Doctor calls out “evil” Anita shares shocking details of her and her mother

Doctor calls out his ex, Anita shares shocking details of her and her mother

Doctor Emmanuel has taken to his social media page to call out his “evil£ ex, Anita Uka and her mother for fraud.

Read his full story below

1. ANITA UKA @anitafields007, I am calling you out today for the fraud that you are and the wickedness that lies within you and your mother Shirley.

I was detained in SEPTEMBER 2019 and my Father was behind bars yesterday, because of this evil lady👇

2. Before I talk about how I met this strange woman, I’d like to give a details of what happened yesterday which got me triggered on a whole new level.

Two weeks ago, the DPO called my father and said he wanted to see him to RESOLVE issues pending between me and Anita.

My father called me and I requested for the DPO’s number, I then spoke with him and he said “there was no need for me showing up at the police station” and said they only need my father. This case (which I’ll share below with receipts) is between me and Anita (pics above)

3. I told the DPO that I was ready to be there to stand for myself and that I am ready to be in court, but then he said my presence wasn’t needed, just that of my father since he took me on bail in September 2019 when I was detained. I contacted my lawyer, but he was in court.

4. My father then went there alone, and within a couple of minutes, he was placed behind the counter and then he called me.
All these while Anita and her mother were there when all of these were happening. My father called me and told me of the matter at hand.

I lost my cool!

5. I called the DPO, he started insulting me over the phone, calling me names and then ended the call on me.

It didn’t take long, my father was put behind bars.

Anita and her mother was there all through. They kept telling the police to charge the case to court today!

6. I couldn’t go to work again. I had to make calls, I had to start contacting people.

My father went there, trusting the DPO because we have had several conversations with him on the issue and I have left Lagos a good number of times.

7. It took all day to broker a deal with the police, and after several contacts both with my lawyers and some persons, he was released.

My father kept calling me several times and I was restless the whole day… My friend called and was angry with me.

8. Now, let me talk about the issue between me and Anita Uka.

The issue started in August 11th, 2019.

I had just come back from Abuja and Anita’s mother Shirley, called me and said she had something to discus with me.
I have always respected her as an elder until this issue.

9. I showed up in her house and she sat me down and said she wanted to talk to me about me and her daughter Anita… She said she was bitter that Anita had spent days crying because she was frustrated that I wasn’t responding to Anita’s show of love.

10. She said Anita would make a perfect woman for me, because she’s intelligent, committed, can write business plans and can do anything to make me happy. She asked to know why I wasn’t seeing her daughter thay way.

I told her that I loved Anita as a friend and nothing more!

11. Miss Shirley wouldn’t have any of it and kept pressuring me to consider and let me and Anita happen.
She said I often say “I love you” to others even online but find it difficult to say it to Anita.

I told her the absolute truth which is, I don’t see her daughter that way

12. While we were still talking? Anita jumped in and began to shout at the top of her voice, she said I accused her of giving her mother information about my activities and those I talked to, next thing, she threw tantrums and was yelling all over the place.

13. It was too chaotic, I told her mother that if Anita continued shouting, I would not ever want to have that conversation and made her to understand that my position will never change!

As I stood up to walk out, Anita with both palms smashed me on my chest…

14. She said “how dare you disrespect my mother and walk out of her when she’s talking”.

I was shocked because she has never tried that before and I told her “don’t let the devil use you because I’m not in the mood for this”.

She dragged me by my shirt…

15. After a while, her mother came and asked her to leave me, which she did…
I was preparing to leave, she then ran into the kitchen, crying and claiming she would kill herself (as she has always done). Her mother began to cry and pleaded with me to help rescue Anita.

16. It took a lot of compromise and pleading from me before she left the kitchen where she had locked herself claiming she wanted to commit suicide!

I could not go that day again, I had to sleep over at her place. Later at night, she made attempts at touching me…

17. I did well to keep her hands by the side.

So you know, it wasn’t her first time, threatening me with suicide. Even when I wasn’t around, her mother would call and ask me to come because Anita needed my attention because she locked herself in the room.

18. At some point, they said she had dysmenorrhoea and I’d always advice them to take her to the hospital, but her mother always preferred I come around because she said she was unhealthy and Anita wouldn’t open her door – all in a bid to get me to come around!

19. All the while I was there for her, just to help her “go through difficult times”, she would request that I hold her, hug her, next she wants to start getting romantic!

I did that for a while or let’s say their plans for me coming around worked for as long as it did.

20. Back to the night of August 11th. After a long night of which I didn’t sleep. The little time I slept, I woke up to see Anita staring at me the whole time with a stern look on her face and I was surprised and alert at the same time.

