Difference between the whales caught in USA and Nigeria today (Video)

Earlier today a Nigerian lady posted a video of a big whale that was caught and butchered in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. We also sighted another video of 5 whales caught in Florida, USA.

Difference between the whales caught in USA and Nigeria today

Now, there is very huge difference between the whales caught in the two countries. The one in Nigeria was washed ashore and before you knew it, residents in the community had attacked it and butchered it in preparation for some delicious meal tonight.

Later this evening, just like a coincidental event, some whales were washed ashore in Florida and they happened to be stranded along the beach.

Well, you wouldn’t expect them to act as my fellow Balyesans, these whales were helped back into the sea to continue their seaing adventure.

See the Video:

There were even concerns on the state of health of the whale washed ashore in Nigeria. But it seemed our people didn’t care about that.

Now see what happened in Florida below:


Well, someone said the chopping incident is not limited to Nigeria. That if it happened in China, they would have done the same

They’re lucky it happened HERE!! In China they would been in restaurants dinners by 7:05 pm. Zhù nǐ yǒu měihǎo de yītiān

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