“Deep down you want what they have” – Billionaire daughter, Ruky Indimi -Dantata says people who accuse others of bragging are are envious

Rukiyat Indimi-Dantata, daughter of Borno billionaire, Mohammed Indimi, says people who accuse others of bragging are often envious.

The mother of three is married to Usman Dandata Jnr, the son of late billionaire industrialist, Alhaji Usman Dantata and Aliko Dangote’s cousin.According to her, people should stop saying others are bragging when they show off as she also advised them to get their shot together so can relate.

Reposting a quote, the billionaire daughter wrote; “In most cases when you notice when someone is showing off, deep down you want what they have. If you don’t want it then why are you bothered? Live and let live”

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