Demi Lovato deletes Twitter account

Demi Lovato has deleted her Twitter account following a wide outrage and backlash she received for laughing at memes about 21 Savage.

Demi Lovato deletes Twitter account lailasnews

Following 21 Savage’s arrest on Sunday, Fellow celebrities and fans alike took to social media to comment on the rapper’s possible deportation.

The rapper was taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents Sunday and reportedly faces deportation. When the news came out that he may actually be British, memes shortly followed.

However, in a now-deleted tweet, Demi Lovato admitted that 21 Savage’s memes were her favorite part of the Super Bowl, which is when twitter users criticized the singer for laughing at the rapper’s expense.

In a now-deleted tweet, Lovato said, “So far 21 savage memes have been my favorite part of the Super Bowl.”

Demi Lovato deletes Twitter account laialsnews 1

Lovato later followed up with, “FYI this is the shit I’m laughing at.. not the fact that anyone is getting deported.”

Not long after she deleted her Twitter account, Lovato wrote on her Instagram Story.

“Wasn’t laughing at anyone getting deported. I know that’s not a joke…not have I EVER laughed at that,” she said. “The meme I posted/was talking about was of him being writing with a feather pen. Sorry if I offended anyone.”

She continued, “But it’s no excuse to laugh at someone’s addiction, let alone their OD.”

Demi Lovato deletes Twitter account lailasnews 1

Demi Lovato deletes Twitter account lailasnews 2


  1. Lol,why delete the account,its already been screenshot by fastest fingers,explain yourself and move in…your cup of tea anyway…not a fan

  2. Deleting your account makes no difference what has been said has been said so why delete the account fine you have explained why you were laughing so no big deal.

  3. Deleting your account is of know use it has already been screen shot, any Ways that’s your cup of coffee.

  4. That is the only means she could use to flag down the ridicule and words from the media… Running from them is better than harboring what will make her emotionally sad.

  5. Deleting your tweet makes no difference,you have already voiced your mind and now your pleading for apology.

  6. That was not the next step to take when you delete your twitter account that is not the next step and you wrote something about the 21 savage that’s not next step you need to think wise think big man

  7. What is the crimes of memes Depot,and she he is ur favourite bowls,why laughing and why deleting ur account.may God help us all no one is above mistake.

  8. Fans can lash out at celebrities over the slightest grammatical misunderstanding. You guys should give her a break. She’s explained herself

  9. Oh my love for this 21 savage never die. You’ve said your mind and you’re now deleting you’re account, mtcheww nonsense

  10. The babe get issue. So because she doesn’t want her fans to make jest of her too or face back lash, she went ahead to delete her account. Just like a fan said, screenshot are forever

  11. Der is really no use for deleting d account wen d whole world has seen it already,u just need to b carefull nt to repeat it next tym,anyway u already apologise

  12. This was the only way she could clean her name and mind from the sayings of the media,but dear they is no use deleting your twitter account

  13. Internet is too fast my dear. We have already seen your tweets. Enjoy the drama. U might become a meme soon. Lol

  14. U don’t think I’ve found a reason to delete my account on twitter. If you think so if your posts will cause problems then don’t make them.

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