Domestic Violence Saga: Biyi Tudors finally narrates what happened

Media personality Biyi Tudors has finally opened up on the issue of domestic violence between him and his estranged girlfriend.

Domestic Violence Saga: Biyi Tudors finally narrates what happened

Earlier reports have it that the duo accused each other of assault. While one party took to their social media page to report the incident, the other also did same, with either party laying the blame on the other.

Biyi Tudors had earlier claimed he was defending himself while his girlfriend at the time tried to assault him in the toilet and the bruises she suffered was as a result of him defending himself against her assault.

Now taking to same Twitter, he shed more light on what transpired between them in the toilet on the said day.

Read his post below:

I was recently involved in a domestic abuse situation and truthfully, it has been one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. As much as I’ll like to keep a lot of details about my relationship private for now,

I’ll like to state that what may come off as me laying my hands on Bena was nothing but self defense. I was trapped and physically violated in a corner of my home because I ended my relationship with Bena. I was beaten and hit with things she could easily find.

I didn’t react at first because I never wanted to be that guy that I drag and curse everyday for perpetuating violence. I held my peace until I was sure that if I didn’t find a way out of that situation, I would lose my life or be severely hurt.

I was on the visitor’s toilet seat when she came in and shoved me. The push she gave me sent me crashing back into the toilet seat and the result is in the picture below. It was all in this confined space that everything took place.


It’s sad that people are now judging me for saving myself from what could have been a homicide and trust me, if I wasn’t the person involved in this situation, I would make my conclusion and call me all sorts of names because overtime, men have proven to be such.

I am very much aware that anything I say would be dissected and scrutinized and my words would make meaning differently to different people but regardless, I want everyone to know that I did my best to avoid this situation from turning out this way.


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