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Details on how Ghanaian actor Abass was stabbed to death

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The police have finally opened up about the shocking death of Ghanaian actor Abass Nurudeen popularly known in the showbiz circles as Blinkz.

Blinkz was reportedly stabbed to death in Kumasi Wednesday, November 7.

How Ghanaian actor Abass was stabbed to death lailasnews 3
How Ghanaian actor Abass was stabbed to death

According to Pulse Ghana, Blinkz was stabbed in Sawaba, a suburb of Kumasi while trying to interrupt a fight which ensued between his employer’s wife and brother-in-law

According to the insider, he was stabbed multiple times. He then collapsed in the process and was rushed to the Manhyia District Hospital where he gave up the ghost.

Confirming the news, the Manhyia Divisional Commander, ACP Kwaku Buah said the reports were true.
Narrating the incident to the press, he explained saying;

“This morning around 10:30 am, a young man who is popularly known and called in Kumasi by the name Blinkz, an actor with Kumawood and a worker at Acheamfour Terminal visited his master’s house at Akurem where he met the master’s wife and brother exchange words.

He found it worrying and tried to intervene, however, the brother to his master’s wife took offence with his intervention which eventually turned into a fight.

Brother to the master’s wife and another guy present then attacked Blinkz with knives and in the action stabbed him.

One stabbed him in the ribs and the other sliced him in the back, he fell and collapsed. He was immediately rushed to the Manhyia Hospital where he was pronounced dead minutes later.”

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  1. They just ended an innocent man’s career, please they should apprehend those involved and prosecute them properly.

  2. It an unfortunate issue ,he is not even as if he is the one fighting but separating fight between his employer’s wife and brother-in-law may his soul rest in peace

  3. So sad! Nowadays, is better to settle fight from afar! They can kill each if they want…i won’t kill myself for anybody…hahaha! RIP.

  4. that’s serious, this must be investigated to find the real killer, this is wickedness at its peak, rest in peace.

  5. Haaaaa he should have not intervene in the first place see where good heart land him now in the grave rip

  6. Just because he tried to settled dispute, if he had known it would be his end, e wouldn’t have interfered
    The culprits should be brought to justice

  7. Hmmm this sounds like he is the target, not one stab but was stabbed severally until he collapse. Police investigate this matter well

  8. Heartbreaking,he was just trying to be a peacemaker, talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time… Rest in peace Blinks.

  9. This is wicked and terrible. Is it now wrong to stop fights and quarrel amongst family members? They just wasted his life unjustly. Lord have mercy.

  10. Chai an innocent guy that wants to separate fight just got himself killed without fulfilling his dreams as a young man. So sad RIP

  11. Hmmmmm so pathetic, but there is a life after death remember and it’s a journey of no return so prepare for the glorious home by living a Godly and kingdom lifestyle that can guarantee ur eternity in heaven.That’s an advise though it’s never too late.JESUS LOVES YOU ALL

  12. barbarians in human form. when will our black people learn to tolerate themselves? this is becoming worrisome and if we dont deviate from the way we treat each other, those we complain treat us badly will have more reason to continue degrading us with ill treatment. rip to the dead. i bet he woke up hoping to go back to bed later that night, unbeknownst to him that he wouldnt see the evening of that day. that is life for you in 3D

  13. Tragedy strikes again. Family dispute is deep. This have just thought me to mind my business. Trying to settle dispute marks his end, if he didn’t try to save the situation, they will call in names. This life is so complex but simple too. In all, do what you can to help any situation, but also put in mind to stay alive. Just an advice to others. RIP Blinkz

  14. It is sad that a domestic issue has led to the death of an innocent third party. My condolences to his loved ones.

  15. Rest in peace this wickedness is getting too much pls let try and love our neighbors as our selves this will bring peace and unity

  16. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God. May his soul rest in peace. Rest on the bosom of the Lord.

  17. Pls thorough investigation should be carried out to found who stabbed him and prosecute him according to the law.

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