Demi Lovato overdose was life and death

According to fresh reports by US website, TMZ, Demi Lovato’s “drug overdose” was a life and death situation.

TMZ claims the 25-year-old “could have died” if she’d not been seen by the emergency services as quickly as she did.

Demi Lovato overdose was life and death lailasnews

It comes after the panicked 911 call made by Demi’s assistant was released to the public by People Magazine.

The woman asked for the ambulance’s sirens to be turned off, saying: “Wait, no sirens please, right?”

However the request was turned down and the operator replied: “No no, this is a medical emergency. I don’t have control over that.

“This is definitely a medical emergency and we need to get there as fast as possible.”

Demi is believed to have taken a “drugs overdose” on Tuesday and was rushed to hospital after being found unconscious at her home.

It was initially believed she had “overdosed on heroin” however her family later said some of the reports surrounding this were not accurate.

Demi is now recovering in hospital and her friends have started to send gifts to her home in Los Angeles.

This morning an enormous bunch of balloons was spotted being carried to the house where it’s believed Demi will return when she is discharged.

Earlier today The Sun exclusively revealed how the child star was planning on going to rehab but was looking for a clinic away from “the wrong crowd” in LA.

A friend close to Demi, who until recently had been sober for six years, said: “The decision has been made for Demi to be taken away from LA to get better.

“Demi will need several weeks of detox work and intense therapy.

“She and Mike were so close for so long, but this past few months there have been issues.

“The focus now is to reconnect her to her sober network before she can even think about getting back to LA, where she ended up falling back in with the wrong crowd.

“For the foreseeable future, her music career is on the back burner. This has been a huge scare for everyone.”

Just 11 days before the suspected overdose, Demi was pictured staggering out of a nightclub.

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