Doctors and staff allegedly flee as man with lassa fever arrived general hospital in Delta

Doctors and staff reportedly fled after a man with lassa fever, arrived at the General Hospital in Sapele area of Delta state.

Doctors and staff flee as man with lassa fever storm general hospital in Delta lailasnews

It was gathered that the brief pandemonium also left patients at the general hospital running to the other end of the hospital, after the man with lassa fever arrived. Sapele based journalist, Sapele Oghenek disclosed that the Doctors and staff who fled invited the police to come and arrest/remove the sick man, but the officers declined and told the doctors to handle their professional duties.

However after the stigmatized sick man left, the hospital authorities fumigated the entrance to rid the clinic of any disease. The report reads;

Report enter studio say one man carry e brother wey get Lassa Fever enter General Hospital today,as the Medical Doctors and patients for the General Hospital for Sapele run leave their posts go the end of the Hospital,as the Doctors begin call Police Officers to come arrest or drive the patient with Lassa Fever. Laugh almost burst my Kudney,as Police reject to show face for the matter,as dem beg the Doctors to handle deir professional duties. After some time,the Man wey carry the sick Lassa fever patient enter the Hospital today come carry e load commot,as the management of Sapele General Hospital come rush fumigate the entrance to devoid of any form of bacterias. If Sapele General Hospital nor fit manage the crisis where them come say make the sick man go?

Doctors and staff flee as man with lassa fever storm general hospital in Delta lailasnews 1

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  1. I don’t blame the doctors at all, are there necessary material available to protect the doctors and staff? In other developed countries, there are secluded sections where such cases are treated. Doctors are underpaid and work in an unfriendly environment yet we want them to die? Do they have insurance?
    See what happened to those soldiers, their families are still mourning.

  2. In deed nobody wants to die, but the doctor should have do his profession rather than calling the police

  3. This is so hilarious, no one wants to be heroic in this country with no gain for such. They are only humans and they ran for safety and also to avoid possible transmission.

  4. I don’t blame the doctor. The infrastructure and equipments available to them may not be good enough to handle the case but they should have reffered him.

  5. This is hilarious but I don’t blame them because if you check well, their may be no good personal protective equipment PPE for them. Who wan die?

  6. Are they not competent or what the hell is wrong with them. Why on death will they be running away from their duty

  7. Imagine general hospital for that matter, a sick man can not be treated, what has Nigeria turned to? All these leaders are shameless. I pray the sick man gets help somewhere

  8. What they did was against the ethics but I dont blame the, our country will never do anything if something should happen even the so called hazard allowance is nothing encouraging

  9. Well we can’t blame them because they might no be provision for the necessary materials for them to use

  10. So sad. The sick man needed help but was denied by the hospital management. GOD will surely intervene and heal him.

  11. I really don’t blame them completely they need to prepare for it before any other thing, may God help us

  12. This is ridiculous and hilarious, how can hospital official be running away from patient, I don’t blame them,if the hospital is well equipped,I’m not sure they will be running for their dear life

  13. I dont blame the doctors,laser fever is a communicable disease,and they dont have equipments to protect themselves for contacting it,so is better the send the man away

  14. The action goes a long way to exposing their lackluster efforts attending to percents. Are they no proactive measures to take in the event of such? Nigeria!

  15. Lassa fever is not a very good thing to be spread its good the way they took him out before he infect people and it spread to other states

  16. does the man want to spread the disease to other people, they should be careful about who enters the clinic

  17. does this man want to spread the disease to other people, they should be careful about who enters the clinic

  18. So what will now happen to the patient since those that could have taken care of him refused?! God help the health sector in this country

  19. Running from the man is wrong.Thr hospital I guess should be the last resort medically rather their should be protective measures for medical practitioners

  20. Its not really their fault they are human..if they don’t save themselves who will save others…who knows if they even have the proper hospital facilities to treat such a deadly decease..why won’t they run away…

  21. This is surprising to me, wwhen doctors are running away from patient who has lassa fever, who then will treat the patient? Things are really happening in Nigeria.

  22. The disease is highly contagious, that is the main reason they took to their heels, it is not easy ooo,God help us

  23. What a funny act but it is not good to be saving another person’s life and you lose your life in the process, the person no be Jesus na

  24. This is really funny,doctors asking police men to come and arrest a man with lassa fever,is it the police men that want to die. If there are cases of lassa fever in delta state,they should create a place where the carriers are kept and treated to avoid others getting it.

  25. Hahahaha, I can’t stop laughing, doctor, police, nurses run. Am sure mosquitoes, flies, and rat ran away too. Make the fumigation work o.

  26. This is a very bad country ,it is a very poor country how would they leave the man to go away like that with the sickness which means that he must surely affect other people outside there so what is the duty of the doctors and the nurses there.

  27. That is the country we live in, they can even handle sick patients, who do they expect to treat the man, the police? I don’t blame them, when there are no good equipments in the hospital what are they expected to do. They have to save themselves first.

  28. No one want to die but they want to go to heaven….Doctors should better come and handle this case…is their field oo

  29. Who on this planet doesn’t cherish life existence…though is their profession but they weren’t train to die like rat too…na them send the man make him contact the disease.

  30. This shows how ill equiped our hospitals are in this country and it calls for immediate action. I pray that God who is the the Great physician heals the man with laser fever in Jesus name amen!

  31. We only live once..they should even fly sef…. Who will see death and wait. There’s still a lot to live for abeg

  32. This is so serious doctors calling police to sick person,hmm,were do the doctors want them to go?,they re now running for their duties

  33. So funny. Nobody wants to die. I thought doctors usually take oaths promising to save lives. Correct me if I’m wrong. But these ones…na!!! Oaths went to the bush.

  34. We are living by d grace of GOD nobody knows what and what’s we have been passing day by day oh GOD he’ll us and save

  35. That was very unfair . Is that not even against their code of conduct and professional ethics . They should quarantine him first and then get on with the treatment instead of stigmatizing the man . They are not,fit to be called doctors

  36. Nobody wan die but dem wan go heaven Seriously it’s funny but pitiful how medical personnel fled from what genre supposed to attend to in the cause of fear not to be infected

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