‘Depriving Fulani of their indigenous rights won’t help peace in Nigeria’ – Miyetti Allah

Following the recent killings in Plateau State which got a nationwide condemnation, some communities in Plateau State have been accused of depriving herdsmen of their indigenous rights by Miyetti Allah, who claimed that this has contributed to the crisis surrounding herdsmen and farmers across the country.

'Depriving Fulani of their indigenous rights won’t help peace in Nigeria' - Miyetti Allah lailasnews

In a chat with Cableng, Mohammadu Nura, chairman of Miyetti Allah, Plateau State chapter, has alleged that herdsmen are victims of the attacks and not the ones attacking residents. According to him, some of the lands that has led to the crisis were inherited by the Fulani herdsmen who are indigenes of the state.

‘The Fulani villagers were ransacked by the Biroms (the locals). In Kuru Janta, they killed over 150 persons. This was in 2010. In Heipang, 83 persons were killed including the chief imam of Heipang. .

In Sabongida Kanan, 78 persons; in Kim Kim, 28 persons; in Waram, 19 persons. So many of the Fulani villages were ransacked, and now they have occupied the lands, claiming they are their own lands, whereas they are customary lands belonging to the herdsmen. .
Those that are not in Plateau think that Fulanis are not indigenes of Plateau. Fulanis were one of the people who originated from Plateau state. Depriving Fulanis of their rights will never help us in Nigeria. It will never help peace in this country” he said.

Speaking further in the interview, the Miyetti Allah Chairman also denied claims that villagers in Plateau were attacked by the herders, saying those killed in the crisis were herdsmen and not villagers as is being reported.

“We had a privileged information before that Saturday that people will block roads and search for Fulanis. So we informed our people that they should be alert and nobody should use those roads. .

Unfortunately, on that very day, at 6am, they started blocking roads and were holding sophisticated weapons and shouting that they must kill a Fulani man.
They went into the bush and started killing Fulanis and their cows. That is the genesis of the crisis. And I said this thing before the vice-president and the community leaders. Nobody disputed the fact” he said.

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