Donald Duke sacked as SDP Presidential candidate

Donald Duke has been sacked as SDP Presidential candidate by an FCT High Court in Maitama, which also declared Prof. Jerry Gana as the party’s Presidential candidate.

Donald Duke sacked as SDP Presidential candidate lailasnews

Donald Duke who was sacked as SDP Presidential candidate, had previously been declared winner of the presidential primary election of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, conducted on October 6. It was alleged that he polled 812 votes while Gana had 611.

However after the former Minister of Information challenged the result in court and sought to be declared the winner in line with the zoning and rotation formula of the party’s constitution, Justice Hussein Baba-Yusuf held that the regulations contained in the party’s constitution were binding on every member and must be obeyed.

The Judge further stated that the zoning and rotation formula as contained in the party’s constitution, stipulated that both the chairman of the party and the flag bearer should not come from the same region.

“In this instance, the party’s Chairman, Chief Olu Falae, is from the South and Duke is from the South too; the law is clear; there is nothing to write in-between.

“The law has crystallised that political parties should abide by the regulations which they have made by themselves.

“The claimant laid sufficient evidence to have the judgment in his favour; it is a clear violation of the party’s constitution; the court cannot wave right over illegality,” he held.

With this, Justice Hussein Baba-Yusuf declared Duke’s 812 votes null and void, and ordered SDP to forward Gana’s name to INEC as the party’s flag bearer for the 2019 presidential election.


  1. Hmmmn politics the flag bearer now has become the looser, who knows the extent the second man has gone to make sure he becomes the flag bearer, chai take heart.

  2. Congratulations to Prof. Gerry Gana, though we all that the race is between APC and PDP with APC with upper hand

  3. They knew before now that Donald Duke and the president of the party are from the same zone, why did they allow him to qualify only to disqualify him again, Nigeria and inconsistency

  4. Why is it that the presidential candidate is the one that suffer it they would have replaced the party chairman then

  5. Divided will fell but unity will stand.. A house divided but itself will never stand. Oman! This is just primary election and you guys are going to court. What will then happen after the mean election…. And at this time you still don’t a particular flag bearer . Na una no una plans

  6. Sorry case to Donald Duke.
    Congregations to Prof. Jerry Gana.
    Thanks to the FCT High Court for reviewing the true SDP flag bearer

  7. I still can’t get why he was sacked since he won the primary back in October . Are elections some sort of jokes now

  8. This is not good for politics in Nigeria. Nevertheless the constitution of the party should be respected.

  9. i think Nigeria constitution has to be amended, cause i cant accept that because my party chairman is from my side then i cant be the presidential candidate.

  10. The presidential race is between APC and PDP…the rest are just trying their luck.. Congrats to Prof. Jerry Gana

  11. Politics be in Nigeria is only God that will help us .in the beginning are they telling me that they are not aware that the both of them are from the same zone?

  12. Ha sacked how comes shabi he withdrew himself now you are saying he was sacked hmmm politics can confuse for africa

  13. This will bring more problem to SDP. This party that we hoped could do something tangible in the forth coming election.

  14. Just like child’s play, well you guys are just wasting money for nothing, the battle is between Atiku and Buhari

  15. I keep saying I don’t have interest in politics and whatever is its outcome isn’t a surprise to me cos all members are corrupt. Donald Duke its a pity.

  16. Let the game begin. Maybe Jerry stands a better chance afterall. Let’s see what 2019 elections brings to the table

  17. Nigeria politics Sha, Hmmmn politics the flag bearer now has become the looser, who knows the extent the second man has gone to make sure he becomes the flag bearer, chai take heart.

  18. I hope this dispute want hinder sdp chance in this general election they should try to settle it amicably

  19. Nigeria politics is very funny. How is this possible? Also considering the fact that his running mate just stepped down. SDP has lost all of challenging PDP and APC in the next election.

  20. It is the beginning of SDP’s failure. Because he is the only strong person that can survive the party.

  21. who knows what he did wrong, can’t judge him… Don’t take it to heart sir, try and find greens pasture

  22. This has brought hope to other aggrieved candidates in other parties. It shows that the judicial system is alive

  23. He has been sacked and another man has been replaced as SDP presidential candidate immediately, that is politics for him, hope they all do well in the forth coming 2019 elections

  24. That’s what we are practicing here as politics. I wonder when we will ever allow the younger generation to take over from the old ones

  25. Law should be obeyed. I said it that there is.more to his running mate resigning. Prof. Jerry Gana is a credible man to flag and follow.

  26. Sacked or not.. we already know the fight is between Atiku and Buhari.. one of them will emerge as a winner

  27. I guess this was what Duke’s running mate foreseen and decided to step down, because was still wondering what his reasons could have been.. OK ooo.. Congratulations to Gana as the new party flag bearer…

  28. This is getting more interesting his VP resigns now they are sacking him as the presidential candidate this is politics in play,let’s awaits what comes back

  29. Am very sure this will come as a big shock to Donald Duke, when the election is around the corner. When the results of an election is contested in the court, anything is bound to happen.

