Don’t vote for APC – Atiku tells North-East people

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has called on the people of the North East geopolitical zone not to vote for APC in the 2019 general elections.

The former Vice President made the call on Saturday during a reunion with his supporters upon return to his home state, The Punch reports.

Don’t vote for APC - Atiku tells North-East people lailasnews 3
Don’t vote for APC – Atiku tells North-East people

During the union, Umaru Fintiri, the PDP governorship candidate for Adamawa was presented to the electorate.

He called on the people of North East to uproot the APC out of the region.

He said the people of the North East had a chance to regain political prominence in the country by voting his party, the PDP in the 2019 general elections from bottom to the top.

Abubakar said,

“We thank God for this home coming which has afforded me the opportunity to make this reunion since my emergence as the Presidential candidate of the PDP. It is no longer news that I emerged the Presidential candidate of our party – the PDP at the Port Harcourt convention.

“It is not just my desire that the people of North East gain prominence again but it’s a sacred duty that the people must root out the APC completely from the bottom to the top.

“We have that chance to choose the PDP and be in front. I am a son of the North East, I have returned to thank the people of Adamawa and the entire North East, for our feat in Port Harcourt.

“I want to appeal that you vote out the APC from the region by ensuring that from the Presidency down to the states you elect only the PDP. From bottom to the top l want the PDP to be in control as far as this zone is concerned.”


  1. Voting is all about choice but I think I’m in support of atiku bcus a news came up when fani kayode reported that the man in aso rock is not buhari along side gov rochas who also threatened to expose APC if they provoke him so I think it’s best if we don’t vote APC in again

  2. Please he should not lire people to what they don’t know the quality of integrity, voting is a thing of choice.

  3. I pray you win,but please don’t make promises you will not fulfill and as campaigns begin today please keep it clean and refuse to join issues with other side.

  4. Nigerians are not after the party that will be voted for or voted out in 2019,all we want is good governance.

  5. Definitely he will tell people not to vote for the opposition party.All we need is a good leader in this country no matter the political party.

  6. If I were you I will also say the same thing ,but I am sure they won’t want to die of hunger abeg vote Atiku o

  7. We will vote ever we wish to vote for, we are not robots that can be manipulated at will, alright so wait till 2019, till then don’t tell us who to vote.

  8. this doesn’t concern Atiku ,nobody you people can fool with your money, if you too enter, Nigeria will still complain about you and your panel.

  9. Allow them VOte for Who they want . You that you are talking we are not even sure of you who knows what you have in mind to display when you eventually get to that seat

  10. Though is not about APC or PDP rather is about the individual. I want another person to win this election . Let’s experience Atiku.

  11. He can’t be telling us who to vote for and who is not to vote for.we have the right to vote for any government of our choice

  12. Either Apc or Pdp… The people knows their best candidate but I taught Atiku is trying to win the Heart of his people

  13. It is political strategy use by politician to gain relevant, atiku is looking for votes,I hope he will be able to convince them

  14. It is quite unfortunate that there are people born only to be a fool and stupid in life , despite the that this government has fail woefully , some idiots will still be clamouring for it

  15. Telling us the one to vote for is not right,we the people knows what we want,we need the right person ,who will feel the pains of the poor

  16. At the end of the day, it’s not just about one party being in control from top to bottom, but by treating our very sick country.

  17. Was he expected to say something different? Anyway, for him to win, he will have to counter the rigging machine of the opposition.

  18. Political party is not the problem this country is facing our problem is this country is individuals, whether they vote for PDP or APC all we ask for is that God should give us a good leader. Mr Atiku Abubakar it is not by castigating APC, I pray that if you are voted in you will lead this country to the promise land in Jesus name Amen.

  19. This is politics as usual everyone will stand and praise his party, least I 4get the party isn’t our problem the leadership is, we want someone who can stand for the country’s right come rain come storm not doing as it pleases because we re human and of coz we deserve to be treated as that

  20. APC as a government has caused pain to Nigerians, the North East is not an exception.
    I hope voting for you Atiku won’t be worse

  21. Casting my vote or people’s vote is by choice except by vote buying. 2019,its not far anyone, let’s keep our fingers cross and wait for empty promises from greedy politicians.

  22. No contestant has the right to tell us not to vote for a party his/her concern should be to convince the citizens to vote for the contestant.

  23. I don’t think is right for you to tell them whom to vote for in this coming election because is by choice . is better for them to think and go for the right one .

  24. The north-eastern region have suffered the most under the government of the APC. I believe they won’t need to Be cajoled into sending the APC out of government. #isupportatiku2019

  25. You can not really tell who among them is good or bad because they are all playing politics, they are all deceivers if he wins that’s own

  26. Well voting is our right, so in all things we will still exercise that right. But must it be only PDP AND APC candidates that will always take over power? We should try n check out candidates of other parties

  27. He not in right positionto tell who to vote and who not to vote this is a matter of choice anybody can vote for whosoever they wish to vote

  28. Atiku has no right to tell the people who to vote for And who not to vote for.,,we are in a Democratic government

  29. U can not make choice for the people I believe they know the party to vote in and who they want in power they are not blind if it is APC u can’t stop them. So i pray we make the right choice this time.

  30. APC or no APC we will vote. For now we will vote a lesser evil which is Atiku. Now promises will b made ,when u enter office the story will change. Na God hand we dey and He will deliver us from you politicians

  31. May the will of God be done in Nigeria and may we vote the better person into power through peaceful elections

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