“Don’t blame citizens of third world countries for underdevelopment “ – Cardi B says

American rapper Cardi B says people should stop blaming citizens of third world countries for underdevelopment.

According to the rapper, most citizens of third world countries are always willing to work and be progressive.

Cardi B on Twitter said the government of third world countries should be blamed for poverty and underdevelopment. She added that the biggest evil in the world is greed.

“When ya see third world countries or countries that can be more developed don’t blame the people of the country.The people are always willing to work and progress.Blame the government.There’s a lot of evil in this world the biggest one is GREED.” she wrote.

Reacting to her, many Nigerians agreed with the rapper as they use Nigerian as an example of one of the underdeveloped country in the world.

Check out some of the reactions.

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