Dog dies after battling with a gunman who shot members of its family

A dog has died after it battled with a gunman who shot three members of his family at a birthday party in Houston Texas.

Dog dies after battling with a gunman who shot members of its family

The party which held on March 10 and was a celebration of Laura Martinez’s youngest daughter, was disrupted after a teenager they knew from the neighborhood showed up with a gun.

Before the attack on March 10, the teenager had broken into Laura’s home which made her to go speak with his parents. Not finding anyone at his housr, she left a note hoping someone will contact her.

At the party which had several kids around, the shooter opened shots at around 9:30pm and the first shot hit Laura’s son. The family‚Äôs dog Zero, a Great Pyrenees, jumped at the man in an attempt to protect its master.

Zero was shot three times and then once when he tackled the gunman to the ground. His courageous act prevented his family from sustaining serious injuries.

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Laura was shot in the leg while her daughter was shot in the back.




  1. This is a very sad news.Heroic dig protecting his family.Hope the shooter is caught and sent to jail.

  2. thats a brave animal with feelings to defend the owner its a pity may their soul rest in peace including the dog..condolence to their friends and family

  3. Dogs are man’s best friend indeed and that dog is truly a hero. I hope the family finds consolation.

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