Dirty gay spreading STD – Tunde OAP blasts JPBlush for berating Bobrisky

Just when we thought we were getting close to the end of the feud between Bobrisky and Toyin Lawani, a Lagos-based cross-dresser Tunde OAP has called out JPBlush, labeling him a dirty gay.

If you recollect, JPBlush had blasted Bobrisky days ago over his fights with Toyin Lawani and he had alleged that Bobrisky adulterates Toyin Lawani’s products and sell to his clients.

JPBlush is a dirty gay spreading STDs - Man blasts him hating on Bobrisky lailasnews 2
Dirty gay spreading STD – Tunde OAP blasts JPBlush for berating Bobrisky

Well, it seems Tunde OAP knows him better and had decided to open a can canker-worms to expose JPblush, who he claimed has STD, to the world.

He wrote via his Twitter page:

Jpblush is a disgrace to lgbt comm You decided to win toyin lawani back that’s why why you came for Bobrisky Tea about Nigeria cross dress who suffers from anal wart and still battling with.

Bobrisky doesn’t deserve all the hate he’s getting . y’all just better stop even if someone will come for Bobrisky it shouldn’t be a lowlife ,retarded scum ,fugly looking vulture like jontel peters (jpblush) it’s obvious that he’s thirsty for fame

Ok guys jpblush use to be a regular gay boy who let awka to Lagos without knowing or having any family friend or relative to stay with. he came to Lagos when the mom disown him after they figured out he’s a gay and has been introducing this act to young boys in awka

At least Bobrisky was in unilag and while he was in school he has a car Bobrisky has been living a better life even before stardom Jpblush is a scum . he wasn’t given admission after he’s mom disowned him he felt the village is a horrible place and he ran to Lagos.

Probably because he has been texting few gays in Lagos and some promised to accommodate him Jpblush came to Lagos and got stranded . He has to fuck different guys just to pass a night . Jp fucked all kind of dicks he’s a gay whore and should be stone to death

After kind of struggle and suffering. JP has cured anal wart and STD 3 times he finally met a guy called destiny ( a. Friend of toyin lawani ) who accommodated him. And ever since then he has be struggling for fame and famzing toyin Lawal.

JP don’t like to bath He’s dirty Af Gays like JP don’t deserve to live because he might spread the virus he’s yet to cure to other innocent gays which this reason was why he left awka to Lagos

After the famzing and all decided to use him for photo shoots with paying him nothing the only use her product but there nothing toyin has to offer him not even an iPhone and the last time we check Bobrisky gate man uses an iPhon.

Well to cut the story short toyin got tired of he’s dirty habit And decided to throw him out she stopped using him and he doesn’t have to access to her like he use to before

He knew toyin and Bobrisky ain’t well so he decided to Bobrisky to win her back he felt if he can shake Bobrisky toyin would have him back .. he’s so crazy for fame and I felt he got it but jontel your story is worst Bobrisky has a better life than anyone in your generation





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