Delsu student saved from snake attack, testifies

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A Delsu student, Julie Kopet Eruotor who was saved from a snake attack in her room took to Instagram to testify.

Delsu student saved from snake attack, testifies lailasnews

According to the Delsu student, she heard people shouting ‘snake, snake, snake’ while sleeping and woke to see the snake crawl into her room. She further disclosed that she started praying and sat still to watch the snake’s movement, so it won’t be difficult to locate when the security operatives arrive.

She wrote;

I can’t keep this to myself. God saved me today.

At exactly 12noon, This snake entered my room while I was sleeping.
I heard people screaming “SNAKE! SNAKE! SNAKE! Julie dey inside”. I looked to the direcetion of my door and saw this snake entering slowly and i started praying because that was the first thing that came to my mind.
People were shouting “Julie come out” but NO! i sat on my bed praying and watching this snake’s movement so it won’t be difficult to locate when the securities get to the room.

Then I called the security number in my school. They came to kill it, facing one direction I told them I saw it last (a cupboard close to the door). Not knowing the snake has even gotten to the bed I thought was safe. The bed I was squeezing myself on ohhh… Oh lord!
I jumped down and they killed it.
They brought it out from my room dead and people started taking pictures of it.
Let say nobody saw this snake from outside coming into my room and I continued sleeping. In fact! The only thing popping in my mind right now is “Nara” by @timgodfreyworld

Delsu student saved from snake attack, testifies  lailasnews 1


  1. The lady was so brave to have kept calm other than panicking unlike most ladies do just by seeing cocroaches. She deserves an Acolade

  2. Only God can save us with this, because Snake Bite Ward at
    the centre was deserted because of
    lack of anti-venom to treat patients.
    Some residents of Zamko told Daily
    Trust that recently, many victims of
    snake bite brought to the hospital from
    Plateau, Taraba, Benue and Nasarawa
    states died. However, an official at
    the hospital debunked the report,
    saying only two patients lost their
    lives while the others didn’t die at
    their centre. Another official said about
    10 people died outside the hospital
    after the centre rejected them due to
    lack of anti-venom.

  3. Thank God from saving your life from the hands of the enemy, because they tried to attack you through the snake but thank God you survived it

  4. Glad to know that she wasn’t beating by the snake and you play smart for remaining still so that the snake can be killed.

  5. You need to give testimony and thank your faithful God for saving you from the snake. God is ever faithful.

  6. Nara nar’ekelemo. God is so wonderful. Julie go and thank God specially in church cos He deserve it and more

  7. If not for God we would hv been hearing a diff story. Kudos to the security personnel of DELSU for their timely response.

  8. In her room! Dats strange BT thank God she s saved because snake bite can actually take ones life let alone Dis onebi am seeing here.

  9. Thank God for your life. Dry season is near and i think is there moment . God will keep protecting you dear

  10. Girl you get mind o to still be sitting down in the room watching the snake coming. Thank God for your life

  11. Thank GOD for saving your life from your enemy because they use that snake to attack you. But the almighty God intervened

  12. Congratulations. Hope the management of your hostel will do well to fumigate your apartment and that of others.

  13. Thanks be to God for saving you from the serpent!!! This is why prayer is very good because with prayers we conquers all. I advise the school management and the hostel management should fumigate the whole environment so that the students will be safe.

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