Dino Melaye surrenders to Police

Dino Melaye has surrendered to the police, after an eight-day siege on his Abuja residence by the security operatives.

Dino Melaye surrenders to Police lailasnews

Dino Melaye surrendered to the police after an Abuja high court on Thursday, refused an ex-parte application brought by Melaye to order the removal of police blockage on his residence.

Recall that the Nigerian police in a statement by its spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood, while speaking on the reason for laying siege to Mr Melaye’s residence, said the senator, alongside his ‘armed thugs’, shot one Danjuma Saliu, a sergeant, in July 2018.

However the Senator representing Kogi West Senatorial district who neither debunked or admitted the allegations made by the police,  said in a tweet on Tuesday, that he is being wise and not scared by hiding.


  1. I feel he would have come out early to clear this case, surrendering to the police now because of siege in his residence looks bad.

  2. Dino should prove his innocence because in Nigeria, silence means admission of such a crime or allegations

  3. This senator likes being in the news for the wrong reasons. He is bored and craves for public attention

  4. Oh man of wisdom…that’s the best thing just surrender to them…I pray you will come back soon

  5. that is a welcome development.For him to surrender but i pray police wont do anything rash to him.

  6. That’s nice Mr dino, I think the police should continue their investigate about the case

  7. Its ok. Let him go and defend himself. The highest thing that will happen is to charge him to court. If found guilty, he face the law.

  8. Hahaha Nigeria police force no go kill me oh” just trying to make a news headlines everyday with Dino maleye.

  9. He should have done this long time ago and save himself from those embarrassments, if ur hands are clean why hide?

  10. Giving in to the police doesn’t mean he had surrendered himself to them… This man is a political thug so to say and he always has his way out….

  11. “Senator Dino Melaye and the police seige” this will be the next nollywood film in the market…lets watch out for part 1 to 4! hahahahahaha!

  12. When issues arises between law makers and law enforcement agencies, it should be settled amicably. He should have surrendered earlier.

  13. Malaye should be charged for refusing to surrender to the police. It means he is guilty of the alleged crime

  14. He has drawn the attention of the whole world to Nigeria Police and Kogi state government before surrendering to them….wise decision.

  15. Why all this waste of time, you should have surrendered to them before now and have your name cleared

  16. After embracing yourself it’s now that you are giving up, instead of you to do this since, police are not going to do anything to you if you know you not guilty

  17. So he can finally surrender; he should have done that afore time instead of given himself house arrest.

  18. That was the best decision taken go and prove your innocence to Nigeria police force so that your case will settled.

  19. You are the same man boasting that you are wise and not afraid. Now that you surrendered, how far? What can we say about this?

  20. Its not like he gave up
    This is what he just have to do to end the nonsense. someone who is scared would not come openly the challenge the people in power

  21. I see Dino Melaye that good not every one could do what you have even when all their teeth has fallen off.

  22. Haba bro then why all the gagra, who would have done this a long time ago. To safe your self all this embarrassment

  23. At last! Well maybe he has a different plan on how to go about this allegation because it won’t be for him due to the time it took the police to make him accept the arrest.

  24. It’s better he surrendered o cos if not they’ll just assassinate him and make it look like self defense.

  25. So you will still surrender n u were making mouth b4…maybe he was saving time to adjust things..na dem sabi

  26. He has done the right thing, since he knows he is not guilty he will be vindicated soon. But if he did something wrong na jail straight away

  27. This is what he should have done a long time ago, he can now test to the truth and if he is guilty or not, the truth will be unveiled

  28. Comment*this is good to hear, at least he will know the reason while the policemen are into him and then sort things out

  29. This man called dino melanye loves controversy so much: does he not have any sense of responsibility and self respect.
    Always disgracing his integrity

  30. This is what he should have done long ago. A protector of the law is not supposed to break the law

  31. That is what you should have done a long time ago. Now we will get to know the truth of the whole matter

  32. Dino melaye is always causing trouble in this country.. This is what he should have done all the while, how could a serving senator be resisting arrest if truly his he is not guilty of the allegations he should have turned himself in..

