Donald Duke’s running mate quits race, SDP candidate gets new running mate

Donald Duke’s running mate, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, who is a second republic lawmaker and one of the fiercest critics of President Muhammadu Buhari, has quit the race.

Donald Duke’s running mate quits race, SDP candidate gets new running mate lailasnews

According to Dr. Junaid Mohammed, he had to step down because of the “many hassles of the SDP.” He told Punch;

“It is true. I stepped down a while ago because of the many hassles.

“I also resigned as deputy national chairman. I have written to Chief Olu Falae and Mr. Donald Duke. However, I have not resigned from the party.”

When asked if he would be supporting President Muhammadu Buhari to ‘take Nigeria to the next level’, Junaid laughingly responded, “You know I will never do such.”

Following the resignation of Donald Duke’s running mate who also stepped down as the deputy national chairman of the SDP,  the Social Democratic Party (SDP) has formalised the substitution of its 2019 Presidential Candidate’s running mate.

He was replaced with Alhaji Shehu Musa Gabam, who is the National Secretary of the party. SDP National Publicity Secretary, Alfa Mohammed, who gave the confirmation to NAN on Thursday in Abuja, said that the substitution was done long ago. However, Alfa said that Junaid’s substitution was subjected to deliberation at the party’s leadership level.


  1. I truth still remains that winners don’t quit, no matter what. I can fear in his eyes… My dear you are not a politician…..

  2. He has his own way of doing things and if it is for the interest of the party so be it.and for him I wish him the best of luck.

  3. I guess he stepped down because of some reasons best known to him although it’s just like an act of cowardice

  4. Nigeria’s political parties are always having one issue after another. Is this how other political parties in other countries are. If stepping down is for his best interest the DrJunaid has done well

  5. Hmmmm…he has his personal reasons of stepping down… Politics is a game if u can’t win you end it immediately.

  6. hahahahahahahahahahaha the race is not easy o because politics is not for a play thing o its only ment for real men

  7. Stepping down or not, in this country Nigeria no SDP candidate will emerge president and Vice President. The country is rotten with corruption

  8. Politics in Nigeria is a.mystery we dont always know what I really happening behind closed door…step down if that the best decision.

  9. The season of stepping down and stepping up. Everyone of the politicians want a comfort zone parry so keep searching.

  10. There is no much time to waste . Everyone knows the election is between PDP and APC . All others are only trying

  11. May be he has seen that he can’t win the election. Though he who fights and Runaway lives to fight another day.

  12. When someone as proactive as that quits, it tells you that there’s something fishy going on. Hope it doesn’t affect them too much

  13. Time wait for no one once he resign another person just sign in neither he support PMB or not we will vote PMB in for the next race

  14. I don’t lyk what u did dnt b scared of any body do u no if u are d one 2 win now u av steped down shall may b u av a reason for dat

  15. Then why did he step down any which way the party already replaced him its not necessary you support buhari so no problems on that with or without your support he has his own supporters

  16. The reasons for his resignation must be identified by the party too. If is a personal reason or in a way offended by the party to maintain unity and peace since is a new party. Wish the party well and hope to be a force to reckon with in Nigeria politics in near future.

  17. This is party politics, it doesn’t concern outsiders, he has been replaced and he is still a member of the party

  18. He might not have actually say what his problem is. There is a problem every where and the ability for you to solve that problem tells who you are and you can do in the near future.

  19. Though he did not give a detailed account of Why he was resigning,it is such a bad time for him to resign. This will affect the party negatively.

  20. Why? May be he has seen the hand written of loosing, he doesn’t want to loose together with DUKE

  21. It’s better giving up before the race begging that to win and be a total failure no time for bad energy let them stay farrrrraway

  22. This is the issues with Nigerian politicians, at times they behave as if they are forced into making some certain decisions. And this exposes the vulnerabilities of their life style.

  23. What kind of hassles is so perculier with SDP….the young man has foreseen that their aspirations would not be successful

  24. I don’t think Now is the time for political parties to be switching candidate. election is already getting me

  25. Some of those politicians always have foresight for every step they want to take to avoid try and error and that is a very good one from SDP formal presidential runing mate.

  26. Well he alone knows the reason for leaving, but the club have a quick decision so that it will not affect them, that is good.

  27. He stepped down maybe because of certain reasons best known to him, I wish him the best of luck and thank God they have gotten his replacement

  28. It is normal, in politics some are scared and they fall off, but the brave minds stand till the end. Thank God he was replaced immediately.

  29. I bélevé there is something that prompted him to take the decision of stepping down as a vice presidential candidate of SDP

  30. Maybe Donald Duke should be celebrating because i think that man is too controversial for him as a running mate.

  31. Different stories and things are just manifesting this time… Could we say this is all because of the election coming up 2019 or what.

  32. Why join the race in the first place. He should have known before now that would not be in the race till the end. Thank God a replacement has been found.

  33. There is absolutely nothing bad for him quitting the position. If one lacks the capacity of such exalted office, then, there is need for retracing one’s step and decision.

  34. His reasons for resigning are best known to him and that should be respected. I wish them good luck in the party.

  35. this man should have know how critical it is for SDP in period. anyways no matter how good you think you are, you can still be replaced.

  36. Nobody forces anyone to continue to do what he is longer interested in holding the position. Although he says is because of the many hassles but there might be other reasons we may know later.

  37. I wonder what the hassle is about.. I’m sure you have your reasons for stepping down.. Goodluck to the new team..

  38. I hope it’s only just about the hassles and not that he’s trying to go behind them and involve in some shady deals.

  39. The race is not easy at all but you made a good decision by quitting and I’m sure your reasons are good for you

  40. life is survival of the fittest only the brave can finish he or she started only him knows the reason why he quited

  41. He said he stepped down to avoid hassles, hope he has no other side intentions, politics in this country can sometimes be unpredictable

  42. This is politics anything can happen at the die minutes, but whatever happens we Nigerians are praying for good leadership for us.

  43. This politicians are playing with our mine but to that he may have changed his mine or has his personal reasons

  44. Those hassles are in every party, all politicians face those hassles. But he has his reasons for stepping down, let Donald Duke search for another running mate.

  45. The ran for his dear life because politics is not any easy game in Nigeria only those that has strong mind can withstand it.

  46. This time around, I think so many political party candidate are running from their respective parties. This is becoming more interesting

  47. Sir you are a politician and I am not so sure I but its like you stepped down to go up abi maybe you have been offered a better sit lolz politics and their tricks

  48. To me he has is personal reasons for quitting apart from the hassels..
    I guess someone has threaten him

  49. Well, for him to step down he might have taken a lot of things into consideration
    I truth still remains that winners don’t quit, no matter what. I can fear in his eyes… My dear you are not a politician…..

  50. They have no time again, is good as they replaced him immediately, so that the can go ahead with their campaigns

  51. I think he must have a good reason for such action, let another person emerge and work together for good. I wish them all the best

  52. Hey… Donald duke’s leg is also shaking.Hmmm, I suggest that all this new political parties come together to fight the oldies that is the only way we can win together

  53. It is possible that the hassels of his party wont let him do well. Like the bible says, his place let another take.

  54. I believe he was asked to step down for another person to take over. Only the hassles in a party cannot deter him from pursuing his vision. Or is it the first time that the party is experiencing problems?

  55. Politician and there cunny ways is not that he decide to step down there must be something behind it.

  56. Politics is not a do or die affair. If you cannot beat them you quit. He did what he thinks is best for him

  57. He have his reasons for resigning. But people are funny, asking buhari critic that will he support him. Funny

  58. I see this as just political strategies… as far as ur politicians are concerned, none can be trusted

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