How a depressed Nigerian man almost took his own life

A Nigerian lady, Olusola on twitter has narrated how her friend was saved when he almost committed suicide because of hardship.

How a depressed Nigerian man almost took his own life Lailasnews

Read the story as she shared on twitter below…

“I met a friend of mine today that I hadn’t seen in about 10years, I asked how he has been and he said “It hasn’t been easy, but God has been faithful even when all hope was lost. He went ahead and told me his story which left me in tears… In his words…

“I’m married with three children, I lost my job about two years ago and I searched for a new one to no avail. Things were really hard and at some point, we couldn’t even feed, I kept going around asking for help… Then sometime last year…

Sometime last year, my last child who is just one had an issue with his scrotum and needed surgery, we were asked to pay #150, 000. I didn’t have a single dime on me. I ran from pillar to post but nothing came out of it. Everyone gave different stories…

So one night, I couldn’t bear the whole thing anymore, so I decided to take my life. I waited for my wife and children to go to bed, I bid them goodnight and after I had made sure they were asleep, I took the rope, went to the sitting room and say on the sofa…

I decided to wipe off every thing on my phone before hanging myself, but while I was looking at the phone, I decided to just rest my back and somehow I slept off(I don’t know how that happened)slept from 12am-3am, woke up to two missed calls on my phone, both unknown

One international number and one national number, I called the national number, no one picked, I flashed the international number and the person called back, it was Dele (we all went to secondary school together) and he said “guy I don dey find your number a these years”

“i got it from my younger brother who got it from someone else sha. I got it about three days ago, I dey work now, but something just say make í call you this night. How you dey?” Sola, I burst into tears, like why this night” I looked at the rope which was still on the table,

Went inside, looked at my wife and couldn’t stop crying, Dele kept asking “guy wetin dey worry you now, talk to me” I told him everything and he was like “guy, na because of dawan you dey cry? I go call you for morning.

First thing in the morning he asked his bro to transfer 200k to me, just like that, though I still haven’t gotten a job, but now I know that I have a God who sees me and cares deeply for me… I asked him if I could share his story and he said it was okay.

See ehn, it doesn’t matter what you are going through, you see this God, He sees you, He cares about you, He says He’ll never leave or forsake you, through every shadow and every mountain… And He never lies. When He says it, He means it💝”


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