Don’t feature fat, obese people on TV, Egyptian President warns

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who spoke during a live TV show, warned television houses not to feature presenters or guests if such persons are fat, obese people.

Don’t feature fat, obese people on TV, Egyptian President warns lailasnews

The Egyptian President who drew criticism with his comment, complained about the number of overweight people he sees and told Egyptians that they must take better care of themselves. He further stated that  physical education should become part of the core curriculum at schools and universities and suggested TV shows should not let presenters or guests on the air if they are overweight.

“The second I walk into any place, I look at things you cannot possibly imagine I would notice and I ask myself: ‘What is this? Who are these people? Why are these people not looking after themselves?” Sisi said on December 15.

Sisi who was tackled for not offering concrete plans to combat obesity and spread fitness, was also accused of fat-shaming and taking an elitist approach to a problem whose roots lie to a large extent in poverty.


  1. It’s really not a bad thing to eat enough but it’s a bad thing when you over eat and gain excess weight

  2. His comments and views are personal, nobody should attack him. By the way, what’s wrong in advising someone to live healthy.

  3. Wow this is a really concerned president taking an interest in health even the exercise his people are doing am impressed

  4. Everyone should take care of them selves. I agree with Mr President. They do something to avoid overweight.

  5. This is his own personal observation, as regards physical appearance, that’s shouldn’t be a problem, except he is ready to render some of his citizens jobless.

  6. I am in total support of what this Egyptian president is saying. Fat people really need to take care of themselves.

  7. Its better to live a healthy and fit life….obese persons needs a lot of exercise and watch what they consume

  8. I understand what the Egyptian president said, he is trying to encourage good healthy lifestyle. Obesity is not a SIN, but it is a DISEASE.

  9. Well, as much as it’s not ok for one to leave the body to stay too fat or obsessed, Mr president saying they should not be accepted as TV presenters or guests is nonsense coming from you.
    So go sidan lemme see road abeg if u no know what to say

  10. Well it make the people to be conscious of what enters their mouth. It calls for self control. Any way it’s for their own good.

  11. This is his own personal observation, as regards physical appearance, that’s shouldn’t be a problem, except he is ready to render some of his citizens jobless.

  12. This guy is concern about the wellbeing of his people. He doesn’t want them to look up to a fat online personality as a role model

  13. He is right on one .we need to take care of our body but the manner in which he is going about it is wrong

  14. This president is guy man, I can sense it, he like smart looking one, but the truth is that, it is good to look good no matter your size, you are to use it well, look attractive, joor.

  15. Yes i support he is not bodyshaming them he is just trying to make the discipline and take good care of themselves.

  16. It’s good to take care of oneself but it’s not all fatness that can be control. This is a total discrimination!

  17. Well its not a bad thing for one to eat to their satisfaction but becoming fat as a result of excess or too much eating is not advisable…. although some are naturally fat and don’t need to eat much food to become fat…watching our weight is very important but the president coming out on air to say such, even prohibiting them as television news presenters.

  18. Some people ard meant to be fat genetically speaking event wen they exercise. If he use this policy, lot of potential people will be unemployed

  19. Well, it’s true but some of the those people are born with fat body so because of the nature will you stop them, it is unfair in that sense, it should be tell the girls to avoid Excess fat food in order to live a healthy life.

  20. Al sisi is crazy.. How can he say such thing?. There was a time he said any journalist(female) that is not pretty should not be at the front of the camera

  21. It not enough reasons for them to be body shamed, It not their fault that they are fat so don’t shut them out of the society

  22. In as much as people are advise to work on their weight. They shouldn’t be treated with so much disdain or phobia. Some people are naturally weighted (fat) and such people should not be disadvantaged because of their weight

  23. This is discrimination. Everybody can’t be slim. This is so unfair on fat people. It’s very bad to body shame somebody no matter what.

  24. Obesity is a disease, so there is any policy that can help people with such conditions why not go ahead with it

  25. So those who don fat already should go and die abi?? Those obessed should go and work on themselves jor

  26. I ve not seen this one before where a president is very concerned about the weight of his people, is a good one

  27. He has right to option however shouldn’t stop them from Tv shows how about those who a naturally fat?

  28. Well that’s what the president want he doesn’t want obese or fat people to feature on TV shows they should try to work out and be fit.

