Donald Trump Supporters speaking in tongues so he could win (Video)

Some supporters of President Donald Trump were seen in the early hours of today praying an speaking in tongues intensely right outside the Clark County Election Department in Nevada.

Donald Trump Supporters seen speaking tongues so he could win (Video)

This is coming just as votes continue to be tallied nationwide.


It did not come as a surprise as the President’s personal pastor Paula White yesterday was also captured in a video praying and also speaking in tongues.

On Wednesday (November 4) White began a marathon two-and-a-half hour long prayer session livestreamed on Facebook to, allegedly, cement the re-election of Donald Trump.

She began by claiming:

“We have spiritual intelligence, natural intelligence, in saying to you that God’s decision has been made. The church must enforce some things in the realm of the Earth.

“We must take authority over ever demonic spirit… I’m not going to play around with things here, I’m just going to go directly into what we know.

“Prophet Gideon called and he said that there was a sudden breath of life breathed into this campaign on the other side.”

Prophet Gideon Danso is a Ghanaian pastor with whom White has spoken with several times before, and who claims to be one of “God’s end-time prophets”.


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