Diary of a Hot Single Mum 2

Very graphic post…don’t read if you are eating…

Lemme share the most embarrassing day of my life…

This happened a while back

I had barely started seeing my period so I don’t know how to count or know when it will happen next…
I just stay.. Any day it comes I buy pad and put..
But on that Sunday morning…
Chayeeee #wipes_tears
My period came out..
Everyone has left for church and I’m expected to report at church cos if I’m not seen na several querry from my dad..
I didn’t have money to buy pad the only money I had was #40 the offering my dad dropped for me so I used tissue paper instead..

I hurriedly left for church..
At church during offering..
You know how everyone leave their seat to go drop offering at the alter dancing..
That was how I followed suite.
Then I was a well known tuzaqueen a dancer who everyone looks forward to during praise section in church..
I have my group..
So three of us would dance along with same style and change style in uniform..
There’s one dance we usually do while approaching the alter…
Egwu ukwu
We face ourselves and be taking the dance while vibrating our nyash to different styles..
Tuzaqueen like me forgot she was in her period..
I was shaking nyash seriously…next the tissue filled with blood dropped to the floor 😱😱..
As I did not die that day out of shame I will not die again..

Church agbasaaaa…
I quickly picked it..
I did not even drop my offering again..
I disappeared..
For 3weeks I didn’t attend church..
That was the only situation my father understood cos he let be without forcing me to church…

All the people who hated my clique for our overdo wouldn’t stop murmuring..
Every time they will be dancing worldly dance in church shaking nyash upandan now see how this one have disgraced herself.

Anytime I remember that incident I still wonder how my legs carried me out of the church..
That was the end of shaking nyash in church..
That was the end of me dancing with my clique…
That was the end of my tuzaqueen
That was the end of my busy body…
I became matured over night


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