Don Jazzy reacts to Surviving R. Kelly documentary

Don Jazzy has joined the growing list of Nigerian celebrities, who have reacted to the Surviving R. Kelly documentary which aired few days ago.

Don Jazzy reacts to Surviving R. Kelly documentary  lailasnews

Don Jazzy who disclosed that he was disgusted after watching the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, stated that he now hates being called ‘Daddy’. Here is his posts below;

Don Jazzy reacts to Surviving R. Kelly documentary lailasnews 1

Don Jazzy reacts to Surviving R. Kelly documentary lailasnews 2

Recall that we reported that Sophia Momodu who also reacted to the Surviving R.Kelly documentary, had a message for those who think she is overprotective. According to the mother of one, after watching the ‘Surviving R Kelly’ documentary, her over-protectiveness of her girl child she has with Davido just tripled.

The ‘Surviving R Kelly’ documentary is an expansive look at the allegations against Mr. Kelly, a chart-topping artist whose history has invited extra scrutiny in recent years. The series, “Surviving R. Kelly,” includes testimony from several women who accuse the singer of abuse, as well as commentary from Mr. Kelly’s critics, including the founder of the #MeToo movement, Tarana Burke, and the singer John Legend.

The six episodes, each an hour long, cover the long history of allegations against Mr. Kelly. They feature women who described being controlled or abused by him, often when they were teenagers, as well as associates and relatives of the singer.

It featured interviews with Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly, Kelly accusers like Kitti Jones, and more. The documentary also revealed that several musicians turned down the request for participation, which reportedly included Erykah Badu, JAY-Z, Lady Gaga, and more. In December 2018, an event promoting the docu-series was evacuated by the NYPD, after a gun threat was called in at the venue.

Mr. Kelly has continuously denied the allegations against him. The documentary has become the subject of widespread attention and fierce debate on social media, with many expressing gratitude to the women who continue to tell their stories.


  1. Every sane human being should not encourage or promote such.Should disassociate themselves from R.kelly because he is evil.Don jazzy have also Disassociated himself from such evil.

  2. R.Kelly is simply sick, and hid under the protective shade of celebrity to commit his crimes. He should be sentenced to 2000 yrs in prison so that even his ghost would feel it. Inhuman being.

  3. Nawa for this documentary o . Different people are just coming out to give diverse opinion about the music artist Kelly. Let him be na

  4. Yes l join Don Jazzy to condemn Rellys action, he is ashamed of been called Daddy why, but you went ahead and impregnated a lady but don’t want to answer daddy, this is rubbish.

  5. How is this concern Don jazzy,this is kellys problem allow him to live his life the way he want.

  6. Lolzzzz. Daddy don jazzy. It’s not everyone that abuse that name. If R Kelly does I believe you won’t do such.

  7. To think that I was almost trying to support R. Kelly.. Never knew he’s this bad. Though still waiting for him to plead guilt.

  8. Gosh with the way I like R.Kelly, I am just so disappointed.I don’t even know what to say.Is he a paedophile?

  9. I can’t believe I’m seeing this about R Kelly again. This is becoming too much of him.
    I pity those who fell victim and about don jazzy, are trying to deny yhur responsibility of being a dad? Or yhu wanna be like r Kelly ?

  10. This R Kelly documentaries has made him become over popular because they keep announcing him to the world. If Don Jazzy dont want to be called daddy again, that’s his own business

  11. Don’t jazzy should mind his business its a free world let him live it the way he want at the end there will be judgment

  12. Why will he say that he is not anybody’s daddy, when he has a daughter , that doesn’t make any sense

  13. I think it’s time this documentary of a thing should stop if they don’t have a proper evidence.
    God knows exactly what happens so let karma fight it’s course if there’s any

  14. This R Kelly scandal should be settled on the court so we can raid bad comments or insults for the in human behavior or apologize for our ignorance and insensitivity.

