Dear fellow ladies, men owe us nothing financially – Nigerian lady

Dear fellow ladies, men owe us nothing financially – Nigerian lady.

A Nigerian lady has taken to a popular Nigerian forum to enlighten her fellow women on the financial entitlement mentality that most ladies have, especially towards the men they date.

Dear fellow ladies, men owe us nothing financially - Nigerian lady lailasnews 2

According to the lady, men do not own women anything financially. She attributed the mentality to laziness, which she claims is very common on the young women of this generation.

Dear fellow ladies, men owe us nothing financially - Nigerian lady lailasnews

She then went on to cite an incident she experienced

Read below:

I want to talk to some of my fellow ladies.
It’s Oriaku rant series again
The professional table shaker.

Before I used to frown at those Girls that are fond of milking a guy’s money down in a relationship or a date.
But not any more.
I blame the guys for being stupid and not sharp enough.
I don’t know why someone will think that she is born to be spoon fed by men all her life just because she has a vagina.
Walking upon and down with a stupid sense of entitlement.
That’s why I so much love feminism ideologies, it shaped me in many ways,
One of the things feminism taught me is that “A real woman should not be a financial parasite to a man”
A girl needs to wake up and have something doing that will be fetching her some money, am not talking about being a cheap runs girl,
Yeah runs girls are cheap sexy toys used for pleasure by men.
Oriaku says so!
God bless every hardworking lady out there,
Men owes us nothing as women when it comes to finances! Get your lazy azz up.
And it is the same girls with entitlement attitude that will be criticising feminism online because the movement exposes their flaws,
There are many skills a girl can learn, many are smiling to the bank, all thanks to their skills,
Learn one or two today so that you can be financially independent as a woman.
I hate seeing a fellow woman disgracing herself in the name of being a financial liability to men,
We need to break that cycle,
Hell will not break loose if you take him out on a date and cater for the bills,
Relationship is not a poverty alleviation program,
But some girls have turned it into one,
Look at the society and see how some girls are messing themselves up due to money gluttony,
Laziness coupled with a sense of entitlement drove some of them into the mess they are into.
A girl that learnt catering and is working hard and making some money from it will not think of stopping so low to be a runz girl.
There are many skills that a fellow girl can pick and learn even if you are a graduate and there is no job.
Dear runs girl, I hope you will read this thread and stop embarrassing women folk.
An incident I witnessed this afternoon left me speechless,
A guy was seriously beating one girl who should be in her middle 20s on the road, few people intervened ,but nobody could hold the enranged guy until one military guy came on board,
What’s the problem?
The boiling young man brought out a torn unilag bachelor’s degree certificate that the girl teared(though not in pieces, just straight tearing that can be joined again by a *cellotape*)because of 10,000,
When the stupid young girl was asked about the issue ,she accepted that she did that because the guy was owing her 10k they agreed on before having sex in his house,
After the sex, he only gave her 2k which enranged her, she managed to see the guy certificate in an envelope and took it, teared it to teach him a lesson,
When the angered guy descendent on her, she ran out for help ,
Can you imagine?
Of course the guy ran after her, caught her and brutalize her.
*you are very silly and stupid *- the angry remark came from my voice towards the silly thing.
You tored his certificate because of 10,000 ,
Just because you turned yourself into a sexx toy.

I just don’t understand.
There are many girls like her who are under the sun working off sweat and maintaining their dignity,
No she doesn’t want to suffer,
By the way, she has vagina, so men should spoon feed her forever.
Women we need to wake up!
We need to protect our dignity!
We need to work hard and earn our own money.
Men owes us nothing financially.
If a man gives you freely, no problem accept if you want
But the mentality of “he must give me because he is a man and I am a woman ” must be dropped.
Feminism have shaped some of us to know that whether in marriage or relationship, the both partners needs to be financially independent.
Ndewo nu.


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