  33. Sighs!!! Wen will they leave this man alone now? He isn’t d only political criminal o, wat about others?

  34. In my own opinion, a man that has nothing to hide will not be running from a summons by the police as he has done nothing wrong. It is good that he has gone to answer them. If he is innocent, nothing will happen to him.

  35. The did the right thing by surrendering his self to the police and i am expecting the police to do a thorough job and release him as soon as possible

  36. Well, good for him. But he should have given in a long time ago before pulling a stunt he couldn’t go to through with.

  37. Thank God he has surrendered. Let us see how he proves his innocence and what the police has against him this time.

  38. Maybe he thought he could stay home bound for lifetime.. But finally surrender. Hmmmm! he is guilty.

  39. He should have done this early before now to show the world his hands are clean. To me, I think Mr dino is been politically witched hunt by the APC govt.

  40. Je has no option than to surrender to the authority being the police. Je should go and answer his Case.

  41. This is the honourable thing to do. Your next move is to clear your name and sue them for defamation if you are proving innocent by the court

  42. Why did he surrender now,he ought to have done that a long ago,surrendering himself now doesn’t make any sense.

  43. Giving in to the police doesn’t mean he had surrendered himself to them… This man is a political thug so to say and he always has his way out….

  44. After all the drama. When he knew that he will still surrender why didn’t he do it earlier than now. Finally let’s know if he will go to jail or walk back home freely

  45. law makers and law enforcement agencies, it should be settled amicably but if he is guilty must be punish.

  46. You should have surrender since and clear your name. But I think you have skeleton in your cupboard

  47. Finally senator Dino surrendered for interrogation to his alleged crime of sending his armed thugs to shoot a police sergeant.

  48. That man is a clown. It’s better the way he surrendered to them. Let him stay & think of another comedy to act about his arrest

  49. This is what senator Dino Melaye should have done a long ago just to avoid all this drama if surely he knows nothing about the crime but his behavior keeps saying he is guilty of the crime committed

  50. Am happy to hear that, Dino has done the right thing now, let’s now see where they are taking you to.

  51. Did he run out of water or food or something
    Anyways… best be the mature person in thai situation

  52. This is pressure if u know you have to prove yourself use common sense not go around the public to humiliate your self

  53. Nigeria police we remember how you people started with saraki and the bank robbery. Now officer that was shot in July testifies in December about Dino’s involvement. There is a fishy business in this case

  54. Wow finally he has surrender after much treat
    That’s good…
    He should have not come out Na rubbish

  55. If he knows finally he will come out surrender he cant stay indoors for ever while not do that from day one instead of making his issues a public social media disccussion..anyway let the investigation begins if his armed thugs really did what he is been accused of then he should face the law thats all…

  56. All he will say …..that is bullshit he shuld face justice and not be spared he has comitted a crime and he his not above the law

  57. Finally!!!! But if he was going to come out in the end, why keep up the hide and seel for these past days?

  58. He is full of drama why surrender now,if you’re innocent nobody can harm you ,you are a serving senator for God sake

  59. He should have surrender himself long before now to avoid embrassment and publicity of him in all social media thank God he finally surrendered himself to the police.

  60. What is this self, this mans case should be treated once and for all, if he is guilty he should be sent prison if not he should set free ,

  61. Useless man, he knows right inside him that he’s guilty and he’s running from the police force

  62. Why will they even seek his arrest in the first place, Nigeria is just a lawless country , anybody can do anything

  63. You finally showed up to them after all your runnings.all this is politics if Dinno Melaye is guilty of his crime he should be able to face is trial

  64. This is medicine after death when you have already face the court charges your coming out now as now effect

  65. No retreat no surrender! Uncle Dino finally come out from hiding. Police please take it easy with him oo

  66. It’s the right thing to do and it will soon lead to the end of all this stories. Dino you will be clearned if you are clean

  67. Dino Melaye finally out from hiding &collapsed flat on the floor with people trying to revive him

    I don’t know whether to be happy or sad for him. Its difficult to forget the role he played in bringing down GEJ,now see how he was rewarded.Never supports a tyrant,no matter what!

