Dino Melaye wishes Nigerians happy new year from his “home” under police siege

Dino Melaye today wished Nigerians a happy new year from his ‘home’ which has been under police siege for some days.

Dino Melaye wishes Nigerians happy new year from police siege lailasnews

The video Dino Melaye shared came with the caption;

Happy New Year fellow Country men and women. Wish us God’s speed on all sides this year. Amen

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Happy New Year fellow Country men and women. Wish us God’s speed on all sides this year. Amen

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This is coming after the Nigerian Police Force vowed to remain at Senator Dino Melaye’s residence until he surrenders.

Yesterday was the fourth day into the siege by the police on the Abuja residence of the Senator. The force had earlier said the lawmaker was wanted for a case of criminal conspiracy, and attempted culpable homicide committed on July 19, 2018.

The police alleged that Melaye and “his armed thugs” attacked police personnel and shot and wounded one Sgt. Danjuma Saliu, who was attached to 37 Mobile Force (PMF) on stop and search duty along Aiyetoro Gbede, Mopa Road in Kogi State.

A statement on Sunday by the Force Public Relations Officer, Jimoh Moshood, said, “The Police operatives with a duly obtained Warrant of Arrest deployed to arrest Senator Dino Melaye in his residence in Abuja will not retreat until Senator Dino Melaye surrenders himself for arrest and investigation.”

A team of policemen had stormed Senator Melaye’s Abuja residence on Friday to arrest him, but Melaye posted on Twitter that he was not at home.  The Senator said he will report to the police this week. The police, however, believe he is in the house.


  1. Happy new year sir, please come out and defend yourself from the allegation brought against you by the police

  2. You wish the world as they wish u back, but sir you need to come out and cleanse your self from the allegations they raise against you

  3. Happy New year to you. Face the new year with maturity by standing up to defend yourself

  4. Happy new year sir. Wish you the strength and grace to carry out your goodwill responsibilities and civic duties

  5. Well its better for dino to simply resolve this once and for all there is no point doing all this. Besides how does he even get food

  6. Happy New Year Senator, This issue should be investigated properly and for I am seeing injustice here. Because if the police really have something tangible against him they would have burst in to arrest him and won’t wait outside for him to surrender.

  7. Happy new year to you sir,sir come out and defend yourself and God will definitely see you through

  8. Happy new year to you too, please be wise the truth only in this administration doesn’t set one free from past incidence.

  9. Happy new year and if all this allegations are false then present yourself at the court and face the judge

  10. You claim you are not within your home so where is this its better you come out and clear the air once and for all and stop this hide and seek thing,wishing you the same drama senator

  11. Go ahead and take the bull by the horn. Hiding will only raise a dust of suspicion and also make you a coward. Happy new year

  12. Happy New Year to you sir. Clear conscience fears no accusation.please come out and defend yourself.

  13. Wish you the same sir,politicians commits lots if atrocities this time in. Search for powers staying in his home won’t solve it,he should be taken to court

  14. Happy prosperous new year Sir. Why disturbing this man with police again well come out and clear the air

  15. Dino Maleye is just full of drama, a man that loves attention any which way. Oh! we wish you the same sir… Hope you’d be able to establish your innocence ASAP

  16. Happy new year sir, may almighty God continue to guide you as you keep to good and positive wish…. Also wishing you a happy new progress in life

  17. Wow! Great.. Happy new year to you sir. May God grant everyone of us his grace to achieve the best and a great height this year. Thank you sir to best wishes

  18. Happy new year too. But I think you should end this drama by honouring the Nigerian Police invitation

  19. Happy new year Mr Dino, so how long will U stay indoor? Pls come out and Face the law to defend yourself

  20. So the police will remain there till he is back or till he comes out. Happy New Year sir . Congratulations you now have home securities.

  21. If he wanted to escape, he would have done that long ago all those police men there are just camouflage

  22. That name Dino Melaye is synonymous to trouble. He should do the needful and submit himself for questioning please.

  23. Happy new year Mr. Dino Melaye how was your new year over there.
    Am sure you won’t continue to hide indoor

  24. Hw I wish you could celebrate ur new year without all these you are facing.
    Happy new year anyways

  25. Happy New year sir Dino melaye, please lead by example and surrender your so enable all this talk about you come to stop. Please do the needful and be interrogated.

