Dear men, can you just stop calling us Ashawo?- Nigerian Lady

A Nigerian lady who goes by the name Emilia Chimee Dyke on Facebook, in a post she made on the social media platform, has urged men to stop calling ladies derogatory names like Ashawo, which translates to prostitutes.

Dear men, can you just stop calling us ashawo - Nigerian Lady lailasnews 3

According to the Abia State University, ABSU graduate, not all women that have achievements to flaunt are involved in prostitution and it gets worse when other women join the wagon to castigate their fellow sisters.

She shared her advice on her Facebook wall.

Read below;

She drives a car : Ashawo

She rents a flat; Ashawo

Ignore cat calls; Ashawo

Go to a bar/club alone: Ashawo

Goes to the market; Ashawo

Gets a degree; Ashawo

Does charity; Ashawo

Dress comfortably; Ashawo

Makes up; Ashawo

Laughs: Ashawo

Breathes; Ashawo

Exists: Ashawo.

Becomes a celebrity; Ashawo

Please why is it a crime to respect women for their hard work?

Why must you look down on women as “ashawo”?

Must you term every achievement of a woman as “ashawo”?.

To every hardworking lady doing legit jobs and doing well for herself, I AM PROUD OF YOU.

Soon we will celebrate our achievements in each other’s private jets.

To the other set of women that condemns her fellow woman and says; na Ashawo. She’s into runs. I pray you will be alive to see more achievements from the hardworking lady then you’ll remain in your gossip state begging her for help one day.

Dear men, can you just stop calling us ashawo - Nigerian Lady lailasnews 2

Dear men learn to respect and appreciate women. Stop this madness of attributing her achievements to “ashawo”. Many of us have sleepless nights working and packaging products as entrepreneurs. Many of us have sleepless nights reading and browsing. Many have sleepless nights handling one business or the other or even writing note of lesson for their pupils.

Appreciate every woman because without the neck, the head can never stand.


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  1. I can be lousy,wear an artistic makeup and jewelry,dance in a club all night long,fight on the street and break someones head with a bottles,blow many bottles of beer on a spot and smoke everything smokeable But de last thing on my vacabulary is fucking many men….so u better stop talking blah blah against women,,,,,,,,,

  2. The last time I checked I found out that ashawo is a local name for prostitutes, and it doesn’t just come like that, so dear you must have been doing something that’s worth the name.


    • Some men, well if a guy can call that to his fiance outta anger then he’s stupid. But I know it’s not a pet name so I don’t see how this lady is making it look like every nan calls ladies that.

  3. Us is not for you alone so why do you want to drag everybody else into your profession title… Please this girl be careful ooo… They called you Ashawo because you have been acting, living like one… I rest my case

  4. By their fruits,appearance and actions makes some men to call them ashawo .So to avoid it, dress well and put up godly characters,i hope no sane man will try such to you.

  5. it is true that not all successful ladies are ASHAWO but experience has shown that most got their success through that mean. so live a life that will help correct this notion.

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