Diamond Platnumz falls on stage during performance

Tanzanian musician, Diamond Platnumz falls on stage while performing before a very large crowd over the weekend.

Apparently, he is unhurt as he posted the video about five hours ago.

Diamond Platnumz falls on stage during performance lailasnews
Diamond Platnumz falls on stage during performance

The singer in the video could be seen performing with so much excitement that he jumped so hard on the wooden stage, which then caved in and the singer cae down crashing into the ground alongside his co-performer

Watch video:

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Hakika Mchezo Usiuchezee….SUMBAWANGA Mmenishinda Tabia jamani😅😅 @rayvanny @mbosso_ …..ZANZIBAR!!! ZANZIBAR!!! Tukutane Uwanja wa AMANI siku ya JUMANNE ya Kesho kutwa tateh 11 / 12 / 2018…!!!! #WasafiFestival2018 #MchezoUsiuchezeeWewe #Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabisa

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Naseeb Abdul Juma, popularly known by his stage name Diamond Platnumz, is a Tanzanian bongo flava recording artist and dancer from Tanzania.

He has had several hit songs including “Number One” which he featured Nigerian artist Davido. Diamond won numerous awards at Channel O and the Nigerian Headies Awards.


  1. Thanks to the lord that you are save and got no injuries or fracture a better wooden should be used for stage

  2. musicians sometime with their excesses,i hope he didn’t break his ribs due to the huge amount of dope he has taken

  3. Too Mich of excitement with accurate balance of will self is bad…..baba you never balance your wheel…sorry for the falling.

  4. He is an ingrate ,I hate him the day he started having beef with someone that made him what he is today in the name of Davido OBO.he should have broken his legs

  5. That is the result of overdoing things. He knew it’s a wooden stage and yet he’s jumping hard. Thank God he’s unhurt.

  6. he over jump nah thats why, thank God he didn’t wound himself…next time oga diamond jump small small

  7. You should learn not to be too stupid on Stage…. And don’t shout on stage because your health needs rest OK

  8. Whether he fall or not, he is making his money. Go and do your talk talk why him is falling to make his money.

  9. All thanks to God that he is fine
    And my little advice to all artist out there is for you to always watch and prayer

  10. Thank God no injury was sustained. Please next time do thorough checking on the stage before featuring an accident

  11. The stage should have been properly checked especially for weight allowance.Thank God he was not seriously hurt nor was it fatal!

  12. It’s normal. It’s part of the show. It’s part of his experience. A part of his history.
    For the love of music.

  13. Who knows what the cause might be. Maybe be too much of happiness. Anyway it’s all part of performance. Thank God for his life

  14. Maybe it happened as a result of the euphoria of the whole show. It’s a good thing he wasn’t hurt in the process. Otherwise, the performance would have come to an abrupt end.

  15. I find this funny…. No offense but….#Laughs again…. Anyways thanks be to God that he didn’t sustain any injury….

  16. I believe that was part of the unwritten part of the show. Thanks to Almighty God for protecting him and others against major injury.

  17. Eyah! It’s the spirit of excitement plus a desire to pleasure the crowd. Thank God no injuries sustained. Be more careful next time

  18. Sorry dear such is life, next time work on your physical fitness before living for such shows take heart.

  19. the guy was so happy…he performed with joy and I think he love his profession….but thank God he’s not injured

  20. That shows the deplorable state of our economy in africa. Such incidents can never happen in a developed country. Thank God he’s unhurt.

  21. Although he may not not be wounded or injured but I think this guy should be extra careful next time when performing so as to avoid over excitement.

  22. he was so xxcited the podium was not strong lucky he didn’t sustain any injuries what of his co-performer

  23. Sorry for the stage palava. It is good seeing him not hurt. Hope he pick up the pieces and try to be more cautious in future

  24. Thank God no injury was sustained. Please next time do thorough checking on the stage before featuring an accident

  25. Thank God he didn’t get injured….but this so funny…the scene will be so humiliating and shameful thou…..well he isn’t the first anuway

  26. He was super excited with the massive turn out of his fans. He must have missed a step,but it’s all good all for the love of the fans. Good he didn’t get hurt

  27. The most important thing is that you didn’t sustain injuries. But you have to be seriously careful next time.

  28. hahahahahahahaha are you serious the guy has gone far in the spirit. performance has carried him into another world

  29. Thank God he his save and not injured.
    . for such to happen on stage maybe he is high before he perform on stage

  30. Make una better be careful when performing so you won’t end up getting hurt atleast that k God you are not injured

  31. That is also part of his performance, he should be so thankful to God for not sustaining injuries, it would have messed up his entire performance

  32. Thank God he didnt sustain any injury but he should learn how to do things moderately next time because from what i saw that stage was not even strong and he over jumped on it.

  33. Looking at the crowd he was overwhelmed I guess.. Thank God he was able to still post, it means no serious or severe injuries.. Next time watch your stage well bro.. If you were Nigerian I would’ve said your village people are at work..

  34. Thank God he’s not hurt and hope he be more careful next time not to allow over excitement to takeover him again. Keep waxing strong man.

  35. I guess he was so excited that he didn’t look his stage well.. Thank God no Major injuries.. It’s part of it, the show must go on..

  36. It’s really funny but he should be more careful CU’s if he continues like this, then the story would be disastrous.

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