  26. Be a man sir come out and depend on your self,take lawyer to juge you in case to free yourself. Any way happy new year.

  27. Happy New Year sir, we wish you peace and wisdom for truthful leadership in this year 2019, good luck on your career

  28. Drama can never end in Nigeria, but I think something is behind the normal seen. May God help us.

  29. It’s better he report to the police station with his lawyer,so that he can defend himself.Happy new year

  30. I find it difficult to understand why they won’t just leave this man alone. Is it because he always attacks them with the truth about the goings on in this country? May God deliver him from the hands of those who want his head!

  31. Strongest man ever God will continue to guide you since speeking the truth in Nigerian governance has become a crime…Dina na man you be stay strong for us you alone i admire..no fear nothing dey happen….we the publich knew you did nothing wrong

  32. This is good news,I hope he is not in harm,Nigeria police is very dangerous, God should protect him,this is good news

  33. The out spoken senator wish a happy new year too and success in the forthcoming election. Thanks

  34. Happy new year to Dino. Please just surrender yourself to the police. This will prove your innocence.

  35. We all appreciate that gesture so much,may God grant you the liberty that ousts the threats you are made to face

  36. Happy New year to you. I hope this new year all our leaders will lead well and make the Nation Economy grow well.

  37. He can share his wishes for all I care but he’s a coward for not facing the law and presenting himself before the police

  38. He should come out and face is allegation like a normal citizen and stop wishing us happy new year we don’t need it

  39. H this am looking at living like a king is under siege lol who is deceiving who. His case has been swept under the bed.

  40. I advise the Nigerian police to stop popularizing Dino with all these shenanigans and news of arrests and escapes that amount to nothing.

  41. Happy new year to you too.may you come out live from the police seige IJN! May trouble get out of your way this year ..

  42. Sir, surrender your self for interrogation so that this allegations will be cleared up. Meanwhile, happy new year wishes to you.

  43. Happy new year too.. You need to come out from your hiding place and go clarify yourself if you’re really sure u’re innocent

  44. Police have all right to arrest and prosecute but also they should never violate the provisions of the constitution. Rule of law is very imperative and should be respected

  45. But why will him be hiding from the police, he should come and clear him self from the police. All the same. Wish you all the best days ahead

  46. Same to you sir, guy man is in his house cooling off while police men are outside safeguarding his house chai Nigeria my country great nation great people

  47. Happy new year to him but atleast show some dignity by appearing to the police to clear your case instead of hiding

  48. Dino Melaye is the talk of time these days, please let security agents allow this man enjoy the year na, what has he done, Oga Dino, na so world be. God dey.

  49. Happy New year to you, Face the new year with maturity by standing up to defend yourself and may God be with you.

  50. Happy new year sir, please don’t mind this yeye APC and their plans..just go there and defend your self cause I know you are innocent… Once again happy new year

  51. It doesn’t matter where he is wishing Nigerians happy New year. He has caused enough drama in Nigeria.

  52. Nigeria police should leave this man alone to enjoy his life.The police should face the reality in lieu of politicising this issue

  53. Bros Dino, are you still inside this house that these men lay siege? Well, the world has heard your wishes. Just go sort things out with these men and be cool

  54. Wishing you the same dino melaye, I we just advice you that you should not come out oo so that police people’s we not caught you

  55. Happy new year dino please come out and defend your self but have been in your house since friday

  56. Am saying it and am still saying it Mr Dino if u are clean of this offense come out and present urself

  57. A drama country
    So this man resisting arrest is still allowed to sit comfortably in his house
    Let then be fooling themselves with the thought that they are fooling us
    Pretentiously wishing country people happy new year when all you do is sabotage

  58. Same to you Dino, may what you plan for those policemen on official duty in July be your portion from today till infinity.

  59. Bro celebrate and enjoy because u made it to 2019 even though the enemies tried to take your life. God will always keep u for us

  60. It doesn’t matter where he is wishing us Happy New year. He has caused more than enough drama in our country.

  61. Happy New year to him too,he should be released from siege na.They should stop this political oppression.

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