Diddy sad that Cassie is dating trainer he hired for her

Cassie is dating trainer Diddy hired for her, new reports have emerged on the photo of the man she was pictured kissing.

Diddy hired the trainer to keep her body in shape but the pair ended sleeping with each other.

Diddy sad that Cassie is dating trainer he hired for her lailasnews 2
Diddy sad that Cassie is dating trainer he hired for her

Sources close to Diddy told TMZ, that his personal trainer, Jamal Liggin, got so busy he hired several trainers as backup, including Alex Fine to train Cassie.

It was also claimed that Cassie and Alex hooked up before her split with Diddy.

According to the insiders, Diddy paid Alex and gave him full responsibility to train Cassie in 2018, but the pair fell for each other and began sleeping together.

Although, it wasn’t revealed if it was the reason for their split but it was reported that Diddy feels betrayed by Cassie.


  1. No need to winning and lamenting Diddy, Cassie has moved on, and I believe that is the end of discussion.

  2. Wow he must have been so disappointed but there is actually nothing he can do about he as no right to chose who she wants to love for her

  3. Funny enough,
    Diddy should let them go ahead with their love affair!, It happens and such is life

  4. Next time he won’t he’ll be so decisive. It’s her right and she has all right to live it as it pleases her

  5. Haha! Well they say the devil you know is better than the angel u don’t. At least she didn’t have to look too far for love

  6. Anyone can stab you in the back. Even your worker and one thing with celebrities is that they can never be trusted.

  7. He was busy and decided to being another man to help him, what is he expecting. We tens to fall in love quickly. So he shouldn’t blame the woman.

  8. He should have looked for a female trainer rather he caused it and the woman too was too cheap

  9. Sorryoo,I can feel your pain but you’ve got to move on since she is no more interested but women have to know that “sex is not love”

  10. For Cassie to date Alex knowing that Diddy hired him to train her is wrong. But then, doesn’t love make one do stupid things? Diddy should forgive and move on.

  11. He shouldn’t be, that one funny thing about love it can come any time with any body, she loves him so they should be together.

  12. When u hire a good looking man to be with a sexy lady.. what do u expect?? It’s her choice so far she is happy..no p.

  13. Mr Diddy shouldn’t feel betrayed, you have dated this woman for so many years n refused to marry her.. I don’t blame the girl, if this relationship will lead her to the alter, girl please ride on

  14. He must be disappointed but then these things happen all the time. He should get over it and move on

  15. sorry for Diddy but you should expect it coming
    when you hired a gogeous man for the training.

  16. If you know what that would make you happy, please go for it. She has made her decision and I think that’s for her own good.

  17. My dear Diddy put yourself together and mind your business thats love you dont have to be sad…they are happy with each other dont put assunder mydear

  18. Comment*sorry for Diddy but you should expect it coming when you hired a gogeous man for the training.

  19. It a very funny thing when love comes knocking- it does not comes announced-Diddy should just be cool.

  20. Just as you can not keep goat and yam together in one room and expects that the goat will spare the yam, how possible can that be? You got a male trainer without close watch on them.

  21. This is a controversial issue, something really went wrong somewhere. It’s a matter of time, the truth will definitely come out

  22. He didn’t do well aswell, why will you hire a handsome trainer when you know temptations abound everyday.. And when he himself has failed to satisfy her.

  23. Brother such is life you need to forgive her and move on with your life……………………

  24. Just take it easy Diddy, i understand how are feeling right now.. Just wish them well and move on with your life..

  25. There is nothing bad in that, after all love can be developed, since its not by force let them be, it may not be only dating, it may end up in marriage, so remove your eyes.

  26. There is no force in love, so if you really know they are in love with each other then you can take a step of what to do

  27. I guess she has found happiness. Diddy my advice. There’s no point hiting your head on the nail. Go on and do the same. Its time to move on.

  28. Its women’s world. The fault is on both side, but I would weight it more on the trainer. He is a betrayer

  29. She behaved badly for sleeping with the man he paid to train her.I pray the Diddy meets a woman that will love her more than the ex.

  30. I think she has been seeing the guy before they split because it can’t just be the first time they will hook up just like that.

  31. Your life mistake which am sure you will never repeat again by sending a trainee to your wife to train her. We women love attention alot and am sure that was what the guy Alex was giving to your wife.

  32. The world of celebrity is full of controversy and they something cause it son that they will trend, its thier business not me

  33. It is so unfortunate that things turn around this way. The two of them fell in love and there’s nothing one can do against it.

  34. Why crying over spilled milk? You both had already splitted so why talking about it now.. Move on Diddy..

  35. Why won’t he feel betrayed? That’s very bad of her. If she wanted she could have just opened up to diddy and walked away

  36. That wasn’t their original intention anyway, guess they developed feelings for eachother, hope they go about it well, wish them luck

  37. They find Joy in each other and at he is still performing the job of keeping her body in shape

  38. A physical trainer who is an opposite sex to a trainee has a tendency to share some chemistry together. They may develop feelings, and start dating.

  39. That doesn’t mean anything, they might end up in getting married. Best of luck to them

  40. No one will be happy with such, but that is the power of love. A huge disappointment to him though, he just put everything behind.

  41. Am not surprise cause you celebrities do terrible things ..how on earth can you employ a guy as her trainer..he don train am nah

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