Do as I say padlock FOR SALE – Lady advertises online (Video)

A video we came across on social has shown the moment a Nigerian lady was advertising a Do as I say padlock on social media.

In the video, the lady could be heard saying the charm works on anyone and could even be used over the phone to command anyone to do to your bidding.

Do as I say padlock FOR SALE – Lady advertises online (Video)

She also mentioned that it is a valuable item for hustlers who might need favors from their clients.

Watch the Video below:

The trend of selling magic spells on social media has recently been an issue of concern among social media users.

If you recollect, some few day ago, popular Nigerian sex therapist Jaruma was put on blast for leading Nigerian ladies on the ‘wrong’ path as many people criticized her over her merchandise she sells with the claims they have the powers to make any man do to any lady’s bidding.

Jaruma, although is not the only merchant of these sorts of items. There are so many pages on different social media platforms, especially Instagram, that offer all sorts of charms on sale.

Do you think it is morally right to have all these items sold across the internet?


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