Doctor kills lover by sprinkling cocaine on manhood

A German doctor has been sentenced to nine years in jail after he killed his lover by sprinkling cocaine on his manhood.

Doctor kills lover by sprinkling cocaine on manhood lailasnews

The 43-year-old doctor, Dr Andreas David Niederbichler, was found guilty of grievous bodily harm which lead to the death of the 38-year-old woman.

Court spokesman Christian Loeffler said;

“The accused was sentenced to nine years imprisonment for multiple severe rape in three cases, and GBH resulting in death.

“In addition, the district court ordered the placement in preventive custody, which means that the defendant remains in preventive detention after serving his sentence until he is no longer of any danger.”

The woman, known only as Yvonne M., was unaware he had laced his genitals with the Class A drug, according to the MailOnline.

Friends of Yvonne M. told the court in Magdeburg, northwest of Halberstadt, that the pair had met online and been having an affair.

One friend said:

“Yvonne wanted to leave her husband for Dr Niederbichler. He was like Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey to her.”

According to reports, the court found it proven that Niederbichler had put cocaine on his foreskin before having vaginal, anal and oral sex with three other women between September 2015 and February 2018.

Prosecutors added that he would secretly add the drug into the drinks of women in a bid to make them more compliant to his sexual requests.


  1. Nine years is not enough. It should have been a life sentence. For a doctor who knows the effects of cocaine and using it this way is simply wickedness.

  2. This unfair doc. Didn’t u think about the precautions before performing the act…..serves u right and for the ladies be able to make ur man right.

  3. The length at which people go to achieve their aim this days is alarming, a doctor for that matter. He knows how dangerous cocain is and he knew doing what he did could result to something bad yet he turn a blind eyes and went ahead doing it, and at the end someone lost her life. May God forgive u and may the woman Rest In Peace

  4. Really really bad, a doctor is to stay away from drugs and protect lives not dealing with drugs and taking lives

  5. He is wicked doing it without the consent of his partners is evil, all these is because of selfishness, he should be charged with life imprisonment he is too dangerous plus his actions killed someone

  6. Nine years imprisonment is too small, it would have been life imprisonment or death sentence by hanging, wicked man.

  7. What An Evil act…He already spoil his reputation with this grievous act of his…I pray he learnt from this and repent if he come out from prison

  8. What he did was totally bad how can he sprinkle cocaine on his manhood just to kill his fellow human being. He was supposed to be eliminated not sent to jail because anybody who kill his/her fellow human being supposed to be kill according to the law.

  9. That punishment is just the best so good for him he unleashed the beast in him and he deserves the jail term

  10. D doctor went to far dis tym,I pity d woman infact d doctor is nt suppose to still b refered to as doctor instead a murdere

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