‘Do not shoot any protesters, Na them go fight for us oh’ – Soldier advises his colleagues not to shoot or hurt #EndSARS protesters

A soldier has taken to Twitter to advise his colleagues in the military to desist from shooting or harming End SARS protesters.

Speaking on the EndSARS protest, the soldier with the username @Kiemute on Twitter, said that his colleagues should remember that one of the protesters meant be their family members.

Kiemute tweeted: “Please my honourable military colleagues, I want to beg us all not to have a hand in away beat, shoot or hurt any protester for any reason, because; Na them go fight for us ohh!! They are the ones the will loud our pains and cry to the Government!!

“Remember that member of your family can could be among them ohh!! If you living inside a glass house, don’t throw stone. If there’s market at your backyard, don’t throw stone because the stone fit hit your relation wey go market ohh.”

He added; “Please, let’s remember that, we have 3laws guiding us as soldiers. If we can’t join them to protest as our job ethics prohibits, obey their constitutional rights as the right they are fighting for will favor us.”

Prior to sending out the advice to his colleagues, he also joined other Nigerians in asking questions about the jail break in Edo state.


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