Dencia mocks Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage and Mercy Aigbe over shade drama

Dencia took to Snapchat to mock Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage and Mercy Aigbe over shade drama which stemmed off a tweet yesterday.

Dencia mocks Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage and Mercy Aigbe over shade drama  lailasnews

According to Dencia, it is only a weak person that subs others on social media and it is only a guilty person who catches the sub. She further asked those throwing and catching subs to grow balls in 2019 and come at each other so we all get to know it’s real.

Dencia who mocked Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage and Mercy Aigbe via her Snapchat, wrote;

Do you know how weak of a person or scary cat u have to be to sub someone on SM? geez must be weaker than my left hand. SUB.

Do you know how guilty of a person u have to be to catch ur sub. y’all grow some balls in 2019 & @ each other so we know its real. I @ people cuz I know they can’t reach my zip code, @ them at ur own risk.

Dencia mocks Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage and Mercy Aigbe over shade drama  lailasnews 1

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  1. Drama Everywhere. These celebrities and their drama sef.Now Dencia want to join in the sub throwing too

  2. Lol go girl you my kind of person, they should make it real not the shade on social media… Hahahahahaha @ Tiwa and @ Yemi alade

  3. Dencia that is doing the mocking are you sure you are not guilty as you are commenting on the sub as well.

  4. Nigerian but its true dencia is right if you have a problem with me when we see we fix it face to face not social media.

  5. Dencia coming up with her own when things are already settling down haba. Celebrity loves to talk Sha and make themselves known

  6. That’s their own business, something people should just focus on their life affairs and not dabble on other people’s business

  7. That’s celebrity life for them, after they have settled this issues, now they brought it out again, well may God help them.

  8. Why is Dancia taking it so personal to yemi and tiwa am sure both of them have Wright to sub or respond any one so dancia should let them be

  9. They should all growup and let sleeping dog lie. They shouldn’t forget that people are watching them

  10. This one’s don’t have whala Xmas is in for days and I never saw money they should go and sit one place

  11. Dencia coming up with her own when things are already settling down haba. Celebrity loves to talk Sha You people should keep washing your dirty linens outside.

  12. Nigerian but its true dencia is right if you have a problem with me when we see we fix it face to face not social media.

  13. Now it is our famale celebrities turn to blast them self… That is how they just make unnecessary noise on social media and later settle it themselves after they have feed their fans with nonsense

  14. I am wondering why Dencia is trying to involve herself in a matter that doesn’t even concern her. The matter is between Yemi Alade and tiwa not Dencia in anyway

  15. Wait what is are own, who invited her to the issue in ground at list she should have asked maybe the issue is still going on before she
    can contribute to it

  16. Why are some celebrities disturbed about their mate in same industry? leave this drama thing Dencia and face your career.

  17. Dencia herself should be ashamed of herself by coming out to judge when she hasn’t fortified her house before coming outside to settle n lay judgement

  18. Exactly ..dencia is very right….. When you sub you’re jealousy and when you freak out over it,it means you’re very guilty …….these people should grow up

  19. They are less busy for now, if not, why will they have rime to throw shades? We are watching the drama ..bring it on…we want some more ..thank @Dencia…you are so on point.

  20. Yes I love her comment..seriously if I am not guilty of something why will I replying a jobless person throwing shades at me or beefing me.. I just ignore u and do my thing… Upon all there success and wealth they keep beefing..

  21. Drama Queens, dramatizing everywhere. It’s because you all are OK, if you are hungry you won’t think of shading.

  22. They have all succeeded in having their names on the headlines,we are giving them attention already

  23. Dencia you are as guilty as the both of them.. The one who mocks at the people throwing and catching sub is the what?… No one should come and start claiming perfect here.. I repeat Yemi only gave an advice, you mustn’t heed to it.. Simple..

  24. I think she wants to be noticed because the shading has died and now she wants to revive it.. let her better shut up.

  25. Celebrity drama here and there, they should settle their selves one on one instead of this social media stuff.

  26. This is drama among themselves women support your fellow women don’t try to bring them down,and who knows this dencia she too wanna be in the news

  27. Another beef is about to start….. I guess they settled this before it turn to something else.because I can’t just understand what is the cause of the problem.

  28. I wonder when these their arguments and drama will end. Please you guys should plan on how to be a better version of oneself and not prying eyes on each other’s life.

  29. Dencia just spoke my mind… If you fighting each other, then face each other and stop using social media to cover up

  30. Tiwa, Mercy, Korede, now Dencia, only on Yemi Alade’s matter. It’s getting hotter, I’m expecting more celebrities to say more things, they are gradually making her a star.

  31. This girl is saying rubbish. Even forming British accent.
    #It is only a jobless person who talks about SUB thrown at others

  32. Some people just so annoying what’s her own business now? Some persons should just try and mind there business for once.