  29. Physical fitness is something every one should embrace. The Egyptian president is wrong to body-shame fat people. There are more ways to counsel people.

  30. I don’t believe its a good statement from him
    There shouldn’t be discrimination from anyone, especially from the president

  31. Most people don’t choose to be fat,,, they are either born like that or grow fat no matter what they eat. These people now, will they kill themselves?

  32. In as much as I don’t like excess fat, Mr president you are trying to say that the fat people should be stigmatized which is not good and most times this fat thing comes without the person eating excessively. Some comes naturally.

  33. dHe made a point but I disagree with him on not giving them freedom to express themselves on air via TV hosting. Some people have fatness lineage in them, to the extent that no matter the length of their exercises, they will still be fat.

  34. This man is funny but he made a point I think fat people suppose to take care of them some of them don’t care.

  35. So to be fat now is a crime.since is a crime in some areas please I think you should try to work on them by tell them what to do on how to slim down to fit in the community

  36. Obesity is a disease conditions. It can be acquired or inherent. They really need our encouragement and support

  37. I think is not a bad thing to be fat, but It become bad if u don’t know how to engage in workout and shapping your body to look smart, what the man saying is right I think

  38. This sounds funny but it’s a good advice. I wish Nigerian government can make such law about all the fat and overweight people we have in the Nigerian Forces.

  39. Why fat-shaming them now
    Its not right
    Some people are just naturally bigboned
    They get big even if they dont eat
    So please cut them some slack

  40. He’s right, but then he should provide a platform in his government that will help obesed people keep fit and stay healthy too.

  41. What he should have done was that he should include PHE in their curriculum and not ban fat or obese people

  42. It is nice to live and stay healthy but to be fat is nobody’s fault, we are all made in different ways by God

  43. I don’t see anything bad if fat people ate featured on TV, but his own point of view is quite different.

  44. Why is the president disturbing people, some people have done so much to get rid of fat but its not working so let them be,after all the president himself is somehow fat

  45. It’s good to have a little weight or flesh but not oversized body on a small head…. He is right on them doing physical exercise… Which will greatly reduce over weight persons and obesity.But I think it’s personal to be fat or not…. Government shouldn’t criticize fat people Cox it’s their personal Choice they made.

  46. This is a welcome development, that is, prioritizing physical fitness. On the other hand, I believe he should not ostracize those who are fat.

  47. You can not live healthy life when you too fat and Nigeria people like it when they are fat I pity them their grave is near

  48. Ad much as you don’t want fat and obese people in your country you need to do something to help them to reduce too don’t just make laws out of what you feel you have to be considerate.

  49. Lolzzzzzz…I think he is making a point here..people should minimize how they eat..and also watch their weight and size

  50. The warning became imperative because too much fat not good for body but invite overweight people on Live TV Show is not a problem

  51. Eating too much fat will increase your weight , so they should control their eating habit and what they eat in order to watch their weight

  52. It is true that fat, obese is not good, it makes us dirty. But doesn’t mean they cannot be featured on TV is a wrong idea

  53. This is his own personal observation, as regards physical appearance, that’s shouldn’t be a problem, except he is ready to render some of his citizens jobless.

  54. I dont think fat or overweight that matters here what matters is the skills and talent,but in the case of the obeses i think mr sisi is right.

  55. Hmm. Its seeming like body size segregation and is not good. Its OK to do physical exercises and education though in schools in order to watchbour weights.

  56. What’s your beef with fast people? Even f God created us in kinds. Please don’t offend God o. Everyone has a place and they should be respected at that

  57. Who’s this president talking nonsense like this?
    What you should do is advice them on the benefits of being healthy and in shape instead of this yeye talk of yours.

  58. That just a poor words coming from the President too poor and all are negativity words! They are reasons which are all well know who i want to be and how i want my body to be that just a poor words, his nation deserve and apology

  59. I really don’t know what is on your mind Mr President… But I think you should help the obese instead of outrightly saying no fat and obese

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