Dencia slams Burna Boy over comment on Blac Chyna’s bleaching cream

Singer Dencia has slammed Burna Boy over his comment on Blac Chyna’s bleaching cream, Whitenicious, which she is set to launch in Lagos.

Dencia slams Burna Boy over comment on Blac Chyna's bleaching cream lailasnews

Yesterday, Burna Boy took to social media to advice Nigerians against patronizing the products which many labeled as bleaching cream. He also stated that thunder will strike the co-host of the launching, US model Blac Chyna, if she attends the event.

Reacting to Burna Boy’s statement, Dencia said:

“So that nigga came out of his drug-induced coma instead of taking a shower to clean up his fart/Cig smelling looking ass he had time to talk about a woman? Hahaha for someone who promotes drug culture ‍♀️u can’t even afford to be in the same Zip code as her sis Burna cuz only girls act like u, u can’t afford her ass if she had to shake it, stick to the druggies on the side streets u are use to. Sending love & light ur way on this thanks giving we are thankful u making it alive living this high life,”

She went on to accuse the dancehall artiste of his silence when other companies launched their products in the country.

“I didn’t see this energy when fair and white launched their products In Nigeria, the then NAFDAC boss even attended, blogs who posted it wanna talk poo now. Whew, Chile the hypocrisy, wait nvm fair and white is white owned,” she concluded.

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  1. Pls lady dencia who cares about all the nonsense u re vomiting….burna boy is just trying to save his people from the danger ahead

  2. Don’t see anything wrong in selling d cream o..Everyone wt their own hustle besides she’s not forcing our Nigerians to buy

  3. I think everyone has the right to sell anything as far as it’s approved so burna boy you can’t conclude that the cream is bad

  4. Why are we bleaching we must maintain our normal colour the guy is just trying to say his own not spoil there colour

  5. Celeb knows how to tackle themselves on the social side and Calling Burna names is something that need to be see into……the home manner Na.

  6. They can speak their mind.those that have ear should hear your choice to bleach or not by force.

  7. I love what burner boy said. No matter how he said, we don’t encourage bleaching. So blac China or whatever she calls her self should take that nonsense back to where she brought it from

  8. Good advice from burna boy, i think its not proper to change your skin colour, God knows why he made u black.

  9. Even if she bring her product to Nigeria, to launch it the people’s choice to accepted it or not,but bleaching your skin is bad

  10. Denica is taking rubbish,burna boy is advising people and I don’t think there is nothing wrong with it

  11. Exactly wat I said to burna he shld allow d babe so hwe biz since she didn’t force u to buy
    But dencia was took hard on him.she tooshld learn to mind her biz

  12. All these verbal exchanges on social media is tiresome.However, Burnaboy has a right to comment on the product too…Dencia take it calmly

  13. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Dencia Burna boy said his , say yours and stop trying to drag him into your own what ever it is you’re trying to imply

  14. I don’t see any thing wrong with someone doing her business burna boy shouldn’t warn people against patronizing her cream

  15. Bleaching or not is none of my business my take is that why would it be in Nigeria to come sell such cream with such an amount and we don’t c anything wrong. This means that prostitution rate among singles and married women will increase.

  16. If this girl get brain it be good for her to keep her cream just as this boy have said.
    Face your country and leave Nigeria with your evil bleaching cream.

  17. Dencia relax… If you need that cream, you can patronize blac Chyna personally. We don’t need it here. Burna boy sorry for the lashing… You too try and stay out of drugs.

  18. Every good Nigeria will do his best to protect his country and that is what burna boy is doing. So to hell with that lady

  19. BLasting her wont make any point…those who are interested in the cream will get their money and choice not urs

  20. I believe every grown up knows what’s best for his/herself . If you decide to bleach go ahead if you decide not to still your business. That lady is doing her business as for those that will start bleaching I hope you’ll have the money to maintain it not to be looking like one half baked something with pink legs blue haves and the other colors

  21. Freedom of speech says it all, everyone can say what he/she thinks its a free world, whoever wanna buy will buy and whoever is not interested will not period

  22. Hmmmmn,celebrity palava,,,, although I to am against the cream,, but it’s hey business, no matter what we say ladies must buy the cream

  23. Is there something personal because alot of people have been coming into our country to sell all sorts of cream for us ladies to look like … Just let it be!

  24. I don’t just understand these bleaching cream of a thing any body that like bleaching can go ahead with it

  25. No matter how he said, we don’t encourage bleaching. So blac China or whatever she calls her self should take that nonsense back to where she brought it from

  26. Some people like poke nosing. If she want to host the launch of a bleaching cream is her choice. No one is forced to buy it dude.

  27. It seems dencia is chyna’s promoter or she’s applying for the position
    Oga Burna leave Dencia to do her woman thing, I which is talking any how

  28. Why do we wanna change our skin color? Even if we succeed, we can’t hide what our heart’s are made of..blacks. Those who change their skin colors are salient racists.

  29. i Am mot your fan and i dont like you a bit, you dont like the progress of others, can you say If It were to be your family businesss

  30. And hu de fuck is dis dentcia
    Lowlife bitch seeking for attention
    U don find naija trouble ooo be ready to hear am

  31. Burns boy should learn how to mind his own business, is it his own bleaching I hope is her bleaching naw

  32. Dencia what’s wrong with your brain it’s like you are stupid so stupid if you don’t have any good things to say shut up you fucking mouth up.

  33. Burna boy has no right to interfere in Chyna business before, anyone who feels like bleaching can go for it, Dencia also reply as a lady, chicken brain

  34. But no one can decide for someone, it’s a matter of choices, anyone who wish to remove all her fleshes should go ahead and bleach. No matter how the preach is the people Wey go use am go use am

  35. Don’t see anything wrong in selling d cream o..Everyone wt their own hustle besides she’s not forcing our Nigerians to buy

  36. That’s celebrities for you, they will always want to beef each other. Either in the secret or in the open.

  37. I feel market is a general place and no one has the right to tell grown ups what to buy or not. If you wanna bleach you patronize Chyna if you don’t want you don’t. Is as simple as that

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