  15. Who make Don jazzy a judge is him God ,Don jazzy live judgment for God so that u too can’t be judge

  16. Well I can’t judge for now, because I was not there when he raped those women and no solid evidence that he raped anyone, I can’t just call him evil or abuse him when there is no evidence, had it been there is evidence he would have been jailed by now, at least DNA evidence to prove he raped them

  17. Don jazzy should live him, i f he says he doesn’t want to be call daddy again, does it concern him or does he want to be his son

  18. Every body knows that that guy r-kellys is a criminal man, so no body accept that what he did is good atall

  19. No matter who say what I won’t blame Kelly until investigation is done and he is found guilty be court then I will say you didn’t do well Kelly

  20. Don jazzy should go and settled down and keep his own family not try to puck nose in someone’s affairs.

  21. R.Kelly can never denied the allegations against him because his daughter can’t never y lied against his father

  22. God sees everything, its only him that knows the truth. If Kelly is saying he’s not guilty with all the charger against him then who is lying. Don jazzy, leave Oyibo people to take care of their problem.before person go remember you for Nigeria

  23. Don jazzy should go and settled down and keep his own family not try to puck nose in someone’s affairs.

  24. So, why doesn’t Don Jazzy don’t wanna be called daddy then? Can’t see the correlation.

  25. This people should just leave this case alone and allow the court to handle this matter.
    As for Don jazzy, Daddy is not by force na

  26. This issue again, this R.Kelly should be punished, if this case is going long, it will fade away

  27. Why is everyone making comments on this Kelly issues, bringing it up here and there let him face jUstices and move on.

  28. R Kelly be yourself in your career business and leave everything to God who Will fight your battle for you.

  29. R. Kelly should turn himself in for investigation into the allegation of girls sexual assault if not this issue will be lingering which will not be in the best interest of R. Kelly

  30. I have not seen the documentary, but if you know what the so-called celebraties do all in the name of it,with so much impunity then you will understand, I pray he face the law soon

  31. R-Kellys case should be handles and treated once and for all am tired of his sexual abuse stories he is insane i see if it means sentencing him for some yrs please the law should do that we need no such people arround calling themselves musicians

  32. Sometime life has a way of treating you, this story about R Kelly has out him in the front of the world ..haters will come from all angle, whichever way the story turns out, he has gain more popularity!! Don Jazzy chooses not to be called a Dad because of what some body did ?? No no no ,I suggest you make a rethink ..You can be a wonderful Dad if you decide to,

  33. Nawa for this R Kelly, he was the one yesterday, today, every time with one issue of the other, I’m not sure if the guy normal. When you know you don’t want to answer daddy, why did you get her impregnated? You must be stupid.

  34. Hmmmmmmmmmm being a celebrity is a big problem….. Abeg they should leave the guy to chill

  35. Those thing can be fabricated and the documentary are difference. Na wa for celebrity life wahala

  36. Hope Don’t jazzy himself doesn’t have skeleton in his cupboard! Soonest,we will begin to hear about atrocities committed by many of our artists.

  37. I watched it also and am I was like this guy is so evil. But fatherhood is so sweet for those who know the true meaning

  38. Rkelly made a great mistake n his life,and is not too late for him to apologise and change to a better one.

  39. This is 1 of the leading men i know on social median who can bring oiy serious issue at of joke #donjazy

  40. He is still denying with all these evidences over in around, when he is tired and his sins start huntil him he will give himself him.

  41. Well I can’t judge for now, because I was not there when he raped those women and no solid evidence that he raped anyone, I can’t just call him evil or abuse him when there is no evidence.

  42. It’s difficult for some people to understand the fact that whatever you sow is what you’ll reap. R. Kelly never saw this coming, and same is applicable to those that do same now that will be unveiled in time to come. Think before you act.