21. I asked her why she was looking at me that way instead of being asleep, she said “can’t I look at the person I love again?” and I replied “hian, like that? Doesn’t sound OK to me”… We argued a bit, but then I lowkey was awake all night!

22. In the morning of August 12, 2019.
I was up and on my phone using Twitter and LinkedIn. Anita then suddenly said she was feeling nauseous and asked me to hold her, that way she would feel better!
By that time, I was fed up with her antics and manipulative acts

23. I told her that even in the hospital, I don’t hold my patients when they feel like they are having nausea and I also told her I didn’t believe she was having it, because she prolly needed attention and I have none to give. She assaulted me the day before!

24. Anita got angry and dashed at my phone, we were dragging my phone till it fell to the floor three times. There’s a single line crack on the screen even now.
She became violent from that moment, she started hitting me, while yelling that I had frustrated her.

25. All I did was try to avoid Anita as much as I could! Her mother came around and tried to tell her to calm down, but she was violent the whole time and in blocking punches, this girl slapped me three times and then hit me at the back of my head!

26. Next she called me a wicked doctor and said I was heartless and said “if it were in her power, she never want to see me practice medicine”… After saying this, Anita went to the bag where my credentials was, because I had just come back from Abuja and wanted to tear them

27. We started dragging the file, Anita then started rolling on the floor, holding the file tightly, in a bid to destroy my documents, I would not have any of it, after the slaps and assault. I asked her to leave my file alone, she refused, she was yelling, behaving wild and mad

28. In the file, there was original documents of my MBBS degree, FSLC, SSCE, Birth certificate and other originals as well as letter of recommendations and others.

When she held strong and wouldn’t leave it, I had to twist her arm to get it off her grip!

29. At that point, Anita became more dramatic and threw herself on the floor, then she stood up, went to the door and locked it, she said I wasn’t going anywhere, that I can’t just up and leave her and she was shouting “Mummy I’m finished, he’s leaving me never to come back”

30. I had to call a friend of mine who drove down to Anita’s house to pick me up and to say the least, he was dissapointed in me.
Neighbours came around, trying to know what was happening. They had to restrain her and at some point, I told her that I did not ever believe her

31. I told Anita I didn’t believe her rape story, and that if it was true, she should have directed all her energy towards her rapist!

Prior to that day, I was supported her but at some point, deep within, I felt something was wrong. I couldn’t place my hands on it though.

32. So about her rape issue, I had second thoughts about it. Prior to that, Anita had always seeked for my attention 100% of the time and she would do just anything to get my attention…
I normally talk about health issues sometimes and at some point I talked about depression

33. When Timo Dakolo’s wife rape case came up, I discussed it here on Twitter deeply and showed support for her…

Prior to that, Anita was fine, we even discussed about it and I told her my stand point, we talked about everything.

All of a sudden,I was at work and I was called

34. Anita mother called me, and said Anita locked herself in the room and wouldn’t come out all day. I tried to call her, but her phone number was switched off! Her mother as usual, then pleaded that I come around! She was always mediating. I didn’t even suspect anything at all

35. When I showed up, her room was locked. I had to give the “sweet talk”, just to get her to open the door. She later did and when she did, she went back to the bed, acting all sick and wearing a depressed look. It took the whole evening till night before she could talk!

36. It was the next day actually that she then told me about her rape story. She talked about one Emeka! Anita is a good with words and can act out those words. Somehow I was like, “if that’s way happened, just do what you have to do to get justice”…

37. I asked for his phone numbers and she gave me both of them, but you know what? I didn’t push it beyond that. I just lost interest in the matter! She acted all depressed throughout that period and would want me to stay over and friends it was a waste of my time.

38. She wanted me to cuddle, she wanted me to hold her and I had things to do. Also, I felt something wasn’t right. And she always tried to get my attention, so it got boring with time.

39. So that was the rape story she later talked about in December, of which of you go to her wall, you’d see that she changed her profile and put the guy’s picture there and mind you, this rape case happened 6 years ago. I only met her on Twitter in February 2019.

40. I met her alongsides @KramStyles , @fourty_6 , @1NaRoyalle and some other people who made regular comments on my posts and I chatted her up an became friends with he because I felt she was brilliant and I had a lot to learn from her(my biggest mistake)

41. Back to August 12, 2019, the day milk got spilled on this matter.
My friend came and at some point, my G was mad at me. He wouldn’t have any of it… He said I dissapointed the brethren, I was just quiet because I was ashamed that I was in that situation.

42. He was helpful and tried to calm things down. He tried to talk to Anita’s mother and to Anita, just to calm things down. Anita’s other kept telling him how dissapointed she was in me and would always say, “a doctor? Who doesn’t care?”

