with fulfilment and happiness leveraging God’s kingdom entrepreneurship principles as opposed to the evil Machiavellian ways.

This masterpiece unveils the clear fact that God actually ordained and started entrepreneurship via value creation evident in his six-day work of creation and later commissioned Adam to embrace entrepreneurship.

It even provides evidences that Christ was not only involved in some aspects of entrepreneurship but was a business coach and promoter par excellence.

Indeed anyone who reads and follows the stated principles in this book will not only create good value/wealth but will also multiply it, diversify it, distribute it and even more.

Dr Chris Osita Godson is the best selling author The 40 DNA tests for successful entrepreneurship and The 40 deadly sins of entrepreneurship and 170 healthy habits for success, fulfilment and happiness in Entrepreneurship.

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Dr Chris Osita Godson lailasnews

Dr Chris Osita Godson: 170 Healthy Habits for Success, Fulfilment and Happiness in Entrepreneurship

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