  43. Why are you all bothered about this, it’s his life let him live it, after all what a man sows that he shall reap.

  44. Kelly is an individual been loved by many, am not an exception. With all this, minds are forced to deviate

  45. R Kelly has really done bad things in the past,I will advice him to come out plain and ask for the forgiveness from those he has harassed instead of denying

  46. Don Jazzy is funny. He don’t know that he will soon became a daddy. Daddy Jazzy!
    Must everybody reacts to Surviving R. Kelly documentary

  47. Don…you funny die.. Who will call you daddy when to our have no destination in marriage go and have a seat

  48. Why are people being so heard on this guy as if we dont do worst things than that. Am not covering him but i just think we are taking this too far.

  49. I wonder why it’s taken all these women all these years to speak up, most famous celebrity has a hidden side, I think this accusations should be investigated very well, as for Don jazzy, if you’re not a daddy today, dosent want you won’t be someones daddy tomorrow.

  50. Don jazzy please focus on your dreams and destiny and don’t allow another person’s issues move you back

  51. If a prophet had walked up to R.Kelly and told him that one day his life will be this controversial, and public as a result of certain shortcomings that he failed to curb earlier in life, he would have given the man or woman a hard knock. Life is not a place where you misbehave. U just don’t know who’s watching and who is tired of stomaching your thrash!…live and deal with it Mr. Kelly.

  52. Obviously, Don Jazzy was just as disgusted as every other person. And R. Kelly just needs to go find help and stop denying

  53. This serious
    Don jazzy please focus on your dreams and destiny and don’t allow another person’s issues move you back, is very wrong

  54. He has used his bad behavior to destroy his career and a name he built for years in the twinkle of an eye….

  55. Before then I was a little confused about the senario but now that even his ex wife will come out and testify against RKELLY means something is wrong and if really he is still on his ground that he did not do it then he should proof himself

  56. Like seriously
    Don jazzy please it is the high time to focus on your dreams and destiny, and don’t allow another person’s issues move you back,that is very wrong.

  57. The investigators are done with their investigation we will know whether he his guilty or not at the moment they are all allegations until proven by the court.

  58. I still don’t get the whole drama of this R Kelly’s issue..pls let’s stop pointing fingers its possible all this allegations are not true whether they are true or not we have no right to condemn him let the law do its will

  59. So is now that you know that u are nobody’s father when they are calling you daddy then you don’t no

  60. I don’t know R Kelly is as this bad, I love his music so much but seriously not happy with all have been hearing about him

  61. Every sane human being should not encourage or promote such.Should disassociate themselves from R.kelly because he is evil.Don jazzy have also Disassociated himself from such evil.

  62. I don’t think anyone is in any position to judge R Kelly ,,I love his music and I think he is a great guy ,,

  63. This controversy is well overdue for the truth to be known. I wish those with evidences will make them public.

  64. They think money can do everything since he is famous nd a rockstar doesn’t mean he should hurt anyone
    He as to be punished

  65. This one na celebrity palace. What next. My eyes are open to see what is gonna happen on this subject

  66. I guess Kelly’s sickness is just incurable
    Years of hiding under the cloak of being a celebrity


  67. It is just a matter of time. A space of 1 0r 2 months now, all the story will turn to a history

  68. Na wa ooo, people don’t start wars abeg because someone’s own documentary again , make him do him own na

  69. R Kelly you fucked up many times for you been celebrity don’t say you should be sicked up stair to that level you can see everybody turn down on you

  70. I am so disappointed with r.kelly, i really loved his music well thumbs up to don jazzy for not supporting such act

  71. For celebrates to be reacting like this,that means there is something serious about it,I will really Luke to watch that documentary

  72. All said and done. I won’t presume him guilty until someone presents proof to back up their claims or the singer presents strong evidence to prove his innocence.

  73. Every sane man would not really do such thing that R Kelly ever did, I don’t blame don jazzy for feeling terrier and disassociating himself from such act

  74. And I love this rkelly more than all he’s doing recently. Celebrities with their palava

  75. Its a free world, choose to be called dad or not does not change anything. I wish this kind of documentary will happen in Nigeria.

  76. R. Kelly should indeed change from his ways and kudos to Don Jazzy for dissociating himself from such.

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