43. Then she asked my friend to ask me if my penis was working because she does not understand why I would be around Anita and not want to be having sex regularly with her! Oh yes, this is fact! That day was bleak for me but later I had to rest.

44. Later that day on August 12, 2019, after the assault and the fight, I had a chat with Anita and below you’d find the receipts from 12th to 13th of August. All of it… I never wanted to be in her house but for some reason I was stupidly supportive!

You see, She was my best friend at some point. I thought she was the coolest person on Twitter. I was the one who chatted her up just like my other friends as well, male or female. At some point, I trusted her, confided in her but she has other plans and dragged my family!

46. I was done with my work in Asaba and I got a place in Abuja, so had to leave Asaba, which was where this incidence took place. Throughout the period I was shuttling Asaba and Abuja constantly and stayed mainly in the hospital.

47. Anita and her mother at some point pleaded with me to keep my bags with them and said it was no big deal since I was done with Asaba and hence it won’t be long. I was skeptical to be honest and this was in May! She would always say she had good intentions Everytime.

48. You see, I was sacrificing a lot, both in resources and in time, just to make Anita happy. She wasn’t my girlfriend as she assumed herself to be. Anita never wanted the truth and she would use depression and suicidal tendencies to make me always come around. It was messed up

49. She wanted a relationship at all cost and together with her mother, tried to manipulate me to fall for it. Like I said, I did love her as a friend but I didn’t know there was a grand plan! Everytime I rejected any act of kindness from Anita, she would call her mother.

50. So here it is… My story continues here. I’ll be dropping the receipts of our chats after the day of the incidence and be narrating what happened alongside. The next day being 14th of August, 2019. Anita’s mother called my friend and they agreed to meet.

51. She and her mother then met with two of my friends and they had some conversations and I told them I didn’t want to be a part of it. I was done being manipulated actually… When my friends met her, they asked Anita what she wanted and she said she wanted ME!

52. My friends came to me and said she said she wanted me and that’s all she wanted… I told them that was their business. Somehow, I tried reaching me, just to be sure she was okay. All through the 6 months I knew her, that was the first time she was being violent!

53 On the 15th of August 2019, my friends forced me to meet with Anita and her mother. We met at a bar. I was with two of my friends while she was there in the company of her mother and an older man, but my friends said there won’t be any meeting until the man leaves and he did

54 The man left and we had the meeting. Accusations were flying up and down… Honestly I was ashamed of myself because I never had any of such madness in my relationships even the worst of it! Let alone for someone who wanted to be with me at all cost

55. After the argument got heated my friend then asked her what she wanted, initially she said she didn’t know, then I was asked and I said, due to the intensity of the fight, I forgot my laptop because I had to run for safety, hence I need the laptop! She would not have it!

56. I wouldn’t go back on my words either. At some point, she kept dragging one conversation to another and I told her that I remember telling her not to hug, attempt to kiss me. I did not want any sort of romance between us, but you know what? She wouldn’t take a NO!

57. Issues weren’t resolved that day, which was August 15th of 2019. Looking at her that day I felt pity and I called her later, but she said she would talk to me later. That same evening, she started to tweet about feeling suicidal and how her world was over!

57. I figured she wanted my attention again because she told me she would do something crazy and I’d see it. Somehow I was able to connect the dots. I didn’t bother when she started trending with the rape issue. I was just quiet!

58. Later on 16th of August, her mother called me and said Anita left the house and she didn’t know where she was. I knew they wanted to be manipulative again and I had traveled to Awka that day to get some docs from my school, Unizik!

I’m going to add this one here. If you remember, Anita dragged one Emeka and accused him for rape, about 6 years ago and I stood my ground and said she was a scammer and a liar? Yes she is. Anita actually dragged that guy because she wanted to get to me

When she was filing a case for assault, she asked the police to add “Rape accomplice to the charges” and said I was involved. Mind you, I just met her last year February 2019,but she was raped 6 years ago according to her.

Also, Anita was discovered to be Emeka’s girlfriend and few days before she wrote the thread, she was requesting Emeka to buy her shoes from Dubai! Also, Anita told me she was 27 last year but it turned out that when she was editing her police report, she was way older than me!

Whatever the rape case is, I do not believe her. I remember her telling me that her Ex while she was in Lagos, beat her when she was in a pool of blood (menstrual flow) and he was arrested. I felt sorry for her, but that was where it ended. I didn’t know I would be a victim too

She never bothered to drag Emeka until she started talking about suing me for assault. I had already dropped these WhatsApp chat evidences at the police station! So I have zero worries about it.

Doctor calls out his ex, Anita shares shocking details of her and her mother

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