  33. When people want to drag attention to themselves or they want to shift attention from themselves because of one wrong thing or the rother that they did. They make controversial come met or post on socialmedia

  34. Women wahala . You guys should live yourselves and stop criticism out of jealously.
    Let love leads amongst you.

  35. I’ll say you just attention on social media and got it already. What’s your business with whose said what and who’s responding to what.

  36. Dencia should stay on her own, Yemi Alade has apologised therefore there is no need for this. This is just so immature.

  37. Dencia is right instead of sharing words on social media. They should meet face to face to settle their beefy

  38. These celebrities , is it that you don’t something meaningful to do? Why making a caricature of yourselves in social media.

  39. Good one all these is coming at the end of the year. At least we would have something of a beef to serenade us on SM come 2019. Rubbish. Una better find work do.

  40. Why is she even mocking them..its lije she’s interested in that drama and wants to join..hahaha..that’s just their problem..

  41. The best thing is for you to address what is the problem about their two, now you are adding more problem.

  42. I know that you too Dencia are part of them and that is why you could react to what Yemi Alade says. You ladies really have time for drama because you are all good dramatists.

  43. She is not only mocking them but also trying to gain attention. These celebs cannot mind their business

  44. She is 150% right. If you are not guilty why should you quickly respond to a shade that doesn’t have your name. If they want to fight they should just call on each other fix a date and time finish . but why Dencia too no mention names if she isn’t throwing sub and weak.

  45. Enough of all these jooo… If they like they should increase their butt wella. I just know that there is reward for it. Either positive or negative

  46. Instead of throwing shades here and there, you guys should go the studio and do something productive

  47. Saying positive things about one another is not a bad thing. As our negatives are our weaknesses. So Learn to leave in peace with all.

  48. All these celebrities know is to coke on social media to wash their dirty laundry in public. Why can’t they just behave mature, instead of throwing words at each other every now and then?

  49. Dencia Dear weldone that is the truth, they should come at each other to make it real rather than subing each other on social media

  50. Dencia really made a point,why would you react to a mere tweet where your name wasnt mentioned if you are not guilty .

  51. You guys should settles it amicably among yourself,there is no need of you coming online before you advise them

  52. If you mock them, they’ll leave themselves and face your matter.. Stay clear of wetin no concern you.. People self

  53. Dencia is right, all these celebrities should stop all these there social media beefs, they shouldn’t carry it over to the new year

  54. You guys should forget all this they are just trying to boost social media as usual they should do something useful

  55. Really a funny shade drama, if they find Yemi’s tweet bitter they should just stop all those rubbish they are doing just to impress their fans.

  56. Tiwa bleeped up! Envy is almost ladys’ thing. Been number one,she should know most of her colleagues will always come for her. The best things is to ignore. She is at the top,she doesnt need to come down to fight

  57. These guys should receive inspiration for projects that will give them fame. I think they just want to be in the news.

  58. Abi now tell them ooo because I don’t know what is really happening to them at all.they are just acting like a kid.

  59. This is good,very nice news,tell her,because they want to be trending,celebrities should tell the true and be proud of it,nice news

  60. How exactly are you different from these people, you are doing the same thing you condemn, doesn’t that make you a hypocrite.

  61. Theses people should stop publicising their wahala. This drama is too much. Now who invited Dencia? Or she wants to start the drama afresh

  62. Celebrities with their own problem and they are just to proud of themselves no body is ready to let go God will help you people

  63. So Dencia is now the sub referee
    Who orders what the sub should grow into
    You’re guilty if the same accusation you’re projecting

  64. These people are only mere attention seekers. It will soon be Dencia’s turn anyway if she doesn’t stop mocking them

  65. Drama everywhere. Celebrities like too much drama. Maybe that’s one of the things that makes them popular.

  66. guess guess they should settle this before it turn to something else ooooooo,
    So what would you have done to this without mockery

  67. Dencia should face her Cameron. This is because she is one of the pioneer of fake boot, boobs and skin. She does not have any right to talk here except she is looking for cheap recognition

  68. They are all celebrities and would like to to bring attention to them selves that why it is done on SM

  69. She’s right..Tiwa Savage wouldn’t have reply that chat about her.they should just end this stuff already.

  70. Hanty Dencia plz leave our celebrities alone to tackle each other. Unfortunately we all are enjoying their childish behavior… Just the way we crossed our legs at Kanye and Drake… So is Wat we doing on theirs too. There have to be a winner at last thought

  71. Women quarrel is always headache.. Best to stay clear else they would face you like you caused the fight

  72. See them all,n they are still calling themself celebrity… Shame on you all…no sign of maturity.

  73. Dencia that is doing the mocking are you sure you are not guilty as you are commenting on the sub as well. Yeyebrities!!!

  74. Please go and face your cream mixing, no one called you into this, what are you also trying to prove or do. One day we will send you to that your home country, stop meddling in our affairs, fucking outcast.

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