Don’t cook for your boyfriend when you visit him – Mother tells daughter

A young Nigerian lady identified as Alhaja Gold @Yommmms on Twitter, took to the platform to reveal that he mother told her never to cook for her boyfriend when she visit him in his house.

Don’t cook for your boyfriend when you visit him – Mother tells daughter

According to Yommmms, whenever she is going to visit a guy, her mother advises her not to cook or clean in his house. She revealed that her mum mentioned that any serious man would ensure that the lady coming to visit has something to eat and he would also ensure that his house is well tidied before she arrives.

She wrote:

Everytime I’m going over to see a boy, my mother warns me not to cook or clean in his house. ‘If he’s a serious person, he will make sure you’re coming into a clean house and there’s something for you to eat.’

Reacting to her post, Nigerians also shared their experiences while some believe the idea does not in any way make any good sense:

I mean come on… any guy planning to have a girl over always tries to make sure cleanliness rules are observed as something for her eat.. if not for anything to impress her.

I make sure there is food on ground for any woman coming to visit me, a man said

Anytime I’m having any girl over. I always make sure I’ve cleaned the house and I’ve personally prepared food for her. When she gets here, all she has to do is turn on the microwave. People say it’s insane, I say chivalry.

Then this:

Me and my guy had this argument one time, they believed the girl must cook for the guy on any visit. To me it felt odd I believe you ought to cook and make her comfortable so far it your house not her house she is a visitor.


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