Doctor vows not to treat any policeman after bitter experience with them

A medical doctor identified as Dr Clairvoyant on Twitter has taken to the platform to narrate on his bitter experience with the Police and how he has vowed never to treat any policeman brought to his clinic.

Doctor vows not to treat any policeman, after bitter experience with them lailasnews
Doctor vows not to treat any policeman, after bitter experience with them

Read his story below:

In 2015, my Late grand mother was kidnapped from her home in imo state, my dad reported the matter to the police state HQ in owerri after paying 5k, he also paid 25k for the fueling and mobilization of the anti kidnapping unit. Along the way, their vehicle tire blew up

They requested he buys a new tire which he did. On getting to the scene of the crime, these babaric police men went raiding young boys around the area and in the process on died.

On getting back to the station, they requested my dad deposit the body in the mortuary after an Autopsy was done and w paid another 300k 4 days later the ipo called up my dad to come to the state HQ, he went and was told that the family of the slain young man reported him to zone 9 in umuahia and that they want him to bring my dad there.

He joined them immediately to Zone 9 only for him to be detaied there for no reason. We got a call by 6pm from the ipo that he has been detained and that we should go there. Early next morning I set off to Umuahia along with my dad’s brothers. At the gate we were told to pay 2k each before we can enter.

Then at the counter we were asked to pay 500 naira before we can see him, he is an elderly diabetic and hypertensive man who spent the night in a rotten cell without his drugs..@PoliceNG are wicked animals. Then came the issue of releasing him, we were asked to bail an innocent

Man with 50k, because of his health we had to pay up. That day was the day I swore neer to trust a policeman, attend to a policeman in cases of emergency or see a policeman and family in my Clinic. They are very inhumane, wicked set of people.

We were able to pay a ransome of 1million naira after she as spent 2weeks in the forest. They released her on the 15th day of captivity by 1am. We found her sitting helpless and hagard looking in a roundabout. Took her how cleaned her up and took her to the hospital.

A week later a diagnosis of Gall bladder cancer was made after an abdominal CT was doe because of er incessant complains of abdominal pain. He passed on 3months afterwards… The @PoliceNG was never heard from again since after the zone 9 incident. @PoliceNG is never ur friend.


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