  30. The Constitution of the party (SDP) should be strictly adhered to in order to avoid clash of interest. However, 2019 election is between APC and PDP, others are just trying to create awareness that they exist.

  31. Something is wrong somwhere…why sacking him? Is not supose to be like that.he should hav the right to be one of the flag bearer of his party ..

  32. I believe with this development, it will not reduce the party chance of winning 2019 election. Both Donald Duck and prof. Jerry should work together to achieve Victory for the party

  33. Nigeria politics anything can happen anytime, but rules and regulations should be abide by all citizens of Nigeria

  34. It’s the party’s constitution and it best if obeyed so it shouldn’t heat up or raise dust in the polity.

  35. Politician with their dirty game how can some body that have won the primary election was now removed as the flag bearer that is un call for and I think according to the constitution once a flap bearer is chosen their should not be another flag and I think the incident should be settled in court

  36. Well I don’t know where this is driving to. But despite our social status and prestige, everyone is supposed to be equal before the law. Nobody should be above the law

  37. If this was the case,You guys allowed him to buy form,spent all the money on primaries and won..this is not fair at all

  38. Hmmmm, why sack him now? All these politicians sef. Can’t they allow the young men to run for elections?

  39. That is non sense I have said it before that the judiciary is the problem of this country. This is not democracy. My question now is that why did the part now sold the presidential ticket for him knowing fully well that they zoning their presidential seat to the north ?

  40. Hmmmn politics the flag bearer now has become the looser, who knows the extent the second man has gone to make sure he becomes the flag bearer, chai take heart.

  41. That a part of politics game and strategies for him.. He should focus on. You just Have to take another action.

  42. Na wa o, just at the nick of time . Why was the slot given to him at first ?. There is more to this that meets the eyes . First , his running mate stepped down and in less than 24 hours he got sacked as a presidential candidate .

  43. I think this is the major reason his running mate step down, hope this is not going to cause avoc in the party

  44. The reason being that the chairman of the party and presidential candidate should not be from the same zone according the party’s consituation is acceptable.

  45. Why is it that the presidential candidate is the one that suffer it they would have replaced the party chairman then

  46. This is unfair and unfortunate. I like Donald Duke. Since he won before, why would they look for a way to turn things around?

  47. Donald Duke is removed as SDP presidential candidate. So?
    We all know that only PDP or APC will win the upcoming elections

  48. Is just primary election and it’s like this I wonder what it will be like in the general election.

  49. Technically, the Constitution of the party overrides whatever was concluded as the result. They must obey the party’s Constitution and the court verdict.

  50. It’s ba pity .
    Despite he had won the primary election.
    Anyways, that’s Nigerian politics for you. Soon it later, he also will decamp to another party

  51. Congratulations to Prof. Gerry Gana, though we all that the race is between APC and PDP with APC with upper hand
    Nigeria politics is full of drama and commotion.

  52. Nigeria politics is not encouraging at.. so annoying and frustrating. God will see us through in our nation

  53. Who knows the extent the second man has gone to make sure he becomes the flag bearer, chai take heart. That is politically for you, Nigerian policy is bads game

  54. Nigeria should learn how other countries run politics. But if that is how it should be, that presidential candidate of SDP should be sacked, then the law should not be violated for any reason

  55. Since the ruling is based on the party’s rules and regulations, Duke has to accept it but I wonder why he had to go through the stress of the primary in the first place or was he not aware of their rules?

  56. Since there is based evidence to have the judgement in his favour it means it is automatically and lawfully accepted.

  57. One funny thing in Nigeria is that we don’t even know all this political parties talkless the candidates
    How I wish the can be giving chance to rule Nigeria so that APC and PDP will rest small in Nigeria
    But I think Duke could have been better ooo

  58. What was his crime if I may ask? Nigeria politics is not well fixed that why you people are not moving well with one another, envy,jealous is the cause of all the problems they are having now.

  59. Politics in Nigeria, didn’t they know about the party’s constitution and law before bringing him out as their flag presidential flag bearer.

  60. if it is in line with the parties constitution, challenging it will only be waste of time. we all should learn to obey the rule of law

  61. Politics and their drama…. If they knew he wasn’t a suitable candidate Why Was he given the presidential flag before

  62. This is just a clear evidence that Nigerian politics is not open and fare. Lots of rigging is involved. Duke should seek for redress in the court

  63. Shoo naija politics is the chairman not south west and the presidential candidate south south? I won’t even vote for the party again it was the candidate I liked

  64. That’s so annoying, when you make a law and it turns back to bite you, well they made the law and must abide by it.

  65. Well congratulation to the new Flag Bearer, not that it will change anything oo, cause there are only two political parties in Nigeria PDP and APC the rest of them are just social Gethering.

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