  68. That is the best thing for him, to go and clear himself from the police, They said, clear consence fears no accusations, let him avoid all these embarrassment.

  69. Let him allow them take him… Confused country. Is this your priority right now… Taking someone into custody with false allegations. Why no confine IGP too after all he also killed the former INEC of kastina with his family…. He should be apprehended too. Stupid people.

  70. This shows that senator Dino is not a coward, he is only and patiently waiting for the court judgement as a law abiding citizen of this country

  71. Good for him, him and his thug can’t just kill a force man and go scout free, he surrendered because he knew he can’t escape the alleged. He should be charge as required.

  72. If it was in other clime, SWAT team would brought down the house long time before now. Impunity must belong to some people’s lineage.

  73. Just look at, why stress people like this now senator. Anyway, go and clear your name, if you are guilty, pay for what you did.

  74. He had finally yielded
    Wisdom indeed but all I see I a stupid set of wisdom trying to to stop justice but a good thing it all failed

  75. What he should have done a long time ago,I think he knows he is actually guilty that is why he doesn’t want to surrender before

  76. This man is really tough! These are the kind of men that would sponsor terrorism. Thank God he surrendered.

  77. Since he has surrendered willingly, he should not be brutalized, they should go to court and find out if he’s guilty of the charges on him

  78. It’s good he has surrendered to the police now.. Well I really don’t understand what is it with him and police this days.. God help him ooo.

  79. They should charge the case to court to find out if he guilty rather than brutalizing him. All hail Dino, politician comedian

  80. lolzz so it’s time now for you to surrender or you just wanted to be in the news.. See your face

  81. So finally, Dino got tired of hiding. I believe that he is guilty of the crime because he would have surrendered himself to the police since if he is innocent. He should face the law because nobody is above the law.

  82. He didn’t have a choice and I know if the police had their way, they would have teargassed him out of the house long ago

  83. Oga senator, if you know you weren’t guilty, why were you hiding in your house all these while? Now surrendering is foolishness when hiding is wisdom.

  84. What the policemen did to Dino today was inhuman. How would they treat a sitting senator like that? Senator Ben Murray was a witness because I saw him in the news when the policemen were carrying him. What a shame to the Nigerian police force

  85. This is what he should have done earlier than going through the embrassment. Well it’s good he surrenders himself to the police.

  86. This is what he should have done long ago, now the case can begin. Dino Melaye and his troubles

  87. I thought he said that the police want to arrest him so that they can inject him to death. Why did he surrender now? Rubbish.

  88. I love Dino melaye because he is brave and courageous but he would have given himself over to the police before now

  89. After the long days. I was thinking he could stay there forever. It is better to do the right thing at the right time.

  90. This is medicine after death,he should have surrender himself since he knows he is guilty,what happen to this saying”clear conscience fears no accusation”Dino hmmmm

  91. At Last Dino later surrender himself, but I don’t know why you haven’t do that earlier until now, any way wish you the best.

  92. Melaye should have surrendered to the police long ago, submit yourself and your innocence. That’s just the issue

  93. Well one thing I know that he has successfully done is to create a hell of a media attention, and he did well coming out to clear the issue. So even if the police want to do bad they can’t.

  94. No one is above the law. He should be questioned well or probably taken to court so he could be tried and convicted if found guilty of the alleged crime.

  95. What was the need of hiding? This is what he should have done since instead of wasting everyone’s time.

  96. Good for him cause this issue need to be settled in court and ones instead of prolonging it, nice job by the police for the 8 days siege.

  97. Dino Melaye’s matter is not really worth spending so much time upon again in Nigeria. He’s highly irresponsible.

  98. Why is he doing it now this is what he should have done long ago and save his head all this embarrassment

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