‘Stop giving my men alcohol’ – Police commissioner warns Lagosians

Disturbed by the unwholesome behaviour of some police men after consumption of alcoholic beverages offered them by members of the public, the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command,CP Edgal Imohimi, has appealed to Lagosians to desist from offering or giving alcoholic drinks to policemen in Lagos state command.

'Stop giving my men alcohol' - Police commissioner warns Lagosians Lailasnews

The appeal became necessary in view of the misconduct of some policemen after consumption of all kinds free alcoholic beverages given to them by friends, party makers or by those who come to police station for one reason or the other.

He stated that henceforth any member of the public who offers a police man alcoholic beverage, would have a lot to explanation to make to the police authority while the drunken officer would face the harshest possible punishment for drunkenness as stipulated in the Police Act.

Presidential Committee seeks scrap of alcohol adverts

He stated that should there be any need to offer them drinks, it must be mineral water or non alcoholic beverages.

In a similar vein, the commissioner of police warns all Area Commanders and Divisional Police Officers to locate and shut down all shops within their barracks, Area Command and Divisional premises where alcoholic beverages are sold or consumed in line with Nigeria Police Rules and Regulations.

In November 2017, mobile police officers were spotted drinking alcohol at a motor park, in Onitsha, Anambra state.

The officers were on duty as they were well kitted in their uniforms.

Still in November 2017, police officers who were allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol caused a ghastly along the Edet Akpan avenue in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

Presidential Committee seeks scrap of alcohol adverts

Facebook user, Michael Sunday Esu who shared the story online, said many persons were injured in the accident.


The drunk police men were driving out of Ewet housing estate when the unfortunate incident involving 10 passengers happened.



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  1. Lolzx,,police that likes free drinks, Mr commissioner you are wasting ur time
    You that is talking you collect free drink too

    I pray my uncle will not see my post if not I dey hot soup

  2. Your men are drunken masters, no one gives them alcohol. If anyone do it’s because they takes it becuse someone who don’t take alcohol can’tbe forced to take one.

  3. Free ogogoro, shakis. Your men na beggars na. In the name of doing their job. Oga your men de here, and in the place of money lagosians gives them shakis. Let me be going I beg o. Na joke I de o.

  4. Babies cries when forced to eat,i advised your men should cry louder and summasults then go resque them,were they forces?,or were they babies? is just an insult self for those boys,well a word is enough for a wise,please stop giving them,remeber they are wt gun uuunh

  5. Did they force it into their mouth. There is nothing we will not hear in this country. Nigeria police ‘force’,OK the force has been removed, is now forcing of beer.

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